575 thoughts on “Post Wishes for Leonard

  1. Damon M. Heneger

    I would like to tell Leonard that his book came into my life as of coincidence (which I think we can agree really has its influences somewhere, though we don’t see then in the moment of their arrival). A friend handed it to me from her thrift store and thought I would like it. Well Done! It helped me to map the minds abilities – as yet still fully unmeasured. Thank you Leonard. In your sharing of your studies and thoughts I felt more at home in this world and with my own humanity. this is a much greater gift than what I may create, but I am inspired to do and create and bring forth my own little light unto this world. I see it as a Joyful Participation in the Mystery Adventure Journey unfolding as it does right before our eyes.
    May you challenges be met with friends and loved ones with keys of discovery into The New.
    Peace be unto you my Dear Friend and Bother.
    Damon M. Heneger
    P.S. I have some blogs on myspace that can be found through my name or my e-mail if you have any free time and just want to wander through for a bit.

  2. Dianne Forburger

    I originally found the book, The Alphabet vs the Goddess because I made a comment to a friend about how I thought males had basically screwed up the world. She told me to get the book. I read it, and I realized it was not “males” per se, but the onslaught of left-brain thinking caused by written language.

    It explained so much to me, and of course I ran out and bought Sex, Time, and Power and loved that book as well.

    Please pass along my best wishes and love to Mr. Shlain. I hope he can make a full recovery, but if not, he can rest in the knowledge that many of us have appreciated his insights.

    With great admiration,

    Dianne Forburger

  3. Jamie Miller

    Reading the Shlain Kids’ thoughts on growing up with Lenny triggered the same warm thoughts in me. The Shlain house was a second home to my parents, my sister and me – Lenny, I’m so glad we had a chance to catch up when you were in Seattle earlier this Summer. I loved introducing you to my family. Had it been 15 years? It felt as natural and comfortable as if I had seen you the week before.

  4. George Timson

    I am saddened, Dr. Shlain.

    We met once in 1982, when you were attending surgeon at the biopsy of a lymph node of mine. It turned out to presage HIV infection, but here I am doing fine 26 years later. So, you never know.

    Your “Alphabet and the Goddess” wrapped up for me years of thinking about McLuhan and the bicameral brain. It has more intellectual meat per square inch than anything I know of written in the last hundred years. Mazel tov. Thanks & best wishes from an admirer you once knew as a patient in San Francisco.

  5. Dr. Rick Lippin

    Len –

    I know you will feel the love of many rendering you a lucky man indeed.

    In addition to your remarkable intellect which has inspired me personally I sense you have “mastered the art of living” both professionally and personally.For this you should also feel very lucky.

    Gratitude,above all else,is the key.

    Len- I will be following this blog set up by your loving family

    With affection and very high regard,

    Rick Lippin

  6. monica hork

    I have had the pleasure of hearing Leonard
    speak at several Society for the Arts in Healthcare events. I found them to be always interesting and thought provoking. All best wishes for continued strength. I’ll look forward to your new

  7. Norman S. Weinfeld


    So sorry to hear about your travails but also delighted (and not at all surprised) to hear of your soldiering on regardless. My decidedly non-medical advice would be for you to take a ride in a Jaguar, a real Jaguar (not a Ford), and just this once, I would hold that a hybrid is contraindicated – to which end, the XK140 DHC awaits your command…



  8. Stuart Mark Berlin M.D.

    Dear Leonard,

    I am so so so very sorry to hear about your tumor. Thank you for letting me know. I want you to know that your work has inspired me and changed my life. Your ideas are so creative and so brilliant and your ability to integrate information from many different areas of knowledge is not only very impressive but also makes connections that provide an aha moment of understanding.

    I hope you will have time to read my book Everywoman a Goddess: Everyman a Hero in Her Service. I just received the first fifty copies from the printer. I am having to self publish and self market. It is available from my site http://heroinherservice.blogspot.com.

    I put your comment to me hoping I sell a million copies on the back cover. Mario Beauregard is reviewing my manuscript for me.

    When I meditate or practice the sex magic that I write about I unify the divine lights of Tiferet and Schechinah, the divine male and female energies. I will send them out to you for healing. You are a very beloved man and you have made a great difference in many many lives. Your writing has already and will continue to bring you immortality.

    love and light,

  9. Maya Draisin


    Mike, Finn and I are thinking the best thoughts for your good health. We love you and Ina. If there is anything we can do, please let us know!


  10. Bill Winkler

    Dr. Schlain,
    I was saddened to hear of your cancer just as we were getting to know you and your story. Six weeeks ago this same affliction entered my life as my wife of 43 years was also diagnosed with metastasis. I will hope for the best of all outcomes for you and look forward to seeing you once again when we come to San Francisco in January. All my best to you.

  11. Gail Larsen

    My heart and prayers are with you, Leonard. I remember fondly our meeting in Sante Fe at one of the Message Co. conferences and the light and joy that you radiate. May the love of your family and friends, the respect of your community and your trust in life sustain you. You give us all great gifts. Much love and admiration, Gail

  12. Bill Rhodes

    Wassup Lenny,

    Bizarre, just did a search in MySpace the last couple of weeks and added a few more Wimmin (Bolinas spelling) who had read AVG. Somehow when checked a couple years back there were only like two folks listing your book, now a bunch.

    Certainly one of the lessons of HER is realization of impermanence.

    But thankfully we live now with modern surgery and medicine, and there are miracles. Gosh, like the MIRACLE of Tam winning two football games in a row the last couple of weeks, when did THAT happen last?

    When I wuz in my 20’s read a couple of books by Sheldon Kopp, a psychiatrist. End of Innocence and If you meet the buddha on the road kill him. Sheldon Kopp had a brain tumor too, think he wrote about it in End of Innocence.

    Well at least one of the last parts of the brain to go is the reptilian/basal/sex stuff, so if you want to go to Broadway and get a Samantabhadra lap dance with some ex-Tam football players (sorry we are too heavy to give lap dances), give Blaine or I a ring.

    Bows to Lenny,

  13. Gayle Mason, NP

    I will be sending healing energy from Milwaukee. I heard you speak here at Schwartz Bookshop a few years ago and have been a fan ever since. I was planning on going to Lousiville to hear you there, and visit some friends as well.
    All of our wishes are with you in your speedy recovery. Remember the power the mind has when healing the physicial body!!!

    Gayle Mason, Nurse Practitioner

  14. Laura Eller

    It was with sadness that I read your email regarding your father’s health. I so enjoyed his presentation this past March in San Diego at the AAMC Spring Meeting. I have both “The Alphabet vs the Goddess” and “Sex, Time, and Power” on my bookshelf in my office and have suggested them as a reading for our Clinical Research Scholars’ Group. I will keep Dr. Shlain in my thoughts and am sure his medical family at California Pacific Medical Center will give him exceptional care.

    Warmest regards,

    Laura Eller
    Michigan State University
    Kalamazoo Center for Medical Studies

  15. Hilliard ("Hill") Jason, MD

    Dear Leonard,
    I know you were aware that you faced some possible additional health challenges, as we discussed during this year’s Conference on World Affairs. I’m so very sorry that this terrible additional challenge has materialized. Given your amazing inner strength and resilience, you will undoubtedly deal successfully with this obstacle as you’ve dealt so well with others. Please treat yourself to every indulgence you can think of and get your healing done with the same single-mindedness of purpose that you bring to most everything else you do. Please know that there are huge numbers of us out here who are deeply in your debt for all you have taught us, are greatly admiring of all you have accomplished, and who are eager for your ongoing contributions to continue for many years to come. We are pulling for you as vigorously as we can!
    Fond regards,
        – Hill

  16. Albert H. LOZANO

    Dr. Shlain: In the short time I have known and read about you I believe you to be the best candidate to the application of SANTAYANA’S FAMOUS WORDS….”THERE IS NO CURE FOR BIRTH OR DEATH EXCEPT TO ENJOY THE INTERVAL” You seeme to have lived and continue to live that way….ENJOY I believe is the principal word…..I know you will find a way to continue enjoying Life…..My very very best to you.

  17. William B. Rogers

    In retirement, after 30 years in academic roles engaged in inter-disciplinary studies, I discovered the work of Leonard Shlain. Initially, we corresponded, then on two ocassions over the past ten years, I was invited to sit in on his presentations to academic communities here in North Carolina.

    Leonard, in your work and thought, I have found you to be a person of wisdom. I am convinced that wisdom is not a gift. Rather, it is a necessity that you have earned. Moreover, wisdom is not reproduced. It is thrown and it is caught. Your published works will assure that your wisdom will continue to be caught.

    With kind regards,
    William B. Rogers, Ph.D.

  18. Sheila Porter


    We ‘tough old birds’ know how to fight! My heart, mind and hopes are with you during this recovery. We’ve shared many a conference schedule with Barry’s group and many a laugh as well.

    I’m pulling for you, every inch of the way.

    Sheila Porter

  19. Don Albert

    I hope and pray that you recover as well as can be Leonard Shlain. I am glad to see that you will still work on your Leonardo’s Brain book.

    I recently visited a museum featuring the wooden replicas of Lonardo’s machines and that visit reminded me of your book-in-progress and how much I look forward to reading it. Da Vinci is one of my all-time heroes.

    I have read your first 3 books twice and some parts over and over. I recommend them to anyone I can. I am awed by your insight and pattern recognition.

    As an artist I have absorbed a lot of art history and can say that I learned more about art in Art and Physics than any other accumulation of books on the subject.

    Please get well, LS, we need your voice in this world.

    Don Albert

  20. The Gaba Family

    Dear Leonard, we know you can overcome this obstacle,and we will be cheering for you every step along the way. You have many more lectures to give and books to write! With love from The Gaba Family

  21. Tony Mohr

    Your medical news made me quite sad, but I am confident that your brilliant brain will overcome this insult and that you will make a full recovery. You are in my thoughts and have my best wishes. I look forward to seeing you again and learning more from you.

  22. Bruce Wintroub

    Honestly Len, I just don’t know what to say. I do know that you will handle all of this in a most unique and positive way. I want to tell you that although we rarely see each other these days, you are a dear friend and just ask and I will help in any possible way. Get better, get well and get back to the tour.

    My love and thoughts. Bruce

  23. Tom Corwin


    Thinking of you much and sending the best thoughts to you, your amazing family and your extraordinary right and left brain. So sorry for this huge bump.

    May Leonardo’s Brain and your own find it’s momentum with your super-human strength and your unprecedented capacity to inspire us all.

    Honored to be one of your many fans and admirers-

    Much love,


  24. Ian Griffin

    I recently met Leonard for the first time at a conference at Santa Clara University. He sent me copies of his books to review and they sat on my desk until a week ago, when I started reading ‘Art and Physics’. I’m up to Ch.6 — so I have read all of 64 pages of Leonard’s work. I’m blown away by the clarity of his thinking and delightful insights into art and science he shares.

    My best wishes to you for a speedy recovery and return to writing and lecturing.


  25. Melanie Light

    I don’t know Lenny very well, but met and got to know him and Ina at a Renaissance weekend where we made a unique and direct connection of our hearts and minds. Lenny is a treasure and I am so grateful for his ability to live his life large and beautiful.

    With all my best wishes for a wonderful recovery,
    Melanie Light

  26. Victoria S. MacDonald

    Dear Leonard,

    How sad I am to hear today of your brain tumor, but heartened to hear you are determined to complete your writing.

    Your book, “The Alphabet versus The Goddess” became such a watershed source for me that you are cited all over my thesis, and your thoughts continue to influence my life and work!

    Please know you will be held in the thoughtful energies of my mind, heart and soul for your well-being and peace.

    Blessings be yours, always,

  27. Mel Zaid

    As a Left Brain Artist and scientist your books have opened me to a much deeper word of understanding.

    I often quote passages, of which there are so many quotable to be found in your writings. Can’t help my left brain proclivity — just using it to effectively recast a very complex science language, within a visual art environment — Art/Sci. And it is your writings that will always be the model for how we need to do it.

    I wish you a fast and full recovery and I am always waiting to read whatever you choose to write.

  28. Sally Fay

    Leonard, you get that brain repaired quick as you can so you can get back to sharing it with your grateful public.
    Count me in as a member of same.
    Sally Fay
    (Conference on World Affairs)

  29. Dennis Collins

    I guess we will have to put off another lunch. I had wondered how your trip was. I so enjoyed our last lunch and its wide ranging discussion that I was looking forward to another. Good wishes and love can help you and you have mine. I am stunned to realize how long ago residency was and how the time has flown.


  30. Steve McManus

    Thank You. I found Alphabet, read it and was struck by the Power of that connection. Our lives are very dissimilar, yet you have managed to reach far flung people like me and CONNECT us all. We are all working on the same vibration by thinking through the ideas you have shared. Please accept the humble thanks of this blue collar working dad from New hampshire, who received gifts from you. Gifts like Discovery, Insight and Hope. The longest lasting of these is Hope. May Hope fill your days, as there is much more for you to do here. Please take my best energy and blessings. Be Well. Steve

  31. Toni Brayer

    To Lenny and the entire Shlain clan:
    The news of Lenny’s newest “challenge” is hard to take but he has been down for the count before and manages to defy all odds.

    If Lenny looses 3/4 of his brain, he will still be smarter than anyone else and will continue to entertain and amaze us all with his brilliance.

    His thousands of friends and admirers who read this blog will send healing molecules through space and time to bring Lenny through. I can’t wait to read the next book and laugh with you again.

  32. Ann Myers, MD

    I’ve enjoyed Leonard’s book ; especially the Alphabet vs the Goddess and your well drawn explanations. Thank you for a great evening at the SFMed Society’s Anuual dinners several years ago. I believe healing comes from many sources, and trust all of them are aligned for you.


  33. maddalena fallucchi

    Dear leonard, we were in Boulder at CWA together this year, we had a panel together which I enjoyed so much, amd I’m so sorry to hear of the brain tumor. There’s not much one can say in such circumstance. I wish you all the best, hope to see you again in Boulder as witty and interesting and learned as you always are, and I’m pretty sure you will figth and win!
    with affection
    Maddalena Fallucchi

  34. Sonya Rapoport

    Dear Leonard,

    So sorry to hear all this disturbing news. However, I know you will persevere with your unusual creative endeavors as incentive. This is a quick note to send you my regards. I hope to follow with other words at a later time.

    Warm wishes,

  35. layla sarakalo

    Dear Leonard,
    Anyone who can write a book as brilliant as Art and Physics
    deserves to live to be at least 110 years old.
    And who know?
    Perhaps you will..

    I wish you a speedy and rewarding recovery surrounded by those who love you. More later.

  36. Russ Robertson

    As you know, the mind is a wonderful thing. It is the capacity of the mind to get the rest of the body, including the brain through the new adventure upon which you are about to embark.

    I had my tumor removal surgery last August 3rd. I started chemo last September, completed in January, 2008 with an interlude of radiation therapy.

    We keep moving. Every minute is precious – more precious than ever.

    Of course, I look forward to your book. My friend Michael Hunt passes along his best wishes for a speedy recovery.



  37. Jane Drew

    Dear Leonard,
    I am a member of the Inside Edge in Orange County. I’ve had the delight of hearing you speak three times to us. You drew our largest audiences because the word was out — you were one of a handful of the very best speakers we’ve ever had. This morning when Adrian Windsor made an annoucement about your condition, a hundred people were sad and we were all silent few minutes to send you love, healing and appreciation.
    With gratitude for who you are and what you’ve done for others and the world,
    Jane Myers Drew

  38. Lynn Mernovage

    Dr. Shlain,

    I am so sorry to hear of your illness. As a Native American of the Cherokee tribe, it is my nature to burn sage and sweet grass for your healing. As the smoke from the sweet grass and sage travels to my ancestors, I say prayers for your healing and continued good life. The ancestors honor those prayers and send to you strength, healing, and a rapid recovery.

    My best to you,
    Lynn Mernovage

  39. Sam Pasarow


    I hope you survive this tumor as you are one of the coolest thinkers this world has ever seen. I LOVE your out-of-the-box approach to the universe and thank you for changing the way I see the world. My mother, brother and fiancee are also huge fans. Get well, sir, and thank you for your brilliance.

    Sam Pasarow

  40. Donn Downing

    Leonard and I appeared together in the same program of the Asilomar Conference of Phi Beta Kappa. His talk gave me the basis for making mine. Since then this presentation has gained an internet presence that includes the Library of Congress. So I have Leonard to thank for it. I hope all goes well and I am waiting for Leonardo’s Brain. Regards. Donn Downing and Letitia Sanders, PBK membership chairman.

  41. Susie Hare

    Dear Leonard:

    You are in my thoughts and prayers. You spoke at the Int’l New Age Trade Show in Denver many years ago. That was still one of my favorite author events ever.

    Be well
    Susie Hare, Show Manager

  42. Arthur Jackson

    Hi Leonard — in behalf of the Humanist Community in Silicon Valley I send our hopes for an early and full recovery. We remember well the inspired talks you have given to our group and how they set our minds buzzing. Arthur Jackson, President of Humanist Community in Silicon Valley

  43. Howard Rheingold

    Leonard —

    Kick ass, take names, finish the book, and resume the tour — I’m looking forward to it. You know you’ve always been one of my heroes. Warm regards, healing thoughts.

  44. Sara R Hays

    I first heard Dr. Shlain at a Creativity and Madness Conference in Santa Fe when he was introducing his first book, Art abd Physics. I was so deeply impressed that I took my daughter out to the conference for the next three years. Dr. Shlain has been a very big influence in the way I perform therapy, especially with my Women’s Groups. I have made The Alphabet vs the Goddess mandatory reading for all my female clients. I have added Sex, Time and Power to the reading list.

    Thank you so much Dr. Shlain for making such a difference in my life, my daughter’s life, and the lives of many of my clients.

    I join my daughter, Lynn Mernovage, in burning sage and sweet grass for your healing.

    Sara Hays

  45. Laurel Airica

    Dearest Leonard:

    I adore you. You are an absolutely marvelous and incredible man. I so appreciate all the gifts you have brought to this world and the blessing you are in my life.

    I send oceans of Love & Blessings to you and your family. May you recover with Grace & Ease. And if you want another reader/commentator for your manuscript, please consider me.

  46. Allen Flagg

    Hi Leonard – or I should say “Leonardo” in recognition of your multiple talents and creativity, both intellectual and experiential.
    Your friends at IGS, NYSGS and FIONS wish you rapid recovery to your normal exuberance
    in sharing your deep insights into the human

  47. sharon ferrett

    Dear Lenny,

    Sam and I wish you the very best! You are an amazing man and have been such a blessing in my life. I loved reading Extraordinary Knowing –at your request and we’ve had such wonderful discussions on the mystery of life. Thank you.

    You will be fine, dear Leonard.

    I’m sending you my love and healing thoughts. Sharon

  48. Grant Pound

    Peggy and I are sorry to hear about your setback. Surely, for you, it will be no more than that. You have given so much and we continue to travel Colorado with Art & Physics and Alpabet & the Goddess in hand. Your thinking has meant a great deal to us and we are happy to be your groupies. I’m sorry I’ll miss you and Ina in Louisville, but hopefully you will be strong enough for Trinidad in May.

    We’ll send you positive engergy.

    Grant Pound and Peggy Lawless
    Colorado Art Ranch

  49. vivian holley

    Dear Dr. Shlain,

    I’ve only known you for a short few years, but you have left your mark on my life. I am a colleague of Ina’s and wish to send both of you my love and prayers for a speedy healthy recovery. It was a privilege to meet you, and hear your presentations – I haven’t met many people before who could make such amazing intelligent connections between so many diversified aspects of our existence.

    Be well and in peace.

    Vivian Holley

  50. Catherine Senungetuk

    Just want to say, all things are possible. I’m an artist, and school nurse, and was diagnosed with Stage IV Breast CA which had gone to my lungs and bones in Oct. 2006. That same week, my closest girlfriend died from chemo. After almost dying this winter, I am now on a combination of therapies, Western and traditional, that are saving my life, but also, the prayers of many that have been heard. I’m back at work school nursing and am getting ready for a show in November of paintings. My advice, if I could give any, would be find as many healers as you need, to look at the whole picture that is you. Every practitioner has a different point of view, and as they take the being that is you and turn it around, they will each come up with different angles that can be helpful to you and your recovery. My other advice? (Not that you’re asking) REST as much as you need. More than you need. Cocoon in and build your strength. Winter is coming, the perfect time to heal, rest, look inside.
    I do wish you healing, peace, love.

  51. Eleanor Kent

    Hi Leonard,
    I am sending you all good thoughts. You have done so much for artists who use technology like the members of Ylem. You have also championed bright women and their accomplishments. Thank!

    best wishes to you,

  52. Anodea Judith

    Dear Leonard:

    I send you love and healing for your challenges right now. You are one of the great minds of our time and you have been a great inspiration to me. If there is anything at all that I can do for you, please let me know.
    I will be thinking of you in a positive healing light.

    Love and blessings,
    Anodea Judith

  53. David Creech

    Dear Dr. Shlain,

    You may recall that we played golf together last fall at the CPMC tournament along with my colleague Angela Perry. I very much enjoyed that day and your book Sex, Time & Power. I think about that day and the great conversations we shared as you described your life and work. I wish you the best and pray for a speedy recovery.

    David Creech

  54. Ana Cristina Navarrete

    Hi Lennie.

    I’m so sorry to hear this terrible news, to tell the truth I’m really sad. I just want to say that I hope you get better. Despite the distance and the time we haven’t been in touch, I still remember you and have the greatest memories. You are my role model and I wish you a soon recovery, so you can keep guiding people like me.

    Ana Cristina

  55. Debora Hadeen

    I am sure you will weather this storm with the grace and humor you have exhibited in the many years that I have known you, as a patient and as a member of the community.

    Your books have brought enormous joy and clarity to my way of being and your skillful hands delivered me from worry and concern. Such a gift to the world, you are.

    Debora Hadeen

  56. Charles Klieman


    Best wishes for a speedy recovery. You are strong and mind and strong of spirit and I expect that you will recover swiftly. I always admired your inventive mind and surgical skills… and of course your amazing ability to write about what few people even understand. Be well, and let me know when next you are in Southern California.

    Charles Klieman

  57. Geoff Sperber

    Wishing you a rapid and successful recovery. My memories of your talk and our conversations in Philadelphia remain powerful.Warmest regards, Geoff Sperber

  58. Emily Martinez

    Gee, Mr. LS — you just gotta get hapi, healthy, well as wise — I was at your NYC Harvard club slide show and talk dinner — you shared with me all about being a lefty that went righty, which I still mull over, in-vestigate…plus, you were an all around nice guy — so, this long hair wishes you joyous, fulfilling experiences, with lotsa wholesome, satisfying, soooothing – heeealing, deep as poss’ breaths, ah! Say, when you might get a mo’ — Senor Leo’! sir!…where, in which region, was the da Vinci stroke, an’ the size of what fruit or veggie was that tumor? Ah so GLAD, it’s gone, you’re not, so ha ha, high 5 — here’s one for the tumor beater (whew! take it away, inspiration to each/every, hehe — well, 2 least me !! — evryone/me, time, a very goooood time, to examine/make or recognize choices — food, drink, air quality…so, what exactly planted-allowed to go to seed, then grow — biiig enough, for the surgeons to ‘harvest. Q! Well, in any case, sweet dreamies, hapi shining by day — also a Q — an’, the antidote, the cure is? or, @ least, the healing, encouragement to heal is??? well, love peace an’ joyful timees. Hugs, Enily

  59. Gary Kleiman

    Dear Lenny,

    I was sorry to hear about your set back.I know if anyone can fight this I would put my bet on you.I want to thankyou for always being there for Saralyn and my childern they could always count on you.Sean looks to you as his mentor.Keep on fighting you still have much to do on your bucket list.

    My thoughts are with you

    Gary Kleiman

  60. Julian, Allie and Loura Goldstick

    Uncle Lenny,
    We wanted you to know we were thinking of you and wishing you well. We also believe with your brilliant mind, you will find a way to make “Leonard’s Brain” all better. (Too uncanny and believe wholeheartedly there is no such thing as coincidence.)

    You have been a great Uncle, friend and support to our family and we will cherish the times we have spent with you, Ina and all the cousins. Julian especially cherishes the generosity of your time that you shared with him and they are both looking forward to many more times together. Allie says it’s her turn, so get better so she can come visit…HA! Allie will be in California in a few months, looking at colleges; California is on the top of her list. She has had a tremendously busy school year thus far as Captain of the Varsity Cheerleaders and a full schedule in school. We also just returned from a Mother/Daughter senior cheerleading trip in Cabo. After attending the New York Film Academy this past summer she was recently accepted into an Independent Student Mentorship Program and secured an internship with the Austin Film Festival. (Following in the Shlain/Goldstick footsteps.)

    Julian loves The University of Texas at Austin and believes he couldn’t be happier anywhere else. Currently an Economics major, Julian hopes to attain a major in Sports Management along with a minor in Business Foundations. With Julian’s passion for sports and his great aptitude for numbers, his Mother thinks a future as a Sports Statistician would be perfect for him…we’ll see what fate decides. Julian is also active in his fraternity, Kappa Sigma and making plans to attend the great
    football rivalry between UT and OU in Dallas…having fun in college!

    Lenny, our thoughts are with you. Take care of yourself and will yourself back to good health. As you know, the brain/mind are powerful tools.

    With love,
    Julian, Allie and Loura

  61. Dorothy Lawson

    Dear Leonard,

    Love, best wishes, and all the admiration in the world from me and my friends here in New York!!

    The intense, unique brilliance of your perceptions and your art in recording them resemble those of Leonardo – it does not surprise me that your brain resembles his somehow. I hope fervently that it will not take humanity 500 years to catch up with you, though!

    Sending you and your family the warmest support, with hugs, Dorothy.

  62. Norman Kurnit

    Dear Leonard and family,
    I of course echo all of the above comments, but I would more importantly like to recommend a book that I believe all cancer patients and those concerned about cancer should read: How to Prevent and Treat Cancer with Natural Medicine by Dr. Michael Murray et al. If nothing else, it has invaluable advice for minimizing the side effects of chemotherapy and radiation. Although a few years old, it is readily available at Amazon. As you may remember from your visits to Los Alamos, I have a a long-standing interest in Alternative Medicine, and at the risk of suggesting something you may consider even more unconventional, I also suggest that you look into the work of Dr. Stanislaw Burcynski: http://www.burzynskiclinic.com/. Although initially vilified by the FDA, he has managed to get clinical trials approved and has apparently demonstrated good results with many kinds of cancer, particularly brain tumors. See also the discussion in: http://www.cancure.org/burzynski_institute.htm (unfortunately, it appears that this site has not been updated in years, however). My best wishes for a speedy recovery, and I hope to read the new book.
    Norman Kurnit

  63. Ray Beldner


    I’ve had the immense honor and pleasure to have both you and Tiffany give “Soap Box” lectures at my laundromat last year.

    If I ever wondered how your daughter became so vibrant and smart and entertaining, you answered that question for me when you gave your talk. It was a truly special event.

    Thank you for that honor and please know that many people are thinking of you during your recovery. I wish you well, knowing you are being taken good care of by your wonderful family.

    Be well,


  64. Philip wagner

    Hi Len,

    You’re the Godfather of The Fusion Project!
    So hang in there Guy!
    My thoughts (and prayers, for what they’re worth. Can’t hurt, right) are with you.
    Let me know if you need more “magic balls” to amuse your doctors.

    Best Wishes,
    Phil Wagner

  65. Glenn Ackerman

    Hi Leonard,

    Just became aware of your health challenges. I am putting you on an international prayer list of energy healers around the world who will be praying for you and sending you healing energy around the clock.

    I also want to recommend a product for you called Himalyan GoChi juice made by a company called Freelife. The juices lessens the side effects for chemo,accelerates healing and about 20 other good things that will help you right now. The juice has clinical studies behind it and has been peer reviewed. You can get more info on the above website. Thank you for all the captivating info you have shared with us.

    Awaiting good news from you,

  66. David Lorimer

    Dear Lennie

    Thanks very much letting me know about your operation. I was very glad to read about your recovery and send you every blessing. I very much look forward to seeing your new book and to meeting up in London when you’re next over.

    Warm good wishes

  67. Nusa Maal

    Dear Leonard and family,

    I enjoy the highlight memory of meeting and your joining my family at dinner in Santa Fe at a Creativity & Madness conference years ago… It happened to be a bright note during one of those darker life moments. We spoke of Leo D, and synesthesia; (i’d collaborated on a Leo D book, & studied and am synesthete). The depth, clarity, and freshness of your approach and thinking were a heartening delight. As were your personal openness. I ordered books, and have appreciated that such a fine, expansive mind, heart and life force has been out in the world doing the good work of awakening with compassionate, engaged intelligence. Thank you.

    I pray your good health prevails, and that this time holds you well with presence, perspective, peace, wellbeing and love.

    On a practical note… my father in law’s apothecary put together a combination of vitamins that seemed to ease the effects of chemo through his recovery. If this would be of use, i would be happy to recollect and forward this list.

    Wishing you the very best.. with kindest regard,

  68. Terry Jeggle


    We send our best wishes for strength, unquestioned determination and sheer willfullness for a successful recovery. We are both among your thousands of admirers who have been stimulated by, learned much from, and have enjoyed your boundless interests, enthusiasms and always good humor. As you have given much to so many others, we hope all this positive energy of yours now is able to serve your own well-being.

    We extend to you our honor and lasting regards, Terry & Char Jeggle

  69. Annemarie Colbin

    Dear Dr Shlain,

    Your talk in New York City several years ago on “The Alphabet and the Goddess”, for FIONS and the Institute of General Semantics, remains as one of my favorite public talks of all time. It made me revise my thoughts about television, and helped me recognize (for an inveterate reader) the importance of the image.

    We send you our most sincere wishes for an uneventful and complete recovery.

    Annemarie Colbin, Ph.D.
    FIONS, president – NYC

  70. Sue Helderop

    Dr. Shlain,

    We are all so sorry to hear of your illness. All of us at the School wish you a quick recovery and know that you will be in full health soon!


    Sue Helderop
    WSU School of Medicine

  71. Dr. Donald hester

    Dear Leonard: I wish you the very best and I want you to be able to finish Leonardo’s Brain. I will help in any way I can. Take good care and keep your spirits up. I remember you from Santa Fe with great regard.

  72. milton dawes

    Hi Kinberly
    Hi Jordan
    Hi Tiffany

    Glad to hear your dad is doing better. He was our Speaker at the Alfred Korzybski Memorial Lecture in New York City a few years ago. I met him at a MEA Conference at Santa Clara Univ. We had a very brief, but engaging for me, conversation about the origin of consciousness. I admired his ease of being, his gentleness and humbleness. A nice human. I wished we could have talked some more.

    Please tell him I look forward to him getting well and finishing his new book which I can’t wait to read.

  73. jane crandell

    I’ve heard you speak twice and was fascinated each time with the breadth of knowledge and amusing anecdotes you brought to each subject. I know you’ll keep informing and entertaining your audiences, no matter what!
    All good wishes and positive thoughts from friends in Shreveport, LA!

  74. moira russoniello

    Dear Lenny,You looked so great the last time I saw you as,I,m sure you do now.Your love of life and strength of character shines through.Joe and I are praying for you.Take care–love,Moira

  75. Rita Feder

    I’ve seen and heard you lectures and fervently hope that you will be able to continue educating and charming seniors like me for many more years. Wishing you a speedy recovery. Rita

  76. Sonya Hamlin

    Dear Leonard,
    I join your countless friends in telling you how sorry I am to hear such devastating news. And how much I enjoyed knowing you and sponsoring you for the Conference on World Affairs in Boulder. You more than lived up to my expectations and became such a star! I wish you comfort in these tough days and am glad to have had a chance to tell you how extraordinary a mind I think you have and how much I learnd from just listening and watching you go about in that small microcosm of life in Boulder. You were spectacular in your originality and ability to stir thought processes. Love to you Leonard Sonya

  77. barbara stross

    I met you in Berkeley when you presented The Goddess versus the Alphabet to a small gathering at a very small place, on the occasion of the celebration of a rather rare African language (whose name I have forgotten temporarily). Since then I have given your books to several friends, and maintained my excitment about your presentation and ideas. I´m currently on a small island in the Caribbean, belonging to Panama, remembering you with all the clarity and vigor you graced us with at that meeting. And hoping for the return of your great spirit and fine health. Two of your books are here with me, and my very best wishes are with you.

    Barbara Stross

  78. Fintan Steele

    Dear Leonard,

    Despite this temporary setback, I am sure you will be up and about soon, and holding court at the next Conference on World Affairs. Being on a panel with you (or several) is always the highlight of the week.

    Best wishes for a speedy recovery.


  79. Marvin Kirchner

    Lenny, You have beaten the worst and I am sure that you will handle this one, too. You have been a role model and inspiration for me as well as a friend these many years. All of my best wishes. Marvin

  80. Hugo Barreca

    Dear Leonard,

    I’ve been distributing your books as presents on all occasions, hoping your ideas will spread for centuries. The world would be, and will be, a better place because of them.

    Hugo Barreca

  81. Jerry Harp

    Back in the early 80s, in Father Walter Ong’s Existentialist Themes in Literature course at St. Louis University, Father Ong spoke about the ambiguities and difficulties that people live and work with in the human lifeworld. The example that he gave was someone who, if my memory serves, he styled as something like the greatest living physicist. I remember him describing how this great thinker had to deliver his lectures by muttering them to an assistant, who would then speak the professor’s words to the assembled students. Later I realized that he was describing Stephen Hawking. (This would have been in the days before Hawking acquired the computerized voice technology that has facilitated his speaking.)

    With great courage and tenacity, Leonard Shlain has joined the ranks of such as Stephen Hawking, those who continue to do their brilliant work, perhaps not even despite but rather along with the difficulties of our world. I was delighted to meet Dr. Shlain at the convention of the Media Ecology Association in Santa Clara, California, in the spring of 2008. I found him to be an inspiring person. He continues to inspire me now.

  82. Kimberly Eberhardt Casteline

    Thank you Dr. Shlain for your contributions! I have had the pleasure of hearing you speak at several Media Ecology Association conferences and your talks are always stimulating and thought-provoking to say the least.

    I am sending up prayers for you.
    Kimberly Eberhardt Casteline

  83. Darryl L. Raszl, M.D.

    Dear Lenny,

    I was shocked to read the news about your recent diagnosis!

    When I look back on my medical career there are a few extraordinary people that come to mind and you are certainly one of them! I know that you have the spirit and philosophy that will enable you to weather this storm. Your many admirers and I will be rooting for you all the way!


  84. Stephen E Follansbee

    As someone who has marveled in your insights and ability to express in writing and in speech those thoughts, I am wishing you the best in recovery as you approach yet another chapter in your personal book of life.

  85. cliff and mandy

    Just 5 minutes ago I was speaking with a young woman who is writing her Master’s thesis on art in emerging cultures. I told her to Google Leonard Shlain, the most brilliant thinker there is in this discipline. Leonard’s incredibly intuitive revelation that art leads science opens the mind like no other writer/philosopher/lecturer alive.

    His writings stay with you years after they’re read, and his lectures resonate with humor, brilliance and scholarship in a way that is rare and wonderful.

    Leonard, if yo’;re reading this we wish you the strength to continue fighting so that all of can benefit from your priceless mind and your treasured thoughts.

    Love, Mandy and Cliff

  86. Adrian Windsor

    Dear Leonard:
    The entire Inside Edge paused yesterday to send you love and healing energy.
    You have been our favorite speaker, and we so treasure the knowledge that you have brilliantly shared with us. Please know that as you travel on your journey through this challenge, we are cheering you on to victory. You have to finish Leonardo’s Brain because you wouldn’t let us make a video!
    Love and blessings,
    Adrian and Gorby

  87. Herb Nanas

    Lenny, I ask Albert often how you’re doing and I’m always thrilled when he tells me you’re always fighting the fight. I would expect nothing less of you and Fely asks me with regularity of your progress..So..here’s a lot of love from Herby and Fely and wonderful wishes that everyday is shiny and bright for you and all those around you..

  88. Jane Battenberg

    Dr. Shlain, or I want to call you Leonard because i feel I know you from having heard you at the Inside Edge twice and from having read your books. I think you are one of the most incredible men on the planet. My girlfriends and I have utmost respect for what you’ve done for women, in particular with your book, The Alphabet versus the Goddess. Your presence, your consciousness, your willingness to think way outside the box are all so inspiring. You have a huge fan club out here, bigger than you might imagine. We wish you health and extended life! In any case, our prayers are with you. Fondly, Jane

  89. Christine Tracy

    Dr. Shlain,
    We met at the MEA conference this summer, when I was fortunate enough to hear your presentation on Leonardo’s brain.
    (I was one of the people who presented a paper on Teilhard de Chardin.)
    Sending you lots of good wishes for a speedy recovery from Ann Arbor, MI., where it is lovely this evening.
    Christine Tracy

  90. Mark Behrend

    Best wishes for a quick and complete recovery, Leonard!

    We met at the New Life Expo in San Francisco a couple of years ago (I was the one who told you a species of lemur appears to conduct funerals and ritual burials). I thoroughly enjoy your writing and speeches, all of which enlarge the mind.

    If you’re interested, Dr. A. Shamsuddin at U. of Maryland published research a few years ago on IP-6 with inositol as cancer therapy, showing encouraging stats on shrinkage or elimination of malignant tumors in all types of cancer, specifically including brain tumors.

    It is natural (derived from corn and rice bran), cheap, gentle, and is shown to enhance the work of chemotherapy. Anecdotally, my mother’s dog has been on it for a year, and its terminal liver cancer is no longer symptomatic. Available at Whole Foods and most health food stores. Shamsuddin recommends 6-8 grams per day (with food) for cancer patients.

  91. Tesia Blackburn

    Dear Dr. Shlain and Family:
    I read your book Art and Physics some time ago and was impressed and awed. I often mention it to my painting students as one of those “must haves”. I’ve not yet been able to make one of your lectures, but I hope I will get to in the future. So, that means you must get well soon! I’m sending out many good thoughts and prayers, and have asked my mom and all of my friends to put you in their thoughts and prayers. I’ll keep good thoughts for you and your family.

    Best wishes,
    Tesia Blackburn

  92. Judith Mates, MD

    So sorry to hear of your illness. Your career and your books have been influential to so many people, and it should be satisfying to know that “You did good.”

    Best wishes on finishing your next book. Looking forward to reading it!


  93. Gretchen Diehl

    When I picked up “Sex, Time and Power,” from the adult shop that i managed a couple of years ago, I couldn’t have realized what a drastic impact Leonard Shlain’s words have had on my interests, artistic expression, and confidence as a woman. I have passed the book around to many friends and have begun reading more of his works. It is my hope and wish that Leonard fully recovers from this, and that he continues touching the lives of people for years to come. Get well soon, Leonard!

  94. Donna Glassford

    Dear Leonard,

    What an absolute joy working together over the past few years, you have taught me so much and I look forward to the kernels of truth and wisdom yet to come! How many people really know that gorillas go through menopause ? Although I suspected.)

    Hoping you feel the healing energy from your Nashville fan club which surrounds you, Ina and family.

    Love Donna
    PS I still owe you a martini

  95. Jack and Jeannie Thompson

    Dear Leonard and Ina–Our thoughts and best wishes are with you both.
    Leonard, we thoroughly enjoyed being your ‘housers’ this past April at the U. of Colorado’s Conference on World Affairs. Your years of participation mean a great to the campus and Boulder communities. You are one of the stars! We also noted your desire to bypass many of the evening activities during CWA Week and spend time up in your room working on your current book. Your comment was, “I can get a lot done when I’m traveling.” We very much look forward to the publication of your next book.
    We also want to thank both of you for you wonderful hospitality–inviting the CU Art Museum group into your lovely home for a Salon recently.
    Fondly, Jeannie and Jack Thompson, Boulder

  96. Heather Larrabee

    Dr. Schlain,

    I saw you speak in San Francisco a few years ago about “Sex, Time, Power” and subsequently bought and loved the book. I am sending you and your family prayers for healing, strength and support.

    I should also tell you that since that day I heard you speak, I have held your presence, consciousness and balance as a person and a man on the planet as one of my foremost models for what men can be/become. Thank you for serving as such a powerful example of what is possible in this life for others. It created a radical shift for me.

    May you have a full recovery and may this part of the journey only serve to strengthen and inform your beautiful walk.

    Peace & blessings,


  97. Adele Goldberg

    Dear Len,
    You’ve been like a second father to Ken, and I know that he and Tiffany met because of you, so I feel an especially big debt of gratitude and love for you because of that. You must know how much Tiffany adores you, what an influence you’ve been on your whole family.
    It is an honor and a pleasure being able to call you and Ina family. I admire you both, so much.
    Ken said that you’re cracking jokes and that your close friends are taking the best care of you.

    We are all thinking of you, with love,

    Adele, Ali, Aliza and Zach

  98. steve walsh

    Dearest Lenny, please stay with us and get through this somehow! I have so loved your good humor and wise commentary when we cross paths. I felt so privileged when you shared the early draft of Art and Physics with me years ago, I believe in Santa Fe. It is always such a delight to see you and to read you. Your books and your person are works of love and art, and I look forward to the continuation of both. Best regards and wishes for you. Steve

  99. Helene Knox (Ph.D.)

    Dear Dr. Shlain,

    You know of my admiration for you and your books. I am so sorry to hear of your present medical condition.

    Of course you want to finish your book on Leonardo, and I can hardly wait to read it! If I can be of any help to you in getting it done, feel free to contact me (510 654-1667). I can give you expert copyediting and/or proofreading.

    With best wishes,


  100. Moira Gunn

    Leonard –

    It was with profound sadness that I just read the news of your health. I shall send positive energy your way every day and throw in a few good Irish Catholic prayers to boot – at this point, I say, whatever works.

    Best – Moira

  101. Jenny Baxley Lee

    When I was 24 years old, bright eyed and ready to take on the world, I attended your lectures at the SAH conference. I was mesmerized by the concepts you shared and bought three books which you inscribed to me. It was a sincerely touching exchange that changed my life and set me on my course with utmost commitment to maintaining the openness of mind, heart, and life which you demonstrated.

    My favorite exchange was in the refreshment area while awaiting another lecture. I was touched by how kind, accessible and down to earth you were. Such a rare combination of razor sharp intellect and humanity and heart. A true inspiration! I went on to have the privilege of hearing you lecture at several other SAH conferences, and was again always moved by the sparkle in your eye. So CLEAR that you had purpose, vision, and a message that would move humanity light years forward.

    Now a mother of two young girls, I will begin an arts in healthcare project this year in five local healthcare settings, including hospitals, mental health providers, and hospice. Thank you for the moments of truth you shared.

    It is my utmost wish that you will receive that which is in the Highest Good of your journey, Ina’s journey and the journey of all whose paths you may cross.

    Peace. Love. Joy. Light. Understanding.

  102. Elena Man

    Dear Leonard and Ina,
    We are thinking of you in Pa and wishing you well. It’s always been a great pleasure to spend time with you when we’ve visited the West Coast to see Ken, Tiffany, and Odessa. You are a huge part of their lives and have enriched all the lives you touch. We hope that you are having time for continued love and laughter.
    Sending you all our best, much peace, and comfort,
    Elena,Dave,Maya and Rachel Man

  103. Mary McCann

    Dr. Shlain,
    I was so thrilled to interview you on September 4. I look forward to our next conversation and I know it will be soon. You are an inspiration to not only those who know you personally but to us simply touched by your insights, words and great mind.
    Thank you for all you have done and continue to do.
    I’m looking forward to your complete recovery.
    Mary McCann
    Host, Great Minds

  104. Valerie Sammons

    I am shocked and saddened to hear of your affliction. I will keep you in my prayers.

    “The Alphabet vs the Goddess” is still the most interesting and revealing book that I have ever read. I recommend it to others all the time. I heard you speak the last time you were in Seattle. Get well. The world needs your brilliance.

  105. HT

    Dearest Most Intrepid Dr. Shlain,
    In consideration that your work has ignited a titanic positive shift in the conscious perception and self-worth of so many brains upon this planet, as well as a resuscitation of my own brain’s strangled regions of possibility, I plan to give both formal and ecstatic thanks for your exquisite brain during tonight’s Mabon Sabbat and perform a bit of work between the worlds towards its rapid healing, regeneration and rebirth.
    Mabon is the Welsh God who represented the male fertilizing principle – so fitting a holiday, in light of the lucky legions who will testify to your mighty powers of brain fertilization (and achingly lust for your next tome of tumescent insight!)
    A jolly God of abundance, Mabon is both son and escort of Demeter, now taking a well-deserved party-break in preparation for that which is to come. He is the male counterpart to Persephone, if you will.
    Mabon is the Fall Equinox, Second Harvest, Time of Triple Goddess and Thanksgiving followed by deep Reflection, Rest, Regeneration and Rebirth. The Festival of Dionysus let loose at this turning of the calendar wheel, manifesting today in many forms such as Oktoberfest and Napa Valley weekends.
    But of course, you already know this.Another reason for ritual!
    A lingam of impressive size and beauty shall be laid upon the altar in your name and adorned with the titles of your books, deep violet dahlias, apples, pumpkins, acorns, chocolate, fetishes of great salmon, horned creatures, owl feathers, eagle feathers, candles and voter registration cards. It will be a delight and sacred honor to anoint it with an excellent and fantastically expensive bottle of Chateau Margaux Premier Grand Cru Classe and consecrate it with an exceptionally long, staghorn-hilt athame. Ioye! Ioye! Sha-lain ! Slayer of Dogmatic Enslavery! Lecturer Entertainus of Light! Fun Hangwithim at Eventus Kiberlyus! Warrior of Mysterie!
    (The rest is kinda secret.)
    Tonight please relax, feast, write if you wish and enjoy your fruitful harvest of magnificent offspring, healthy humans, seminal novels and enlightened noggins and know that somewhere out in Santa Monica, between the worlds, women with “skills” are gettin’ busy for ya.
    Blessed be,

  106. Irene, George and Jack Keller

    Dear Dr. Shlain,

    George and I were lucky enough to hear you speak and spend some time with you. Not a day goes by that we don’t think of your graph, and where we are on it. Few people will ever contribute as much as you have. We are sending you healing energy and wishing you a speedy and complete recovery. The Kellers.

  107. Alfred Burgess

    I gave a talk on Symbolism in Napa a few yers ago and mentioned letters. A guy came over at the end and said he would bring me a book next day written by Leonard Shlain, the Alphabet against the Goddess.
    That book consolidated and advanced so many of my thoughts and prompted me to write Why is the Letter A at the beginning of the Alphabet.(Lulu.com).The advance of human thought relies on this sort of sharing of sensitivity. A friend of mine is about to launch a 64million dollar project that the world will hear about soon. My own input to this has been greatly enhanced your thoughts Leonard.
    I live in the heart of England but will be back in USA in October.
    I send you all the BESt wishes controlled by the old Egyptian domestic goddess BES.

  108. Avram Mandell

    Jakey and Claire,

    I’m sure you are so proud of your grandfather. Every moment you have with him is a gift. Know that your community is here to support you. We pray for him and for your family.

    Allow your friends and loved ones to support you during this tough time.

    Avram Mandell and the Leo Baeck Temple Religious School

  109. Chris McKenzie

    Thank you for your mighty mind and warm heart. Whether you stay here with us, or leave for the other shore, I know you will go well with your loving spirit. Thank you*.
    Chris McKenzie

  110. Fran Lasker

    Dear Leonard,
    I first met you with Ariana at the PS arts fundraiser. I was fascinated by your current book (Alphabet and the Goddess).
    I gave you my address and you mailed me your book. From that moment forward I was a changed woman. Your brilliance and originality have rocked my world. Sex time and Power has fundamentally shifted my consciousness. Thanks to you my friends and family and also my psychotherapy patients have all seen the world in a different way. I look forward to reading Da Vinci. Please stay healthy and finish this book so that I can read it!
    love and light to you,
    fran lasker

  111. Willey Wipff

    Dear Dr. Shlain:

    I got to know you when I was in the 6th grade. Kim and I were in 6-3, 7-3, 8-2, and high school together. I remember greatly when you brought your patient’s brain to Mr. Zalian’s math class. It was amazing and I’ve never thanked you for that. So, thank you.

    I’m sorry to hear about your tumor. Please give cancer hell and do the best you can. I wish for the best for you and your family.

    Willey Wipff

  112. Ramona King

    Dear Leonard:

    I pray a speedy recovery for you. I do hold onto miracles and love. I’m looking forward to reading your book. It looks like you’re surrounded by love. That my friend is a healing place.

    Thinking of you with great heart,

  113. Karen Gallagher

    You are such an incredible inspiration. Always wishing you and your family the best. We will be thinking of you during your recovery.

    Karen, Bob, Natalie & Nathan

  114. Sela Eden

    Dear Dr. Leonard Shlain

    I met you and Ina about a year ago in a jewelry gallery in Carmel, CA. I remember the moment I saw your name and how I jumped up and dawn from happiness when you answered “yes” to my question “are you the Leonard Shlain that wrote these incredible books I read?” Meeting you was so exciting for me because your books taught me so much, your writing, your ideas, all were so inspiring. I know that you are an extraordinary human being and I hope that you have great powers to deal with your current condition.

    I wish you a fast & easy recovery. And I hope to receive one of your e mails soon- inviting me to come to one of your talks.
    My mother in Israel sends you her best regards; she is a fan of yours too.

    Sela Eden

  115. Howard Schatz

    Lenny, Beverly and I send you warm wishes, much love and affection, great admiration, and great hope you will get through this thing as you have so many other “things” in your amazing life. Our hearts are with you, Ina and your impressive family. Love, love, love, Howie

  116. Gaby and Peter Renstrom

    Dear Lenny and Ina – We are praying for your recovery, Lenny and join in the comments of many of your friends and admirers who think that half of Lenny’s brain can outdo 2 to 3 brains in the average guy. So whatever they removed, you don’t need to carry on.

    You have touched so many lives, not just as a physician but as a man of boundless energy and unparalleled intellectual strength, it is impossible to think you will not overcome this latest challenge with humor and aplomb.

    Peter and I will always recall and cherish our time in Israel with you two and most especially the ironic twist which seems to follow your creative endeavors. When we were riding from Jerusalem to a historic site on the coast, you, Peter and the driver were all giving directions and we were getting no where. Of course I said with a flip, “When did men become in charge and how did we ever let that happen?” Ina just started snickering…Unbeknownst to me, you were then finalizing the manuscript of The Alphabet and The Goddess and you turned to me in the car and said, “That is a very interesting question and I am just finishing a book on that very subject!” So I read the book with much interest and have given it to countless others. Anyway…just one story of your amazing life and how lucky we are having intersected with you along the road. Here is to more road trips!
    Much love,
    Gaby and Peter

  117. Steven Vedro

    Dearest Leonard: You have been like a wise older brother to me. Encouraging me to talk my talk on the “yoga of the Infosphere” (that you heard at the Science and Consciousness conference in 2002), and “turn it into a real book.” You stood up at the Media Ecology Association meeting in 2003 on Long Island and told the audience to come to my talk, and when my book, Digital Dharma (Quest, 2007) was finished, you did more than write a “blurb,” you introduced me at my Marin book talks. Only a few months ago, you starting sending emails to many of your speaking venues suggesting that if they liked your work, they should consider inviting me as well!

    This is generosity and support that could only come from a man that is devoted to repairing the heart of humanity: at the physical, intellectual, emotional, and dare I say it, at the spiritual, level.

    You have so many “energetic friends” supporting you healing; let the bigness of your heart embrace your brain – both sides now. Draw upon the earth and the sky, your masculine and feminine, for you have always been a healer, and will continue to be in so many more forms yet to be!

  118. Seth Skootsky

    Ina’s second cousin and family wishes you a refuah shelemah and a New Year filled with joy and good health.

    I am still enormously appreciative of the Da Vinci talk you gave for the American Jewish Committee.

    Best Shana Tova wishes,

    Seth Skootsky and Family

  119. Stanley Krippner

    Best wishes for your recovery, Leonard. As you know, I have read your books and look forward to the next one. Your writing is characterized by creativity and originality as well as by sound scholarship. I also recall your years of service to Saybrook Graduate School as a member of our Board of Trustees, and am grateful for your advice.
    It is a shame you had to cancel your lecture schedule but I hope it can be reconstructed in the not-too-distant future! Stan Krippner

  120. Joseph Smith

    Hey Lenny
    I was wondering what was keeping you away . So I here you are on the frontier of still another exploration . It seems like your life is always unplanned . One quest after another .
    Well this one will definitely be something to write about . I hope you will come by or we could send someone to your home if you are to busy .
    I want you to know you are in my thoughts and my prayers . Hope to see you soon
    Love and Dreams
    Joseph Smith
    P, S. I was talking to INA and she thought it would be a good idea to have someone come to your home when you are up for a massage
    PPS I always think of you as someone strong and kind .see you

  121. Dan Geller

    We all missed having you at the Harris’ table last night – especially when Philip somehow hauled into the room from the bar a Republican, white cowboy hat wearing yahoo from Georgia. We lambasted that fellow, though he held his own. When Jock introduced himself, the guy fired back with, “And I’m Pat McCrotch!” He called us pussies for wanting to pay taxes to support basic government services. Democracy, indeed.

    Get well, my friend. Dayna and I are going to NY tomorrow morning to support my sister as she continues her treatment for her cancer. The damn thing is just making a mess of too many people’s daily lives. Here’s to kicking those fucking cells to oblivion and getting back to life as it is meant to be lived – in good health.

    Warm regards,

  122. Amy Gershoni

    Lenny –

    Been thinking about you non-stop. We love you and we have been telling G about how he opened that new chamber in our heart as you told us he would. He just learned how to kiss, so he sends you a big one. And we send a couple of our own.

    love and joy,

    Amy (and Gil and G)

  123. Britta Schramm

    Dear Lenny,
    You have given so much light and creativity to the Universe that your recovery will certainly be full of the same. We send you our love and wish you sunsets, humor, beauty and know that with you and your family all wishes will be fulfilled.
    Take care,
    Britta and Arthur

  124. Piera Miller

    Dear Lenny,

    I am sending you healing love and energy from the Miller family. You will be in our thoughts and prayers during Rosh Hashanah, Yom Kippur, and beyond. We are looking forward to hearing about your speedy recovery.


  125. Carol Sachal

    Darling Lenny,
    As a firm believer in positive thinking, I see your latest challenge as an opportunity for you to 1) write another book; 2) continue your distribution of love and affection to all lucky enough to know you; and 3) marvel at what science, right thinking and love can do in this world…not to mention WILL TO LIVE. I send all my love and see you smiling and happy in my mind’s eye, and will hold the thought of your restored ebullient health,
    Carol Sachal

  126. David Chittenden

    Dear Lennie
    You and I also go back a long time-
    growing up in Detroit and finding
    a bit of Paradise in Mill Valley
    You have great strength and will
    survive this new and difficult
    Claudia and I send our best regards
    to you and your family
    David Chittenden

  127. Ann and Richard Lanzerotti

    Dear Lenny,
    We have been thinking about you a lot since we heard the news.
    Your ideas, your abilities, your determination to succeed– and to survive– have served you so well over the years, we just can’t help thinking you’ll be able to overcome this situation too.
    Hope we’re right.
    Our thoughts and best wishes are with you and your family.
    Ann and Richard Lanzerotti

  128. Chita & Rich Abbott

    Lenny – We have known you for a long time, but have only recently become friends with you and Ina. We have enjoyed getting to know you both and your family. You are such a marvelous story teller, we could listen to you all night. You found the right woman in Ina… lovely, smart, and wise…. a complement to you and a great sidekick for these challenging times. Know that your loving family and friends are by your side through this phase.

    Holding you tight in our thoughts.


    Chita and Rich


    Dear Lenny,

    I wanted to send Shelby’s and my best wishes to you for a speedy recovery and a wonderful trip to Hawaii. I know the Hawaiian breezes will make you feel like your old self. I can’t wait to read your book about Leonardo. He is one of my favorite historical people. Take care and keep singing.

    Love, Adrienne

  130. Hannah Hirsch Rose

    Dear Lenny,
    I hope that reading all of these messages of love, healing wishes and admiration is infusing you with strength to make this challenging journey in your own way. To these I add my own love, healing wishes and admiration for you. I look forward to good reports and continued updates, and hope to share in your healing. Love, Hannah

  131. Marcia Shrock and Jim Cochran

    Dear Lenny, We have so enjoyed you over the years and are still looking forward to seeing your new book. May all be well soon. Are sending prayers and light toward you. You are a hero.

    Marcia and Jim

  132. marjorie

    Hi Lenny,
    Hope you are doing well and you enjoyed the soup and muffins. When I get back from the Bahamas I will make you a poppy seed cake and any other treat you want! Take care and say hi to Ina


  133. Jaclyn Gottlieb

    Uncle Lenny,

    I was so sorry to hear about the tumor. I know last year when you were in Boulder, I was very sick and not able to see you. I only hope that we are able to plan something new in the future. I have always been told that you were a very special uncle and I would love to get to know you better.


  134. Karen Davidson

    Dear Leonard, Ina, and the whole clan, If love is the cure, you certainly have the purest and greatest supply. This is a wonderful blog and I know there will be Part II. I will love to see everyone in Hawaii- then I will know you are on the mend. I am sending you loving thoughts borne by Trade Winds scented with Plumerias and jasmine. Big Aloha and Hugs, Karen

  135. Lori Gottlieb

    Dear Uncle Lenny,

    I have been so saddened to hear about what you are going through. I believe that you will fight this and continue to live your amazing life. You are the most incredible uncle/great uncle a family could have; you have shown so much concern and compassion for everyone and somehow always seem to find time to share yourself with all your relatives. I am so proud to be your niece and regret that I did not live closer to you when raising my family. You have always been an unbelievable inspiration to my family. I wish we could have spent more time together so I will hope that we will in the future. I cannot imagine this world, or our world without you, so I pray you will find the strength to overcome this. I am sending you all my love and prayers for your recovery.

    L’Shana Tova to you and your beautiful family.

    Love, Lori

  136. Richard D. Colvin

    Dear Dr Shlain,

    I’m a BIG fan, you kindly autographed a copy of Art & Physics for me 10+ years ago. Since I read the Alphabet vs. the Goddess. Please get well, I’m looking forward to the next book. You’ve been a major influence on how I think about art and brain physiology.

    Good luck, Richard

  137. Lee and Stuart Pollak

    You have our most heartfelt healing good wishes, Lenny … and we will hold you close in our hearts until we can next meet and enjoy another of the interesting and special conversations we sporadically get to share.
    You are truly a very special man … and we know you have the strength and courage that this difficult challenge requires. Hope our good thoughts add a bit extra…… Warmly, Lee and Stuart

  138. Diana Maier

    To the Shlain-Gyemant family,

    I just heard the news today and was so surprised. But not disheartened. What I heard about was this wonderful webpage, Tiffany’s movie, and the wonderful attitude and energy contained within them. You have an exceptional family and I know Lenny will be enjoying you all for many years to come. I am praying for a speedy and total recovery and send you all love and good wishes. Diana Maier

  139. Maxine Chesney & Ed Stern

    Dear Len,

    The outpouring of love and affection from the many people whose lives you have touched was to be expected. We, Ed and I, are among them. Keep fighting; we all need you.

    Much love,

  140. Katherine Schmidt

    You’ve been a wonderful influence in my life and in the lives many of your children’s friends. I very much admire the loving family you’ve nourished and the generous patriarch you’ve become. My thoughts are with you, Ina and all of your offspring.
    Love, Katherine.

  141. Karen Wagener

    Dear Leonard: I am Kimberly’s friend, and have had the pleasure of meeting you at many happy events. Your books inspire me, your presence enlivens me, and I treasure the gift of your daughter in my life.

    All best wishes for healing, comfort and peace. Karen

  142. Martha Schindler

    Dear Dr. Shlain,

    I hope you are on the road of recovery. I have read: Sex Time and Power, Art and Physics, The Alphabet versus the Goddess. Your books have made me curious about many things in life. Thank you.

    Martha Schindler

  143. ray azoulay


    have been on the rock and roll tour in europe searching for the latest finds and quack devices for obsolete, have had you in my thoughts and heart……….i keep you in wonderful south of france warm light……..to all you love, ray

    will send some pics of my latest finds……

  144. Michael Braverman

    Dear Lennie,

    I have read the many messages you have received and am overwhelmed by the expressions of love and admiration and I want to add mine.

    We have been friends, good friends, very good friends for over forty years. The tme has flown by, and the friendship has nurtured and flourished, and continues to do so.

    We met when we were surgical residents together and I think we became friends on day one, and it has only gotten better. We lived and worked in the same community, worked in the same hospitals, helped each other in surgery and discussed all manner of problems, both personal and professional for all that time, continuing until now. For over 25 years I am sure we talked every day- we have shared good times and bad-and have had a unique friendship that has endured and remained strong.

    I was stunned when Ina told me of your problem. I had talked to you the day before, and you seemed fine then, as now, so vibrant and inciteful, that it was, and still is, hard to believe what has happened. You have certainly had a lot more than your share of health problems, and know much more about being a patient than you ever wanted to.

    You have been very successful as a surgeon, and jumped into laparoscopic surgery with zeal and relish. You mastered the intracacies and subtlies easily and early, and taught many of us the techniques. You operated on both my wife, and my former wife, and both are well and happy. Thank you.

    Your books are on the shelves in our living room. Lynne and I read two of them in manuscript, and you were kind enough to acknowledge us in your introduction.

    But above all, what has meant most to me has been our friendship, and our closeness, our love and forgiveness of each others foibles. I have enjoyed your insights, your humor, your zest for life and your joy in in living.

    Knowing you has enriched my life and made it fuller.

    May it continue for a long time.



  145. Hilda Shlain

    Dearest Lennie, I am l2 1/2 years older than you are, Lennie. I came into your family when you were 2 1/2 years old. You were such a busy, beautiful, good-natured blonde curly-headed little boy, a delight in the household. I watched you grow up–enjoying putting airplanes together from scratch, having to use dexterity in cutting and gluing miniature parts. Little did we know then that this nimble finger exercise could help prepare you in performing surgery procedures later in your life. I remember your high school graduation, your first car and your entry into Medical School. I was an observer of your military service, your marriage and your happy entry into fatherhood. What your friends might not be aware of is the most unselfish act imaginable. During the Israeli War of l967, you left your practice, your wife and family, to volunteer the time, expense and services to perform as a surgeon to help the wounded. You were needed and you filled the need to help save lives. You have proven time and time again that you are one of a kind with a very special intelligence and a very big heart. We know your high ideals and strength of character. You really hit the jackpot when you found Ina. Ina compliments all your fine qualities and then some. We wish you many many many more years to enjoy with Ina and your family. Good luck and good health. I love you very much and always have. Much love, Hilda.

  146. Marvin Shlain

    Dear Lennie,
    No one could love a brother more than I love you. You are my younger brother by l3 years but you can really teach and enlighten me with your gift of high mental capacity. Your dedication in being a devoted husband, father and grandfather make up a meaningful part of your life. I am so proud of all your accomplishments in your profession, your books and all your endowed skills. You are a celebrity! Growing up with you and sharing daily happenings up until the time of my departujre into military service, bring back pleasurable times. You were always easy to be close to. Being with you on a ski trip to Lake Tahoe to celebrate my 50th birthday was a memory of a lifetime. Being with you on two sea cruises with the family was another treasured memory. Living in different states, makes it difficult to be more of a comfort to you and the family but you know how much i love you . I am so very proud of you. Hugs and deep loving affection to my wonderful brother. God bless you with good health and many many more years to enjoy with your beloved Ina and your family beside you. Think positive and continue to dream your dreams. Love from Marvin

  147. Richard Kogan

    Hi Lennie

    Returning from the ideafestival in Louisville reminded me of the extraordinary lecture you delivered there on Leonardo da Vinci two years ago. I hope that you have an opportunity to finish the book – I can’t wait to read it!

    Best wishes for a speedy recovery – you are an inspiration to all physicians.

    Richard Kogan

  148. Terri Coalter

    I ordered The Alphabet and the Goddess a couple of years ago, and never got the time to go cover to cover. I now regret that it took me so long to get back to it. I’ve been reading and discussing it with my 86 year old mother, whose mind is kept sharp, in large part, by our regular study sessions. Throughout the book, I was constantly commenting, “This man is a true genius!!” Today, I said, “If I ever had a chance to be taught by Dr. Schain, I’d go back and start my PhD.” I went to the computer to see if there might be an opportunity to hear him speak…..And there discovered this site. I had tears in my eyes. Having been a Psychotherapist for years, privy to the horrors inflicted on humans by the mental health industry, I’m now working on certification in hypnotherapy. I say this to suggest the text, Spontaneous Remission: An Annotated Bibliography..ed. Brandon O’Regan and Carlyle Hirshberg….(and the miraculous healing power that can be utilized through hypnotherapy – so cruelly kept from the public.) Also, there are 2 essential oil blends produced by Young Living Essential Oils: Clarity and Brain Power….There is considerable evidence that these actually repair neurons (Neurons will take on a screw shape in the course of long term treatment with SSRI’s and other serotonin-affecting meds, and other brain-directed medications. I say this, because there is also sound evidence of the ability to help shrink tumors and heal the brain. Forgive me for offering unsolicited info…..
    May Spirit be with you!
    Sincere regards and many thanks for your gifts of genious!

  149. connie and harvey lapin

    Wishing you well,you are brave and inspirational-you are in our thoughts-see you next time you are here or we are there..
    love, connie and harvey

  150. Caroline Garrett

    Dear Leonard,

    Oh dear friend!! and scholar/doctor/mentor! I am so sorry, but you seem to be keeping pace with the greats… you and your namesake da Vinci.
    I think of you lots. Am teaching Photoshop ,euphemtistically called “Computer Art” at a Liberal arts university in Virginia. My brother ,68, has just gotten through a rough course of chemo and radiation for stage 4 throat cancer. He is up, running strong and can eat,talk and swallow .. and is doing amazing things.
    I wish the same for you.
    Your artist friend who should have stayed out there where she belongs… Caroline

  151. Evaleen Jones, MD

    Dear Len,

    I am just now going through some emails from a different email account, and happened upon your emails and current situation.

    If I can come by for a visit to you since I live on the Peninsula and come to the city every Wednesday, I would be most delighted. Blessings, evaleen jones md

  152. Carolyn Freeman Hansen

    Dear Leonard,
    You are an incredible man with with a special woman, children and grandchildren in your life.
    We are the same age. I received your information from Richard Newman.
    It warms my heart that you are singing “Zippty Doo Dah”. I look forward to reading Leonardo’s Brain.
    Thank you for making my day.
    Sincerely, Carolyn

  153. Marilyn Phillis

    Dear Leonard,
    I’ve started this 3 times and lost my message 3 times. But my good thoughts for you persist and I wish you all the best during your recovery. You are a remarkable man who has contributed much to all of us. I have your first two books with my favorite being Art and Physics, one of the most intriguing books of the last century.
    I also heard you speak at Hilton Head at the NICABM conference. GREAT! Keep healing and have fun while you are at it! Marilyn Phillis

  154. Kate Nichols

    Dr. Shlain,

    I have been wanting to contact you since I read Art and Physics six years ago, but was waiting. For what, I’m not sure.

    I can’t think of another book that has influenced my life as much this one has. I have always had a fascination with light and how it interacts with matter, and your ideas gave me a framework through which to plumb my innate curiosity. Thank you.

    Your writing was instrumental in my taking a hiatus from being a full-time painter to work with Materials Scientists at UC Berkeley to create structural color from nano particles which I’ll incorporate into my artwork. I am learning so much about the many ways in which color can be generated, about light, matter, and energy…I would love to talk to you about it sometime.

    I am glad to hear that you are being well taken care of and that you are surrounded by people who love you.

    Thank you,
    Kate Nichols

  155. Kirk Boyd

    Dear Leonard,

    I saw and learned from you once at one of Mike Larsen’s conferences. I left thinking wow, that guy has two terrific talents that I would like to emulate: Drive and something to say. Thanks for the inspiration and best wishes for carrying on.


  156. marcia moir

    Dear Lenny,
    I sent you a card immediately when I received your daughter’s email. Yesterday, it was returned for insufficient address. As my 6 y.o. grandson would say, “I stand corrected” He was quick to tell me recently;”Grammy, that just means I was wrong.
    I have been reading all of the loving messages here and I am so touched by all of them. So much sincere admiration,respect,love and gratitude surrounds you and your life. Rightfully so Lenny. As you know, we met long ago, before you were a great surgeon, a prolific published author and even before some of these people were born. I am so in awe of the great life that you have created and so happy that you have the people that surround and support you now.
    I have always felt a strong connection to you and even though our paths do not cross daily I keep you in my thoughts and respect and admire you greatly. Thanks so much,sooo much, for the wonderful books and I look forward to the next one. More important now during this challenging time I want you to know that I am sending you Love and Light and Prayers and Thoughts of the most positive outcome ever. I believe strongly in all of those things and I know you are being given the very best tratment available. I hope that a busy guy like you are used to being really knows how to rest and allow yourself to respond and recoup. I want to hear about your progress and again, I wish you well. Love,Marcia Moir

  157. henry yu

    Sorry to hear the news. I only met leonard once or twice but I know how revered and loved he is in your lives. Healing thoughts your way as he does valiant battle.

  158. Charlie Garfield

    My dear friend Lenny,

    There have been but a few enduring friends, inspirations, and mentors in my life. Special people who I hold in my heart and on whose shoulders I stand. Since we met in the 1970’s I’ve watched you and your work with enormous admiration and respect. Your splendid intellect, loving family, healthcare contributions, and singularly important books would be enough for any three “peak performers”. But not for Lenny, who, in addition to all this, blesses us as a genuinely good man.

    May you respond well to treatment and continue to grace us with your presence and good work in our world.

    All my LOVE to you and your family,
    Your friend,

  159. susan silver

    I am just devestated to hear about Leonard! I know he will fight this and win!What a fabulously interesting man and family you guys are and I have such fond memories of our
    little retreat in Hawaii…
    I enjoyed sharing every moment we did and my best thoughts and wishes are for you all. luv ss

  160. Gary Sheldon


    Janet and I send most heartfelt wishes for your comfort and recovery. If I may share that my brother in law received the gamma knife radiation several years ago with wonderful results. Wishing you and your entire beautiful family a Shana Tovah.

    Gary Sheldon

  161. Connie Wolberg

    Dear Lenny,
    I watched the video Tiffany made for you and was very, very moved. You must be thrilled with it. You have a truly beautiful family who clearly adore you. I couldn’t help thinking about the first time you were diagnosed with cancer – when you were so young. And how blessed you and the world have been that your life was spared then…and that you’ve been able to maximize the time since to such an amazing degree. You’re still young – and I can only hope with everyone else that you’ll beat the odds again. If anyone can do it, Lenny, you will. Jerry and I will keep sending positive thoughts and wishes in your direction.
    Love, Connie

  162. meg neville

    Hoping your recovery is speedy and complete. You know my daughter Daisy from Tiffany’s Potrero Hill days and from birthday parties etc. I know how much Tiffany adores her Dad and send you all the best wishes.
    Meg Neville ( and Daisy)

  163. carol es

    Dear Leonard,

    I am a friend of your amazing daughter, Kimberly. And I attended your insightful lecture at Norman Lear’s. What an enlightened and brilliant man you are! No tumor will ever undo the accomplishments you have created, the family you raised, the people you’ve touched. You are blessed with this time you have with your family. Many people do not get that luxury.

    I very recently lost my father, but was able to spend the last 3 weeks with him in a wonderful hospice facility that allowed us to stay with him. We were able to mend fences, laugh, and really communicate our love for one another. It was a rough time, and it has been ever since, but I know how lucky I am for having that time with him. It really was the most beautiful time I’ve ever spent with my family.

    Time is so precious and we are blessed with every moment we have. A lot can happen in a moment – love, enlightenment, appreciation, a warm hug, an exchange of smiles. Important stuff, I tell ya.

    I wish you the warmest wishes for you and your family. I love your daughter and therefore love you whether we know eachother or not. Please know that I am out here thinking about you and wishing you a quick recovery and more precious moments with the ones you love.

    Carol Es

  164. Bill Henkin

    So, Len, this is what happens when you learn to write books? At least it’s a wonderful hospital, they have some great docs and should do you proud. Be well-er soon-er.

  165. Anne and Steve Rowe

    Your books continue to inspire me. I read the Alphabet vs. the Goddess every couple of years to re-ignite my own Goddess within. We’re looking forward to seeing you in Pam’s new film. We hope you feel stronger each and every day and have no doubt you will be up and back to the work of educating and inspiring the rest of us slackers very soon. We await your new book with great anticipation.
    Cheers and Hugs from Boston,
    Anne and Steve Rowe

  166. Sondra Barrett

    Dear Leonard,
    First of all, best wishes for a very speedy and full recovery. You’ve done it before and we all await your next book. I first ‘met’ you when I arrived in the OR for a piece of your spleen or lymph nodes when I was doing lymphoma research. Memorable because I had never entered an OR before. My next’meeting’ was your presentation at Saybrook on Art and Physics and my outlook on science was changed forever. Thanks for your incredible vision and leaping beyond beliefs. Get well soon.
    PS – my daughter Heather was at Redwood with Tiffany. Small worlds.

  167. Stephen Rowe

    Lenny & Tiffany,
    I hope you are doing better. I have been spending time on anti-angiogenic approaches to cancer. After your treatment, you might consider going on doxycyline and a specific ace inhibitor.

    What email should I send scientific references to?

    Best personal regards,

    Steve Rowe
    p.s. I am so glad you and Tiffany have such great roles in Pam Boll’s movie which opens this weekend in New York.

  168. Nancy Serlin


    Meeting you in Hawaii with Karen Davidson and sharing a lovely dinner with you and your family was a high point for Howard and myself. It was great hearing that you knew Marvin Klein, Aunt Clara and the whole family. I so enjoyed talking with you and hearing your ideas on things. It was one of my favorite evenings of all times and I still think about it.

    I was diagnosed with breast cancer 18 months ago and have undergone surgery and radiation. So far, so good. It has put a crimp in my life, but like you, I just keep getting up and doing what I need to do.

    I wish you all the best and am looking forward to your new book.

    Nancy Serlin

  169. Patricia

    Dr. Shlain,

    I so enjoyed your fantastic book, Alphabet, with its remarkable insignts.
    Now I hear that you are ill. I send a wish for healing, health and wholeness. Sounds like you are hanging in there pretty well.

  170. Brendan Maloney

    Compadre Leonardo!

    I have a clear vision of you crossing the goal line with Leonardo and bragging about it to your great grandkids! Quick related story to explain how clear that vision is:
    In grade school I played on a football team that lost every game except one we tied. In an unofficial post season game with the team we tied, time was running out and the other team had the ball. I hit their quarterback as he was passing, and my buddy Charlie caught the ball and just stood there.
    I pointed at the opposition’s goal and yelled, “Run!” This ain’t rocket science!
    Charlie was slow in more ways than one and was gonna get tackled 5 yards short of the goal. But he and I had gotten banged up all season and I HAD to see him cross the goal line, so I clipped the living sh** out of the guy who was gonna bring him down.
    No score, of course, and the game ended in a tie AGAIN, but I can clearly see Charlie’s goofy-assed grin to this day, 40 years later!
    So, how about one more for the Gipper, Dr. Len? No problemo… I can see it clear as day! Lots o’ Love! -Brendan

  171. Jennifer Winship Mark

    I am devastated to hear about Leonard’s battle. I will send him lots of “healing energy” because the world still needs to hear what he has to say!
    He is a brilliant and creative thinker.
    I am a professional artist and reading his books have transformed every view I have of my mind and the world.
    He is a gift to us all but especially a gift for creative thinking women.
    My thoughts will be with all of you.

  172. james Vredevoogd

    Hello Leonard,

    I have read your “Art and Physics” and am currently reading “The alphebet versus the goddess”. I look forward to reading your next book as well. You have given me great insights and valuable information to use as an artist/professor. Please get well soon.

  173. Darryl Goldman

    Thinking about you and it was good having dinner with you at the Glen Center… What a great birthday video ! I also had no idea you wrote all those amazing looking books!

    Best wishes,

    Darryl Goldman

  174. kat mciver

    Leonard – I had just been reading a book called “conscious language” and thought it was intriguing….. I then – tonight – had a dream about you!!!

    dream – ” You called me up. I was so excited to hear from you. You were starting something – a group, or an institute. I felt really honored that you had called me personally and I told you that I had read your books. You asked if I had read the latest one and I said no – I had read Alphabet and the Goddess and the first one, though I couldn’t remember the name of it, and that I had loved them.”

    Then I woke up.

    Then I had a good laugh at myself – you “called” me back to my feminine and the right side of the brain, and to the heart center – thank you thank you for coming to me in my dream!

    (I’d even had a kind of “Icarus dream” a few nights before –
    about “conscious language and flying too close to the light and getting burned!!)

    So then I went to my computer to see what you were doing and what your newest book was and was shocked when I got to your website and read about your brain surgery. I am so sorry and I send you tons of healing light and love. What a blessing your are. I send lots of prayers for your recovery.

    And…….. I will go get your last book, and wish you well on your new one and look forward to reading it.

    Again – thank you for coming to me in my dream……….
    Namaste – Kat McIver

  175. zak

    dearest lenny,

    you definitely have one of the most amazing minds and families i have ever met. as you might know, tiffany has been one of my favorite people ever since we met over a decade ago. you and your whole family are such a blessing to so many. i am, together with everyone else whose lives you have all touched, praying with you and wishing you so many blessings. i am in nyc, but i am also ‘here’ for all fo you, if there is anything i can do in support of your complete healing and your sweet sweet family.
    in love and in faith,

  176. Bert Monroe

    Hi Leonard,
    I have loved and referenced both Alphabet and Art and Physics…a lot, over the years. Over pints of beer and around the dining room table I have talked about the vision coming before the numbers and the linear alphabet and images. I met you years ago at a reading and we talked about dyslexia and strokes. When I do yoga I encourage myself to use both sides of my body, both right and left hands. I hope it gives me an edge. 🙂 You are both candy and meat to my brain. I love your books and I wish you well and look forward to your thoughts on Leonardo.

  177. Rachel J. Greenspan

    Dear Dr. Shlain,

    I’m so happy I visited your website tonight. I was just introducing your work to a co-worker and I decided to open up your website for the first time. I just want to let you know how inspired I have been by your books. I first found The Alphabet vs. the Goddess sitting on the desk of a high school English/Language Arts teacher while I was subbing in her classroom about 3 years ago. Once I started reading it I couldn’t put it down, so I had to go buy my own copy! While I was at the bookstore I also bought Sex, Time and Power! I really appreciate your creativity in the way you are able to interface and synchronize these concepts. Just to let you know, I have a BA in Humanities, a Masters in Applied Behavioral Science/ Counseling, another Masters in Ed with my Washington State endorsement in Secondary Ed. I’ve also almost completed my endorsement in Special Ed. I plan to go on to do my Ph.D. work, and I would like your permission to use some quotations from your work. Don’t worry, all my Graduate training has taught me how to use APA, and I believe our personal integrity is all we have that we bring here with us and all we have to take with us into our subsequent lives when we leave. I have not decided as yet (I’m not even enrolled yet!) where or how to focus my doctoral inquiry. I also greatly admire the work of contemporary historian, Barbara Tuchman and I would like to also incorporate some of her discoveries. I have so many ideas and I know I possess a unique ability to synthesize material from a variety of sources and have it emerge so that the learner will have an “ah-ha” experience that leaves them not only entertained but more expansively informed. It would be so wonderful if you would agree to be my mentor, or at least consent to help steer me in a direction so that I can make a true contribution to our culture and humanity while I still walk this planet. I’ve been studying piano since a young girl and I’ve taught several hundred children and adults over the years how to play piano and also to sing and tone. I’m so fortunate to have had wonderful training with excellent teachers and I’ve always felt the passion as an educator to pass on the culture to our progeny. I believe our world needs beautiful music filling the ethers more than ever before in human history. I would love to send you a CD of my original music. I also play harp (a little bit), and I’m a graduate of the National Music for Healing and Transition Program. It’s so amazing that you are a physician, researcher of the human brain as well as a surgeon. You have such a huge mission to educate and heal people. The world needs you so.
    I had no idea that you have been ill. I will pray for you every day, for your speedy
    recovery and for eternal happiness for you and your entire family. If you listen carefully, you will hear in the distance the sincere prayer of a Nice Buddhish Girl chanting NAM MYOHO RENGE KYO (like I have been doing every day for 35 years!) for you to heal and finish the work you have set out to do! What a wonderful video! I really enjoyed viewing you with your beautiful family. You are so very fortunate! I hope someone will read my letter to you, and maybe when you are having a bit of a blue day, you will remember that there are many, many intelligent students of the history of humanity who appreciate you and your aticulate and compassionate research, and like yourself, are trying to understand how to put it all together and find their place in the timeline of humankind. (good name for a book, huh?) You can go ahead and use it for your next book! But if you don’t, maybe I will! Feel better! Lots of love, Rachel 206-244-3876 Seattle, Washington

  178. Diane Baker

    Hello Leonard,

    I remember when you came to my home to be with my book group in Berkeley, having finished a complicated surgery. You had not expected such a hard case, but you came anyway, tired, but dutiful, unwilling to disappoint. We gave you food and wine, and you gave us your thoughts. As my book group, all bright, perceptive women, caught on to your genius and your compassion, I watched your exhaustion fade away and saw you transform to a sparkling, urbane, insightful charmer, surrounded by beautiful, fascinated women.

    I wondered if, when you were a child, you ever had an inkling that this was your future. It was an idle thought, but I have rarely seen anyone so comfortable and contented ‘in his skin’ as you were that night.

    And now your work—Leonard, you have a special legacy you can feel very good about. Our first conversations were about Sex, Time and Power. You asked my opinion about some of your thoughts, from my perspective of a long time witch. I comprehended so well that yours is an original intellect, taking a fresh look at the inconsistencies and gaps our prevailing paradigm hurries past in our need to pretend that what dominates us is corrected. It takes so much courage to stop and take a hard look, and so much work to do the intellectual assembly you have done with such competence—and then to write so well! I sound like I’m gushing, and in fact I am, but with full entitlement. Your work is among the most important of our time, and you will open the minds of countless people—and what work is more important?

    With my appreciation,

    Diane Baker

  179. Jack Bender

    Lenny, when I first met you in Saumer in that long ago time of 1961-62 I was aware of how your presence filled the room and how interesting a person you were, even though you were from Detroit (not your fault). I am sure you still fill the room and hope and pray that you will do so for many years to come. With all our best wishes,
    Jack and Susan Bender

  180. Aia Jacobs Bower

    Bonjour Dearest Leonard,

    I have recently been in contact with your beautiful Tiffany (and Kimberly a ways back), and only just learned of your situation. I am so saddened by this, and would like you to know that you have been in my thoughts & heart throughout each day.

    Both Stephen, my husband, and I have so enjoyed your books, and continue to talk about them in conversations, and with friends here in France where we are living now.

    I still hold such sweet memories of a childhood shared with Kimberly, and moments in your home.

    My father, Sandy, of course has precious memories too, of moments going back to the 70s, or maybe even 60s?

    We are sending you love & light from Provence & Paris, and carrying you in our thoughts…using both sides of the brain always.

    With love, hugs and bisous,

  181. Lisa C. Gilinger

    Dear Dr. Shlain – I hope you are faring well with this health challenge you have faced. I was just checking your web site to refer a friend to your work and heard of your illness.

    YOur work and the perspective you bring to technology has been very influential in my thinking. I really appreciate it.

    I hope the very best for you.

    Lisa C. Gilinger

  182. chip collins

    Hello Leonardo,

    How great to have seen youin the 2100 webster building in front of the elevators seemingly doing well.

    We go way baack to the Mt. Zion Days when I was a bumbling surgical resident and you the “slick” young and dashing vascular surgeon.

    At that time, bothof us lived in the MarinView area of tamalpais valley in mill valley with our young families. Your daughter Tiffany, who has brought more fame to the Shlain family and my daughter Hilary were friends in their childhood. Hilary currently lives in my parents home on upper summit avenue in mill valley, a home which they bought in 1952 at which time there were restrictions on “negro” ownership of property in Mill Valley. How times have changed.

    In closing, I want to tell you how much impact you have had on my life and lives of others. I wish you well and as you have in the past, you will overcome this tumor.

    “May The Force Be With You”



  183. sue smalley

    leonard, I met you at a talk you gave a few years ago in santa monica. As a geneticist and researcher on brain laterality (among other things), i loved your writings and hold in memory a great conversation we had that night…..i am sorry that you have to go through all the pain and fear associated with your illness but it is truly amazing how horrible things bring so much light into our lives….

    i wish you well but more importantly know that you bring such great delight, laughter, insight and life into so many people’s lives and that you will continue to do so (ad infinitum!) through your writing

    feel better and much love

    susan smalley (prof, ucla)….

  184. Judy and Jim Kleinberg

    Dear Leonard,

    What wonderful news that you’re recovering so beautifully. Your courage and positive energy coupled with the love of your family are no doubt hugely responsible, along with your excellent care.

    While we’ve only known you a short time, you and Ina have made us feel like lifelong friends — a gift you both give so generously and which we count among our blessings.

    May your spirit continue to be strong, sustain your hope and make you well.

    With great fondness,

    Judy and Jim Kleinberg

  185. Doug Stevenson

    Dr. Shlain:

    We met at the Idea Festival in 2006. I attended your lecture and bought one of your CDs. You have great insight, energy and zeal for your work. You made my synapses fire.

    I wish you well in your recovery and look forward to the publication of your book on Leonardo and to future lectures.
    The world needs your creative vision …


    Doug Stevenson
    Chicago, IL

  186. Brent Katz

    I just got the email updating your progress and am so glad to hear that you are improving. I couldn’t be more pleased to see that you are able to finish Leonardo’s Brain. You’re books and theories are truly brilliant and an important contribution to the world. So it’s great to know that you are still able to add to your already impressive body of work.

    I can’t wait for the email that tells of your full recovery which I am sure will be soon forthcoming.

  187. Wendy Griffin

    We had lunch a few years ago after a talk you gave at CSULB. You were kind enough to give me one of your videos for my classes in Women’s Studies. The students LOVE it!
    I’m sorry to hear about your health challenges and happy to know you are meeting them with courage and a positive spirit. I wish you the very best – and look forward to reading Leonardo’s Brain.

  188. Toni Mayer

    Dear Dr. Shlain,

    I was delighted to receive the update today and to hear your encouraging report. I am Nina Gibson’s friend of almost 40 years and have known Ken and Tiffany for many of those years, so I feel connected with you through more than your books. May your spirit continue to be buoyed with the love and care of those around you and your own internal strength.

  189. Deane Ramsay

    Dear Mr. Schlain,

    It was wonderful to receive your e-mail just now. I attended a very inspring talk by you, in Seattle at Town Hall last Spring. I have enjoyed your work so much, and it was a real treat to spend the evening listening to your presentation. I left feeling a certain sense of inspiration and vitality, having learned more about you, the real live man, while listening to you speak.

    I’m thrilled to hear you are doing so remarkable well and look forward to buying your next book soon. Please come to seattle again, so I can buy it directly from you!

    That you are surrounded by such wonderful people and loved dearly by many, is a testament to the man you have been throughout your interesting life.

    All my very best wishes to you.

    Deane Ramsay

  190. Jack Thomas

    Dear Leonard,

    I hope that you’re feeling better and that you’re continuing to make good progress. I know that the past weeks have been very challenging for both you and your family.
    I very much enjoyed meeting you and getting to know you on our visit to New York in 2006 at the Arts in Health Care symposium. Also, I liked your presentation on art and physics, and was amazed by all the parallels and comparisons that you drew.
    My thoughts and sincere prayers are with you on a daily basis as you make your recovery, and I’m looking forward to hearing more from you. You are in indeed in excellent hands.
    Take care, and very best wishes,

    Jack Thomas

  191. Robert K. Logan

    Leonard – what good news to learn that you are making such great progress to a full recovery. I have complete faith in your ability to bounce back and look forward to reading Leonardo’s Brain and learning that Leonard’s brain is working at full capacity which already seems to be well on the way. I am happy to hear that you are being so well looked after and wish I could pay you a viist but Toronto and California are so far apart. So please enjoy this visit in cyberspace and hope to see you soon at one of the many conferences we frequent. All the best – Bob Logan

  192. Mary Ida Henrikson

    Last night I turned out the light, wished you well, wondered how you are and voila! the next day; news. Your book Art and Physics is important in my life. Our lives are about change as we think about what Al Swearegen, owner of the Gem Saloon, said on Deadwood (HBO): “Change ‘aint looking for friends, change calls the song we dance to”. An earthy quote that reminds us all we are in fact dancing to our drummer: change.
    You will heal and that is change.
    I am looking forward to Leonardo’s Brain.

  193. Scott N. Giarman

    Dr. Shlain–

    You have been an inspiration to me and have expanded my understanding of the world. Multiply that by millions of others who have been similarly enhanced because you shared your wisdom through your books and it is clear that you have personally expanded the knowledge base of humanity as a whole. We are a wiser, stronger and better species because you have lived. This is something few human beings manage to achieve, though some of us continue to strive for it. Congratulations and thank you!!

    Best wishes,
    –Scott N. Giarman

  194. kathryn murdock

    I’m just one of your readers which are legion. I am thrilled that you are getting so much better. You will overcome this adversity. How can I say that iwth conviction. by reading your books.
    Your books have meant so much to me. They have inspired me to write a couple of childrens stories based on some themes in your books and now I have finished a one act play [just getting ready to have a reading of same] and am on the second of a trilogy of one acts – greatly inspired by reading your books.
    I harbor great hopes of meeting you one day. so be prepared. A fervent admirer of a special person.

  195. AJ Maxwell

    Dear Dr. Shlain,

    I’m glad to hear of your positive health update. I first met you, listened to you speak, and read your work in Maui a few New Year’s ago. Its not often that one gets to read the works of who I am sure history will judge as a true genius and then correspond with the author. In my circle of family and friend to whom I have sent copies of your books, I know I am not alone in this sentiment. My mother in Indiana, who has devoured 4 of your books, was quite disappointed to learn that your tour passing through Kentucky, just a mere 300 miles from her home, was canceled and even more so when she heard the reason; to think that Leonardo’s Brain might not be finished and everything else you are supposed to write might not even get started. We are thankful that your health is improving and for reasons beyond these selfish ones.

  196. Marcia Shrock and Jim Cochran

    Thank you for the wonderful update and the 70th birthday tribute. I see that you are the all round man I always thought you were. Did I ever thank you for your inventions for laproscopic surgery? I was in NYC at the beginning of the year, wanted to see you, but my life was being saved by your inventions.

    Please continue your recovery.

  197. Krys Moskal Amdurer

    Dr. Shlain,
    Arthur and I wish you a speedy recovery. Both of us are eagerly anticipating your wonderful book and seeing you in person doing a wonderful seminar on it.
    Krys and Arthur Amdurer

  198. Jennifer McAloon

    Dr. Shlain,
    Your books helped me reclaim my feminine spirit and strength. I regard them as holy as the Bible (heresy! yes I know). There is something very ironic, though that’s not the word I want to use, about the timing of your tumor and this book. They are linked in some realm though I’m not sure how. I’ve met you a few times and heard you speak in Dallas and Santa Fe. I can tell your family loves you and you adore them as well. Many blessings to all of you and know you helped this Texas girl grow up a little and see her place in the realm of history, present and fourth dimension future 🙂

    Jennifer McAloon
    McKinney TX

  199. Sally Fay

    Leonard, so glad to hear of your progress and to hear it from YOU. Keep on keeping on–and give my love to Ina too. I enjoyed spending time with both of you back a few years at CWA.

  200. Stephanie Rudy


    Keep working. I have an autographed copy of all of your other books and I want this one too (it’s only fair since some of it was written in my kitchen!!). We’re thinking of you and Ina and sending our best. It’s a beautiful Fall day in Boulder)

  201. Laynie Tzena

    Hi, Leonard:

    So good to hear about your progress. Enjoyed chatting with you that night at the Grotto party, and I’m so grateful for your work, the knowledge and insight you bring to each project.

    Glad to hear you’re continuing work on the new book. Look forward to reading it and hearing you read from it and tell us stories about this one–not to mention the next one.

    You’re in my thoughts.

    Laynie Tzena

  202. Sandy Bley

    Dear Lennie, Steve and I were shocked to learn today of your surgery and the last six weeks of treatments! BUT we just logged on to your AMAZING website and were relieved to hear how well you are progressing. Keep it up, Lennie! We look forward to your book on Leonardo ( your mother was very prescient to so aptly name you).
    Hugs to Ina!
    With love,

  203. Isabelle Finney

    Hello Dr Shlain, We met four years ago, when I – a complete stranger – wrote to you asking you to help me in a conspiracy to surprise my beloved husband (Denis) on his actual 40th birthday by meeting his favorite author (you) for lunch (at Piattis). You didn’t hesitate, and I (the main conspirator) was so touched – something I will never forget. I also mentioned to you over lunch that we’d been trying to conceive for quite some time, to no avail. You told me “to relax; it’ll happen”, and low and behold I was pregnant just a few months later. While I will confess I haven’t personally read all of your books (Denis has – multiple times), I LOVE the subject areas you have chosen and from looking at the photos in this blog, your #1 priority is clearly your family. We are very saddened to hear about your current health, although very optimistic you will be FINE and will somehow turn this experience into a book or something else creative! We also live in Strawberry and I’m a mean cook, so please let us know if you and your wife need a home cooked meal, or just to see a friendly face. By the way – we are now the very proud and overjoyed parents of TWO boys: David (3y) and Andrew (11m).
    Lots of love

  204. The Fehers

    We just heard the challenge you have been going though. We are so sorry to hear that and wanted to let you know that we are sending positive thoughts to you. Your wife, Ina married us more than 4 years ago at Carol’s farm in Petaluma and we are very thankful for the beautiful way she cerebrated our day.
    We would love to return the support and love your family gave us. Please let us know anything we can do for you.

    Lot’s of love,
    Judah, Satoko and Jaden Feher

  205. rosa eliana castro

    Leonardo I have been following you for 4 years and I am so glad you always kept me
    in you mailing list. I am so glad to hear you recovering from the surgery and that you have a loving family that cares and supports. The universe is giving you back what you gave first. Sincerely
    a peruvian lady that lives in Toronto

    Rosa Eliana

  206. Adele Goldberg

    Dear Len,
    I was happy to hear your upbeat and loving message. You really do have an awesome family, and it’s very clear where they all get their zest for life and loving natures.

    I will look forward to reading Leonardo’s Brain when you finish it. It sounds truly fascinating.

    Much love,
    Adele (Ken’s sister)

  207. Elena Man

    Dear Leonard,

    Ken forwarded your recent email. I hope this last week is easy and brings you much comfort and health to enjoy.
    I often remember what Tiffany told me was said at an event she attended that honored a life…what is most important is the love you gave, the love you received, and the difference you made.

    I am sure your cup is full with the reciprocal love of your amazing and extended family and many friends and admirers. You have touched many lives both literally with your years as a physician and figuratively with your books, lectures, and stories.
    We admire your accomplishments, are inspired by your many talents, and have always enjoyed your stories.
    Wishing you well,
    Elena, Dave, Maya and Rachel Man

  208. Grant Pound

    I had a great time at the Idea Festival and learned a lot. Thank you for telling me about it. I was sorry that you weren’t there and I would like to have met Tiffany, but you had a lot of fans there. I met the young guy who wrote Proust was a Neuroscientist. Interesting book, and seems patterned after Art & Physics.

    We are keeping you on the agenda for Sex and Sensibility in Trinidad Colorado. I know you may have to cancel, but we’ll deal with that in the spring.

    Be well. Peggy and often talk about you and send you our positive energy.

    Grant Pound
    Colorado Art Ranch

  209. milton dawes

    Hi Dr. Slain, So glad to hear of your recoverng. I often write to friends: I hope things are going well with you–or you are going well with things. Seems that things are going very well with you, and you are going very with things.

  210. Tony Mohr

    Dear Leonard and Ina,
    You’re in my thoughts and prayers. I know this is not a walk in the park, but you are going to succeed, finish your book, and accomplish much much more.
    Whenever you can have visitors, please let me know. I’ll be in SF December 11-12 and again in March.
    Your friend,

  211. Khatara Morgan

    Dear Leonard,
    I am currently reading your book The Alphabet vs. The Goddess. What a brilliantly researched book1 I am finding it incredibly compelling as to regards to the way that you find these threads of how history has unfolded and put them together to support and speak to your theme. And your ability to ask the deep and penetrating questions. Bravo! Beutiful! Thanks so much!
    Your book comes to me at a time when I am deeply questioning belief systems; mine, the cultures, etc. Your book gives me some very powerful insights into where so many of our dysfunctional, violent, anti-life beliefs originated from. This is so hopeful to me because I grew up in an intensely patriarchal Mormon religious culture. I have dedicated my life to rising up from that place, but still find how so much of my being is penetrated by these subconscious thought forms. Your book gives me great insights into how deep the lies go, beyond my own small world of my own painful experience of a woman growing up in such a culture. With such awarenesses that you present and your willingness to come up against these insidious lies to culture, this gives great enlightenment and awareness and hope to my life. Your book comes at such a provident time in my life!

    Now I am shocked to find that you yourself are having a medical crisis. I send you loving energy for your health and return to well being at this time.

    I ponder a question for you at this time.
    I am surprised by the irony of the location of your tumor. Your brain! Perhaps, there will be some awarenesses that come to you because of this experience you are having. One can never wish for these life altering and devastating events. And I am not suggesting such a thing, but the Universe works in strange and mysterious ways. Your brilliance and your ability at “weaving the threads of consciousness back in a wholeness”is so needed at this time when so many lies are being perpetrated against all the American people with this farce of an election.
    I wish again for your return to wholeness, wellness, and good health in all ways.

    Best regards,
    Khatara Morgan

  212. Anita Dumra

    We, at the Bangalore Book Club, enjoyed reading and discussing Alphabet – an eyeopener to all of us in so many ways. As one of our members commented, we can never look at anything the same way again. We were particularly touched that you took the trouble to write to us personally.

    We are also honoured to be considered ‘Friends of Shlain’ and wish you all the very best in your progres to complete recovery.

  213. Connie Dove

    Dear Lenny,
    I am so relieved to hear that you have come through “the valley of the shadow” and that you now seem to be emerging into the light. I have been thinking of you continuously since hearing the awful news.

    Here is the message I sent to Ina while you were deep in the valley:
    Hello Ina,
    I just read the news about Lennie’s operation, and I’m still reeling. If anyone can beat this, it will be Leonard Schlain! My thoughts and prayers are with you both (though I’m not really sure Who to pray to.) I’m counting on a happy ending to this episode.

    The website would not let me into the “stories about Leonard” page, but I have a personal memory to add:

    I still revisit the wonderful weekend spent with Ina and Lennie touring Stonehenge, Bath and other historic sites in England during the 1999 Judges Association study-trip to Oxford University. Walking with Lennie across the ancient mounds and Roman ruins, tuning into his stream of consciousness monologue about the context, history and meaning of these wonders was a high privilege. When I was exhausted, my disk filled up, I could wander off to “process”, knowing I could always return to the University of Schlain whenever I felt strong again.

    Courage and patience to you and Lennie.
    Much love,

  214. Eleanor Kent

    Dear Leonard,
    My very best wishes to you.
    Thank you for all the books you have written about the closeness of art to science, and the good ideas you have spread in your lifetime.
    I hope all good things for you.

  215. Arline Hodges

    Dear Leonard,

    In the 17 years I have belonged to the Inside Edge, you have been my most favorite speaker/author! I am so happy you are doing better and I know you will be finishing Leonardo soon and on with the next!

    Love and blessings, Arline

  216. sheri hartstein

    Dear Leonard,
    Another book fan here who needs to add her voice to the choir (and what a lovely choir it is!) I’ve attended many book readings and both your books and readings are at the very top of my long list. So happy to hear you’ve been making progress on Leonardo’s Brain and I’m going to loan you my library angel to help you finish it off. So don’t get too bogged down with reading all this heady praise and loving wishes of support. Get back to work ASAP!

    With hearfelt prayers and cheers,

  217. Ray Pestrong

    Leonard – I’m inspired by the hope and clarity of your messages. You’ve so many stories to tell, and you tell them so well, that I hope one day soon you will be well enough, and have the time and desire to recount your thoughts during this difficult (and heartwarming) time. We’ve all learned so much from you already, and there’s so much more of value to be gained from your personal perspectives on an experience that far too many have, and will, undergo.

    I wish you strength, hope and healing during this time. You are fortunate to be surrounded by so many who love and respect you.


    Ray Pestrong

  218. Bill

    My gosh Leonard, that picture of you with the kids looks just like the dude who got me into dharma, Richard Weissman/Konchog Thubten.

    Anyway, it’s likely too late for this life, but in my next life I want to be a neuro-oriented fellow like you, or a scientist…here’s an “amateur neuroscientist” email today somewhat about Halloween lycanthropy and California’s favorite past time…

  219. marcia moir

    Hi Lenny,
    I have been thinking the best for you and I am very grateful for your detailed update on how things are going. Please keep sending them. I am so sorry that chemo and radiation have not been easier and ofcourse, I hope that it is zapping whatever it needs to zap! I am picturing you feeling like yourself again ASAP. Funny that you should refer to a walk in the park…It brought to mind years ago, when you and I went to look at the cherry blossoms in G.G. park and that is another memory of what a great,dear man you are. I am again, so glad that you have such a lovely suportive family and friends to help you through this and you always remain in my thoughts and prayers. Love, Marcia Moir

  220. Trish Lassart

    Dear Lenny,
    I am so happy to hear the chemo is over for you. Please rest up and get your strength back! We are all pulling for you. Ina, the kids and friends are all with you.
    Hurry so we can look forward to your next book!

  221. Gabrielle Kivitz

    Hi Lenny.
    Congratulations on finishing the most difficult part of the treatment plan! I am a couple months ahead of you…and life definitely gets better.
    Sending my love and best wishes to you, Ina and the whole family. I hope to catch up and compare stories in person sometime soon.

  222. Lynn and Anisya Fritz

    Dear Lenny,

    Lynn and I have thought about you, prayed for you, and talked about you often since we got Ina’s email about your tumor. Our conversations about you always bring a smile to our faces as we imagine the formidable force that you and Ina are. We are quite confident that you will finish your book and do many of the other things that the two of you do in the course of your busy and active lives. Please know that we are committed friends and that we are a phone call away for ANYTHING that either of you may need, or if it is simply company, that too.With warmest wishes and lots of love,
    Lynn and Anisya

  223. Jack and Jeannie Thompson

    Hello, Leonard–We check your website regularly, and it’s wonderful to see your recent message of 10/29 posted. We hope you’re feeling well and productive–Jack’s counsel, as a professional historian, is “Hit those keys!” We send our love and best wishes to you and Ina and look forward to your return to Boulder–miss you. Jeannie and Jack Thompson, Boulder

  224. Pali (Pat Markley)Summerlin

    Dear Lennie,
    Just last night I was holding forth with new friends about AVG and YOU! This AM got online to find a message from Oliver (Markley) and the link to this website. You may have a vague memory of your trip to Houston in 2000 (I think!) when you so generously poured forth your love and wisdom.

    Your premise put forth so elegantly and engagingly in AVG, changed my life, my thinking and increased exponentially my already ridiculously optimistic love of this reality.

    Hearing of your recent journey touches my heart and I want to send back to you all the vibrant energy that you and your work continue to generate in me and my life, to enliven your healing and your return to a gloriously healthy life.

    You and your life and work have truly blessed this world, importantly shifting consciousness! I love you dearly,

    Pali (Pat Markley) Summerlin

  225. Pattie O'Connell-Sass

    Dear Lenny,
    Bonnie Freeman just informed me of this challenge for you & your family ; I hope by now you are in Hawaii with them, feeling well & enjoying a rest. All of my best wishes are with you!
    Pattie O’Connell (Pacific OR)

  226. Ida Cicci

    Dear Lenny, Bonnie sent me the story of your recent operation & your wonderful website. I wish you all the best in your recovery. You were always one of my favourite Residents & later, Surgeon. Never a dull moment with great stories & with them, much learning. You also, are always friendly in the outside world as well.
    Your positive attitude & family love will see you through.


  227. Michael Montgomery

    Dear Dr. Shlain,

    Best wishes and my prayers for your recovery and health. I heard you talk at BioAgenda a few years ago. It was one of the top 3 best talks I’ve ever heard.

    I am amazed at how prolific you are even when ill. I should be so good when healthy.

    Best regards,

  228. Tani Rose Fassler

    Dear Dr. Shlain,
    I’m not sure if you remember me – I was the surgical secretary at Children’s for a long time with Sonny!!
    My son, Gabe, had a brain tumor at age seven (1984). He had surgery, chemo and radiation and had a very normal life until it’s reoccurance at age 21. He played sports, went to college, drove, worked and had his own apartment.
    He, too, was treated at UCSF. I know treatment has come a long way, as we were a part of it again in 2000. What a difference in those 16 years.
    I’m sure you, too, will have a great outcome with many good years ahead.
    My thoughts and prayers are with you during this time. Stay positive!!!


  229. Jody Widelitz


    I just got the email about the tumor. It comes as quite a shock to me, too. If anyone can tough this one out, you can. I’m pretty much of an atheist, but I will certainly hope for the best — and maybe try a magic incantation or two (like chicken soup: it may not help, but it certainly wouldn’t hurt). Please keep me in the loop.

    All the best,

  230. Adam Chattopadhyaya

    Hi Doc,

    You have my prayers and hopes in this. I know you’ll recover. Sometimes misfortune can be a catalyst that facilitates progress. You’re going to have a lot of very qualitatively different time to pursue Leonardo, and I want you to not make that a milestone. That discussion you and I had about the level of abstraction caused by technology and the information age possibly blinding us to the point where species survival is threatened by immersive fantasy and “soup du jour” is a very important concept. Will humanity see the cliff with virtual reality goggles on?
    It could just save the whole species one day. You can do it as only Shlain can. You’ll pull through. You have no IDEA how many of us out here are with you. That’s a lot of positive energy in the noosphere.

    You have changed the world, don’t stop now. We need you.


  231. Annie Davies

    Dear Leonard

    Lisa and Michael told me of your illness via a copy of your own medical update so here is a message from England to wish you all the very best and a speedy recovery.

    It was a delight to meet you at that magical Tuscan villa wedding this summer and a delight too to share a lazy breakfast in that beautiful sun filled courtyard.

    I send you and your lovely wife every good wish for the future – with love and many kind thoughts – Annie (the one with the particularly large hat!!!!)xxxx

  232. Harry and Cindy Eisenberg

    Dear Lenny,

    It was a real shock to hear what you have been going through but an inspiration to visit this website and read all the wonderful comments. Yes, you have a terrific family and friends. You will be constantly in our thoughts and prayers until you have a full recovery.

    Harry and Cindy

  233. Mary Leonard

    Dear Dr. Shlain:

    I met you and your wonderful wife on several occasions at Lyn and Norman Lear’s. Of all the lectures and events I have attended, yours were always the most interesting and exciting. I am very saddened to hear of your latest diagnosis but am confident your family, friends, fans, and amazing spirit will help you through this difficult time. Your books and cd’s have certainly inspired me through a multitude of ups and downs. I cherish them all.

    Several friends celebrated with brunch after the election and I had a little time to chat with you daughter Kimberly. She is such an extraordinarily gifted and special human being. I can only imagine how proud you must be. I don’t need to tell you what a hero you are to her. It is the father/daughter relationship of our dreams.

    Just know there are many out here whose hearts and thoughts are with you. Please give your incredible wife, Ina, my very best.

    With fondness and great respect, Mary Leonard

  234. Sheldon M. Levin

    Dear Len,
    Dolores and I join thousands of your fiends in praying you do well with this latest problem with your health. You have dodged bullets in the past and will do so again.
    I wish to reiterate what I said about you at your last birthday bash. I think I know you as well as anyone who is not in your family. We first met when you were a first-year surgical resident. It becme quickly clear that you had “golden hands”, were eager to learn and had inborn instincts to become an outstanding surgeon. In fifty years of teaching 200 surgical residents, four of whom became chairmen of of prestigious departments of surgery, you were the very best. Your successful career in surgery is testament.
    In the last 45 years of our deep friendship, your marvelous sense of humor and your insatiable curiosity and need to learn impressed and continues to impress me. Plus, of course, your writing ability.
    We send you and Ina our constant love.
    Uncle Shel and Dolores.

  235. suzanne quigg grant

    I was so sorry to hear about your recent health challenges. I know you will attack this with the courage you have attacked everything in your life. I remember being a new nurse in the ICU and the OR at Presbyterian Hospital and being so inspired by Leonard Shlain. Your were an excellent surgeon, inspiring teacher and an all around joy to work with. You made me and everyone else who worked with you strive to be the best he or she could be. Besides the skill and dedication you brought to your work you also brought humor and good times. Remember the Xmas party at the Bohemian club and the next morning in the OR? You have created many wonderful memories for all who know you. My thoughts and prayers are with you.

  236. Jason, Jeanne & Oona Swartz

    Lenny, best wishes on your recovery through this difficult time.

    Your support system (Kimberly, Jordan and Tiffany) is top-notch and a testament to your fatherhood… Do you have any tips so I can get one of my own in place some day?

  237. Pamela Engel

    Hi Lennie: It sounds like you are once again healing and on the mend. Incredible! We miss seeing you and Ina and hope that we can get together sometime soon. In the meantime, please know that we think of you often and look forward to many more Lennie “stories” of which you are the best! Love, Pam & Greg

  238. Greg Hittelman

    Hi L –

    Such an honor to have known you all these years… when your daughter Kimberly became my friend in college, I was soon welcomed into your world — what a joy! Conversations with you over the years have remained in my mind… moments and thoughts and brilliant insights. But most of all, what an astonishing father — you have ushered into this life magical people who bring beauty, light, art, love, sweetness.. and more brilliance. WOW.

    Wishing you all the best — it’s what you deserve.

    Your friend & fan,
    Greg Hittelman

  239. Dr. James Slate Fleming & Dr. Lois Flagstad

    Hello Leonard and Ina:

    Lois and I are relieved to learn of your recovery. When I received the news of your situation I honestly became somewhat immobilized. I felt as though an important part of my life was ebbing away. I went to Lithuania to teach for a week, then the following week was in Korea and China recruiting students for Black Hills State University. I am now getting caught up with e-mail and returned notes and here we are.

    We are gratified to learn of the love and care given to you by those around you. Suffice it to say, you know that Lois and I hold you in the highest esteem and regard, but it not because of this that we genuinely have held you – in our hearts- close to us: we have done so because we have allowed you to enter us and become part of our personal space. We are more with you and because of you then we ever were before you.

    We think of the wonderful times with you and Ina, and dream again for that shared experience. Please know that both of you are forever in our hearts and prayers and thoughts. Humankind is blessed with your recovery.

    Your friends,
    Jim Fleming and Lois Flagstad

  240. Steve Apkon

    Having been completely enthralled by The Alphabet and The Goddess, and Art & Physics, I had the great pleasure to meet Leonard through Dorothy Lawson of Ethel. He did not disappoint! It was a marvelous dinner and I left feeling a real connection to Leonard and to his work, and I was so intrigued by this idea he had begun to work on – Leonardo’s Brain.

    Leonard – I wish you refuah shlema and the strength to continue to grow and write and create!

  241. Elizabeth Seltzer

    I am praying for Leonard & hope that all goes well. Too brilliant a man with too much left to do to go down this young.
    Please keep me informed.

    Elizabeth Seltzer

  242. Ruth Anne Isinger

    I worked with you and the gang-Sylvia Elkins, Ginger Cournale, Patty Wheeler, Ida Cicci, Ivy Porter, etc. at Children’s Hospital Operating Room. I started there in March of 1964 and was required to leave due to the merger in June of 1994.
    I was so honored to be able to work with Dr. Victor Richards and all of you who came along as first residents and then as surgeons in your own right.

    I am now back in my home town of West Chester, PA. I am retired and dealing with my own neurological problems- CIDP.
    I am very fortunate at least not to be paralized and we are treating the symptoms as they present themselves to me.

    I so enjoyed the website and the video that your daughter did. I wish you the best and I hope you have a speedy recovery to enjoy that ver nice family and circle of friends that you have acquired.

    I do keep in touch with the old gang of nurses and a few of the physicians. We were and are “family”!

    Love, Ruth Anne Isinger, R.N.

  243. Kelly Meyer

    Hi Leonard,

    I’m a friend of Kimberly’s and I have been to many of your lectures and read your books and am a huge fan. I was sorry to hear that you are not feeling well and that you are having to go through such a rough treatment.

    I just wanted to tell you what an admirerer of your work I am….But more importantly then admiring your work and your books and your genius I want to tell you that your most impressive accomplishment is your lovely daughter. I know you must be so proud of her. But truly she is such a special person and a beautiful legacy that you have given to the world. Her spirit and kindness and of course intelligence is a total reflection of you. Well done.

    May this upcoming holiday season bring you more time with your family and lots of healing energy.

    With love and respect,

    Kelly Meyer

  244. Alex Filippenko

    Dear Leonard,

    It was such a great pleasure to meet and interact with you at last year’s Conference on World Affairs in Boulder, Colorado. You are a man of the highest intellect and warmest heart. I am sad that your amazingly creative and inquisitive brain has been invaded by a tumor, but I know that with your energetic, very positive attitude, together with the best available medical treatment, you have a strong chance of overcoming this and continuing to grace this world for many years to come. I look forward to seeing you fully recovered, and to once again debating interesting topics with you at CWA and elsewhere. You are an inspiration to all, and a modern-day version of the man about whom you know so much, Leonardo da Vinci.

    With best wishes for a most speedy and painless recovery,


  245. Jack and Pat Futoran

    Dear Lenny
    Pat and I often have you in our thoughts. We hope that you are improving each day and able to work on your creativity with your book and life.
    Please keep your blog going and going
    Lots of love
    Pat and Jack

  246. Vicki Kipper

    I had the pleasure of meeting you at one of Kimberly’s shows last year. I will hold good thoughts and positive prayers for your full recovery. May you enjoy your beautiful family for many years to come. Their words here on this site show what an inspiration you are to them and their love and devotion will surely pull you through.
    Vicki Kipper

  247. Elizabeth Barondes

    Dear Leonard,

    I just learned from Kimberly that you weren’t well and I wanted to send you my thoughts about your lovely daughter during what must be a very difficult time.

    I don’t know Kimberly well but she and I bonded over our great mutual loves for our fathers. Often when my path crosses with Kimberly we seem to chat about the great influential men in our lives, our fathers. Your daughter is such a warm, talented, passionate and inspiring woman. I can imagine you take tremendous pride in that.

    The struggle you are undergoing must be daunting but you will be in my thoughts and hopefully knowing that there are people rooting for you will be of some comfort.

    With affection,
    Elizabeth Barondes

  248. Melanie Cook

    Dear Leonard,
    I am a friend of Kimberly’s and having just read this website, I completely understand the genesis of her creativity, intelligence, spirituality and generosity. You are an amazing and beloved man. I am sending healing light and energy to you.
    Melanie Cook

  249. Susan Courtright

    Dear Dr. Shlain,
    I will be sending healing thoughts into the light for you tomorrow; I do each day. Kimberly is my dear friend and next-door neighbor at her Venice Studio.
    God bless you all in this huge endeavour; yours is a powerful journey.

  250. Brooks Gordon

    Hey Uncle Lenny,

    I really hope that you get better. When ever I had some major medical issue you were always there. Anyway I can be there for you please let me know. I remember as a kid that you always were strong and VERY loving to my sister and I. We loved staying over with Kim and Jordan and having lucky charms in the morning. If anyone can beat this its you. Get well soon, and if you want me to bring you a bowl of lucky charms next time I am in San Francisco, just say the word.

    Love Brooks

  251. Jeff Valentine

    Hello Leonard,
    I am only just acquainted with your lovely daughter, but I’m an old friend to cancer.
    You have taken several brave steps to rid yourself of the diagnosed disease, but the biggest step of all is to decide for yourself that your body will wrap up the job of complete healing while we lend our own best thoughts and prayers to yours.

    Good outcome!

  252. Maria Semple

    Hi Leonard,
    I’m a friend of your beautiful & and talented and KIND daughter Kimberly. She has given me so much laughter and beauty (literally– she painted the cover of my first novel!). Even though I’ve never met you, I want you to know how deeply touched I’ve been by you through your daughter. I will be sending love on Friday.
    Lots of pure & and healing thoughts,

  253. Craig Gooch

    Hi Leonard,

    I am an acquaintance of Kimberly and know how proud she is of you. She introduced me to you through several stories but I have not had the fortune to meet you in person.

    Through recent experience, I know how difficult the hospital environment is and how important it is to stay connected to those you love.

    My wife Terri has been asking about you ever since she heard about your health issues. We both are sending warm healing thoughts each day to you.

    Wishing best for you!

  254. Marina Drasnin

    I met you a few times. Most memorably at your daughter Kimberly’s birthday party. You were a beaming father looking at your daughter with such pride and amazement. She has inherited so much from you and for her and all these people near and far, close and not so close (that’s my category!) to your heart and soul……..I wish you a quick and comfortable recovery so you can continue your brilliant work and life’s passion.

    Marina Drasnin

    an artist friend of your daughters.

  255. Kate Shorter

    Dearest Mr. Shlain,

    I just received the email for your distance healing requests. I know that there is no space and time so I am beginning now. I met you briefly at Kimberly’s last show. I am a friend to your daughter and Albert and they are dear to me. Looking at this website I am refreshed with your image and your wishes.
    What a blessing your brain is, so, I will honor it with my sincerest attention and intention for it’s complete health and restoration to it’s original blue print.
    Thank you for asking for my participation. It is my honor and pleasure.
    I have known many miracles in my life…this in the natural state of things. So for you I hold a space in my heart and my consciousness for all of the blessings of the sacred and natural to flow as you in this moment through all space and time and in all dimensions and for all of those that are requesting the same.
    We are one.
    Love and light to you,
    My dear friend Leonard

  256. Ronnie Fuchs

    My husband is going through radiation now for his tumors in the brain. I certainly will send both of you as much positive thoughts as possible. The brain is such a mystery. Who knows what helps but it is worth a try. We will be thinking of you and hope you do well.

  257. Noelle Filippenko

    Warmest Aloha Leonard,

    When we met at the CWA this year I was pregnant with my second child, Orion (born July 1, 2008), and I was feeling the effects of “pregnesia”. After hearing your presentation, and then chatting with you at the dinners, I purchased, “Sex, Time and Power,” and, “Art & Physics: Parallel Visions in Space, Time and Light.” Unfortunately, with a newborn and an energetic toddler I have only begun the, “Sex, Time and Power.” The book is on my nightstand, and I reach for it when I feel I am losing control over the intellectual part of my life. I so appreciate the journey it allows me to take, and the escape from my daily activities which do not often afford me the creative opportunity to explore the intellectual process. I await the time when I will be free of my “baby-brain” (what happens when you spend 24/7 with children – although the best and most important experience of my life!), and again indulge in your other wonder-full books. Please do take care, and know that you have brought joy and enlightenment to others. This is one of the best ways to honor your experience of life. A hui hou (until we meet again), noelle

    fyi: Leonard backwards is Dr a Noel.

  258. Trisha

    I am an adoring friend of your daughter Kimberly’s and was honored to receive the email asking for us all to use our togetherness and powers of good thought this Friday. I will be sending my love and best intentions for your complete recovery. warmly, Trisha

  259. sue smalley

    if you haven’t started living a macrobiotic lifestyle i do believe it can help you fight your cancer…
    i used it to keep melanoma at bay and the consultant who i’m sending you overcame her ovarian cancer (stage 4) with it (and western chemo etc.)
    mina dobic is the macro consultant – 310 309 1268 (that’s the last number i have for her)..
    she also consulted my friend with ovarian (stage 3) who is now 3 years cancer free …
    again, in complement with the chemo ..
    love, sue

  260. Byron Wagner


    You were kind enough to give me some advice regarding your experience with a PR firm you had both positive and negative experience with, back in 12/04 when I asked Kimberly to introduce us. Perhaps I can now return a bit of that favor.

    I’ll be participating in the remote session tomorrow, but perhaps equally important, 17 years ago my father was diagnosed with dual brain tumors.

    We had to basically beg Mayo for access to their Gamma knife treatment (as he presented at age 72 with multiple lesions, they thought it was a waste). As a result of that therapy and followup surgery and chemo, he enjoyed excellent quality of life for four and three quarters of the five additional years he survived.

    May you enjoy attending even more mitzvahs and celebrations for many years to come, “gey gezunter heit”,

    Byron Wagner

  261. Heather Thomas (HT)

    We have never stopped praying for you and your brain, oh, Mighty Shlain!
    It will be with tender pleasure that we shall couple our most potent orisons and ecstatic flow into the collective force of your loving supporters November 14th. We ready the ritual altar and prepare cakes and wine.

  262. Jessica McFerren

    Dear Leonard,
    Although we have never met, I feel as though I know you because I know two of your lovely grandchildren, Jakey and Claire. I had the pleasure of being Jakey’s third grade teacher last year. He is a bright child, full of curiousity and wonder with a great sense of justice and humor. He most certainly possesses a unique giftedness. I hear he is a lot like you and I must tell you he is very fond of you. Only a very special man has the power and wisdom to influence a child like Jakey to the extent you obviously have. May all positive forces be with you!
    Jessica McFerren

  263. Natasha Mago

    Dear Mr. Shlain,
    You don’t know me.I’m a friend of Kimberly’s. We first met in India and though we don’t know each other well, when you meet Kimberly, you know how important her family is to her. That is something we have in common. I understand the profound importance of family love and positive energy at a time like this. I just wanted to let you know that there is some extra love and healing coming your way from another corner of the world.

  264. Liz Ondaatje

    I’m sorry I haven’t met you yet, but it figures Kimberly’s father is a genius! I now better understand the combination of analytical thinking and creative expression in your wonderful daughter. And from learning more about you in the notes above, I also see where she learned her compassion and commitment to family. I’m looking forward to thinking about all of this and your healing tomorrow afternoon.

  265. Chuck Wolfe

    Dear Dr. Shlain. I know Kimberly through her friendship with my son Nathan Wolfe. While I have only had brief occassions to be with her they were quite memorable and meaningful.
    In 1980 at age of 37 I had a life threatening illness. It has always been thought that the extraordiary thoughts and prayers of friends and family were significant in my recovery and my subsequent 28 years of wonderful life.
    Please know that I will be joining your friends and family in having you in my thoughts and prayers for a complete recovery and a continuing life of good health and meaning. My prayers are with you. Chuck Wolfe

  266. Joan Matthies

    Dear Leonard,
    John and I are sending our prayers and positive energy your way. As one who has experienced a brain tumor I know how amazing the brain truly is and what the power we all have within us to heal. We are with you and will be with you to manifest your healthy brain.
    With Love, John & Joan

  267. Roberta Munroe

    Dearest Leonard,
    It’s me, Roberta, Tiffany’s friend & colleague from Sundance.
    We’ve only met a couple of times, quite briefly, but I feel quite close to you based on all the loving conversations I’ve had with Tiffany about you and your exquisite contributions to her life and to the world through your writing.
    It’s with great pleasure that I send you a million rays of reiki healing.
    I’m visualizing your smiling face and warm heart healing and filled with love.
    All my love,

  268. john thackara

    Dear Leonard,

    Your wonderful daughter Tiffany alerted me to your illness. So this is just to let you know that here are some people in the south of france who also wish you well and a speedy recovery.

    Get well soon, with warm regards from Ganges,

    John Thackara

  269. Debra Zimmerman

    Dear Leonard,

    We do not know each other but I am a colleague of Tiffany’s. She has spoken so warmly to me of you that I feel as if we have met. She also sent me one of your books when she realized how much I would appreciate it. She is right. I so enjoyed The Alphabet and the Goddess. You have a wonderful daughter and I just wanted to send my very best wishes. I spoke with Tiffany earlier this year from the hospital my father was in recovering from surgery for pancreatic cancer. Luckily it was a neuro-endocrine tumor and he is doing very well. I hope you too recover fully. My thoughts are with you.


    Debra Zimmerman
    Executive Director
    Women Make Movies, Inc.

  270. Annie Roney

    Dear Leonard,

    I know your daughter Tiffany and admire so many of her qualities. You must be one hell of a father! I will be sending my best energy your way to beat this cancer. If you are anything like your daughter, you will win this fight and continue to your legacy.

    With love, Annie

  271. chris lloyd

    My wife and I attended one of your lectures a couple years ago in Santa Monica (wife being the dragg-er, me being the kicking-and-screaming dragg-ee). Truly it was a transporting evening, and I have thought of it dozens of times since. So stimulating, and enlightening, and there have been countless times since when the insights conveyed that night have come to mind. Our thoughts and prayers are with you and we look eagerly forward to reading the forthcoming book.
    All of our very best wishes,

    Chris Lloyd and Arleen Sorkin

  272. Sally Steele

    Hi Leonard,
    Friend of Tiffany’s here – been sending prayers and love through her regular email. I did a guided meditational healing years ago with my friend Alayna who was undergoing cancer treatment. We used enormous crystals at her head, over her stomach and at her feet. We did this for 3 hours. And although sadly both her mother and sister had not been able to survive this same type of cancer, Alayna is very much alive and well – 5 years later! I will be with another good friend of Tiffany’s today – Amy Critchett – and we will be participating in the surround healing for sure. You are an inspiration and it’s an honor to support your path to overcome. Much love, Sally

  273. joyce linker

    Hi Lennie,, I still remember the first night many,many, years ago when Don and I saw you in North Beach… And here we all are. Still connected and carrying about each other. The stories would make an unbelievable,wonderful, inspiring book ( or movie).. I’m thinking of you today and everyday. And I am a huge fan of your children, as well. What a gang!!! Love, Joyce

  274. Micki and Nadie Meland

    Dear Leonard
    Nadie and I are sending you our healing energy. We are thinking of you and sending our blessings your way. We join your wonderful family and your wide extended family in hoping for your healing.
    Our best to you
    Micki and Nadie Meland
    Amy’s parents

  275. Ann Goldberg

    Dear Len, My thoughts and wishes for your profound healing and recovery. You have the mighty force of your loving family. You have given such a legacy of wisdom and joy; we hold fast to it and keep you with us.

    Special vibes sent today via hugs and kisses channeled through Odessa.

    Love, Ann

  276. Marc Lunder

    Dr. Shlain,

    Please know healing thoughts are with you from the Lunder family. We look forward to seeing you light up a room full of people very soon!

    warmest regards

    Jamie, Marc and the Girls

  277. Batia Zimerman

    Dear Leonard,
    You have great kids and grand kids. I love you all.

    Best wishes.

    I am enclosing my letter to Kimberly:
    Hi Kimberly,
    You are the nicest daughter any parent could have!

    I want you to know that I am praying for your father on a daily bassis.
    I study Torah with my weekly study group. I’m dedicating my learning to him, since I have heard of his illness.
    Last week at Hebrew school, The Aleph class did the same.
    We are going to give our Tz’dakah money this week toward his recovery.

    Could you give me, please, your father’s Hebrew name and his mother’s, as well?
    Traditionaly, when one dedicates a prayer they name: The person …Ben (the son of…) in Hebrew.

    With great love to your wonderful family,


  278. Michael Kaminer

    Dr. Shlain –
    Positive energy from an admirer of yours and longtime friend of Tiffany and Ken’s. Wishing you renewed health and many more years of happiness with your beautiful family.
    Michael Kaminer

  279. Priya Raghubir

    Dear Leonard:

    Just to say “hang in there.” I know your daughter and son in law, and have but heard of you from my husband who is a big fan of your writing. I will send many good thoughts your way today between 3 and 6 pm PST. Best Regards, Priya

  280. Terri Gooch

    Dr. Shlain,

    My husband, Craig is a business associate of your daughter Kimberly. Through her I have learned what an amazing person you are. Your family is extremely blessed to have such an extraordinary husband, father, grandfather and so much more.

    As one who teaches the importance of a healthy body, mind and spirit I know the power of our human brain and how it works together with the human spirit. Apparently, you’ve been gifted with an exceptionally powerful brain. As an avid reader, I look forward to reading all of your books. Craig and I both look forward to seeing you at your next lecture! I believe that you will be talking about this experience for a long time.

    My sister-in-law, Joan had a tumor removed from her brain a few years ago. She’s doing great and sent you a message yesterday. I believe that you will be sending those in need of hope the same message one day.

    God Bless. Be strong. Keep the Faith.
    Sending you love and healing thoughts.

    Terri Gooch

  281. Jessica Robins Thompson

    Dear Leonard,

    I’ve been thinking of you constantly, but today will be doing so even more, my healing thoughts are with you.

    Thank you for being such a true inspiration to me, and for producing your brilliant daughter Kimberly whose presence in my life has been transformational.

    I look forward to reading your next book which I’m sure will lift the minds of people around the world just as your other books have done.

    With Love,

  282. Paul Kolsby

    Dear Len,

    I am at this very moment nearly fifteen minutes early for the synchronous outpouring of love and affection so, lest a premature meditation falls flat in an unresponsive universe, I will regale you briefly, briefly.

    I should first say that whenever I see you, I’m a little bit lighter – in anticipation of forthcoming reparte. One of my favorite conversations took place in the lobby of the Roosevelt Hotel in Los Angeles, when I told you the story of my Jewish Movie (you were very supportive), and you told me of your myriad romantic prowesses of years ago. What a shame, I thought, that we weren’t a few years closer in age; you’d have been a wonderful, shameless carousing companion.

    Of course, I look forward to any number of such future conversations.

    I’d like to quote Shakespeare, if I might. In the opening of “The Tempest,” during the storm, the wise-ass Boatswain warns the King of Milan and his retinue that if they don’t go into their cabins, they’ll drown. The King’s counselor, Gonzalo, says of the Boatswain:

    He’ll be hang’d yet,
    Though every drop of water swear against it

    Len, you’ll pull through this. Like the Boatswain who won’t drown, I’m fairly certain it won’t be your brain that goes…more likely your ass.

    Much love,
    Paul Kolsby

  283. Judith Matz

    I am one of Jakey’s teacher and I just want to share that he is really excited that you will all be together in Hawaii next week. Enjoy and a speedy recovery.
    Judith Matz

  284. Pamela Feinsilber

    Tiffany sent news of the “distant healing” today, and you can be sure that I am sending good thoughts. I spoke with you just once, on the phone, but I’ve felt close to Tiffany and Ken since meeting them in 2004, on the evening of the day Bush was reelected president. As Jews and progressives (especially Jews, that night), we seemed to feel exactly the same about it all. Four years later, we’ve had a different and very hopeful outcome. You can be sure I am wishing Tiffany’s father a very, very good outcome, too. And I’m glad to read that you’re continuing work on your book.
    Best regards, Pamela Feinsilber

  285. Ben Pierce & Muriel Maffre

    Dr. Shlain,

    I just picked Muriel up from the hospital where she underwent a small procedure. Prioritizing love and friendship is a major theme in our lives right now and we want to include you in that sentiment. We wish you a speedy and complete recovery and send you our very best wishes.

    Ben & Muriel

  286. Charley in Bali

    Hello Leonard,

    Sending you healing energy from The Island of the Gods … Bali, Indonesia! SO how does it feel to be prayed for from far & wide? We are ALL interconnected.

    I’m Tiffany’s friend from the early days of The Webbies, and you may or may not remember me, but I will always remember you with your easy smile, personal charm, and dapper mannerism.

    In Love & Health,

    Charley in Bali

  287. Trish Lassart

    Dear Lenny, Ina and Family,
    Jim and I sending you positive thoughts and prayers during this time. We know you can beat this so keep fighting. Sending you tons of love,
    Jim & Trish Lassart

  288. Wendy & Leonard Goldberg

    Dear Dr. Shlain,

    We are praying for you with healing and loving thoughts and have always admired the great respect and admiration your incredible daughter Kimberly has always shown for you. I know you are a great man for many reasons but to inspire so much love from such an amazing person is a great testimony to you.

    Wendy, Leonard & Amanda (Goldberg)

  289. julia scher

    Dear Dr. Shlain, Lenny,
    Best of power thoughts to you. I visualize dissolving the tumor bits, bit by bit, with everyone helping here. Healing, helping, there are so many good souls here with you.
    Julia Scher (Cologne)

  290. Jennifer Smorgon

    Dear Leonard, we are friends of your children and my father has been a friend of Ina’s for many years.(Hal Dryan) I can only assume that G-d is putting you through this for great research and it could only result in you living another 60 years at least. A man of you nature and stature will live to be 125 for sure. I have only confidence that you will finish your book and have the opportunity to lecture about it in the years to come. Be strong and hang in there. All of our love and good wishes for a speedy recovery so you can get on with this life you are meant to continue to live.
    Jennifer (Dryan) Smorgon

  291. Sandy Oitzinger

    With every good wish and hope that the healing enegy of Dr. Shlain’s many readers will delete his tumor like a finger’s response to a Muse’s second thought. The Alphabet Versus the Goddess was my first intro to Leonard and I couldn’t be more enthusiastic about his wisdom. My appreciation for him was only enhanced when I read that some of his inspiration formed while he was driving a Montana highway. May the luck, optimism and natural spirituality of Big Sky Country be with him during his journey back to good health, and many thanks for the insights of his persuasive voice.

    Sandy Oitzinger
    Helena, Montana

  292. Karen Clark

    Dear Leonard,

    Did you feel the love and the shrinking going on in your brain yesterday? I was thinking about you and doing my best visualization.

    Please know how much you mean to me and Howard and we hope for a good result on Monday.

  293. Maria Romero

    Dear Lenny, Ina and family,

    I am sending nothing but positive energy and prayers your way. Barbara Anderson my mom is such a hugh admirer of Lenny’s as so many others! I hear the family is off to Hawaii shortly and i know you will have a wonderful time all togehter. The best healer is family and love!!

    My thoughts and prayers are with you!!


    Maria Romero

  294. Mary Leonard

    Hello again, Dr. Shlain:
    I am afraid I missed the window period for sharing my healing thoughts with you.. but as I think of you everyday, I am sure there was a moment between 3 and 6 on Friday when you were in my head and heart. Please know I will continue you to hold you in both until you have conquered this battle.
    As always, Mary Leonard

  295. Amichai Lau-Lavie

    Dear Leonard,
    this past Friday afternoon (Jerusalem time) i was taking a walk with my father, 83, a holocaust surivor who is finally able to ask the difficult questions that pertain to his difficult history. why did this happen? why so much suffering for innocent people? where was/is God? i used a parable to try and address some of his questions, and enage him in deeper dialogue: imagine a gardner, whose rose garden is vast, and some of the roses grow taller. it is those roses that are plucked first, picked to sit on the gardner’s dinner table.
    How are we to make sense of suffering in the world? How do we attempt to idenitfy patterns and find solace in the random pluckings and cuttings in the garden of life?
    My father and i are deep in these conversations of faith and questions on the road to healing and closure.

    I wish the same for you – the time and patience to ask the big questons, find solace in the conversations and keep coming up with the great answers and inpsirations – as you always have. Thank you for being such an important teacher to me via your books and lectures.

    May the roses bloom often and you have the time energy and pleasure of seeing, smelling and enjoying them in the gardens of your life.


    amichai lau-lavie

  296. Patrick Kowalczyk

    Dear Leonard –

    Please know that positive prayers and thoughts are being sent to you from the Big Apple.

    In addition to your books, your legacy continues to inspire us through the work of your children.

    I’ve had the thrill to work and collaborate with Tiffany for more than a decade. And, during that time, the way I see the world – and the fascinating links between art and culture and science and technology – have evolved and expanded thanks to her unending creativity and curiousity.

    I send you much love, courage, and strength,


  297. Janette

    Dear Mr. Shlain,
    I wish for you a wonderful speedy recovery and may God Bless you always. Your books are one of a kind, in fact it reminds of that saying “Great things are not created suddenly.”

    Best Regards,

    Janette (a.k.a. Jenny Meleny)

    p.s. I know you’re Jewish, but I’ll ask my angel to pray for you…it always helps!

  298. connie and harvey lapin

    So very glad the chemo and surgery is over.Our prayers and our very best wishes for healing are sent to you every day.
    Looking forward to seeing you and celebrating your bravery and life.
    love connie,harvey,brad,shawn and erik

  299. Jonathon Keats

    Dear Dr. Shlain,
    As a friend of your daughter and son-in-law, and a long-time admirer of your work, I want to send my best wishes to you in this difficult time. I hope that your recovery is as swift and as painless as possible.

    Jonathon Keats

  300. Jack Cross

    Dear Leonard,

    I am very sorry to hear of your illness. I was just today searching for your web page, for the first time, to give the The Alphabet Vs. The Goddess link to a friend when I discovered that you were ill. Please accept my gratitude for your many illuminations concerning the nature of consciousness and your defense of the feminine. The Alphabet Vs. The Goddess is brilliant work!

    Several years ago now, while under the influence of a hallucinogen, I opened a dictionary to confirm my ecstatic revelations and my eyes saw for the first time, the occurrence of groupings of letters, morphemes, and I began to penetrate their geometry and symbolism and break them apart, journeying into the meaning of individual letters.

    To be precise, this did not occur to me as a deductive thought process but as the word falling apart and unfolding before my eyes, as something being given, and received. I was initiating myself, giving birth to myself. This was a psycho-spiritual event, followed by many. Over many journeys, while dying and being born, I deciphered the meaning of morphemes and letters. Though it is difficult to overstate the significance of this achievement, it is of no interest or value to the average person. It is esoteric and occult.

    I have reconciled the Alphabet with the God “S.”

    Thank you for defending our Mother Leonard! Your work is beautiful. Get well. You are loved by many.

    With Great Respect,

    Jack Cross
    Venice, California

  301. Kelly Lynch & Mitch Glazer

    Dear Leonard,


    Simply put, you are the coolest.

    First of all, congratulations on the beautiful life you have created. A gorgeous family, with so much love between you, laughter, adventure, great friends and did I mention it? LOVE!
    Then there’s the books. What a mind! The curiosity to really live life to it’s fullest and then the talent to put some of that down on paper so the rest of us simpletons might join in the journey. Well played Sir!

    ok. They say to know you is to love you, well we may not ‘know’ you, personally, only your darling Kimberly, but we love you just the same – jeez, who wouldn’t?! You’re totally lovable!

    Tiffany’s 70th b-day video said it so well. You are one wonderful guy and we need you here for a few more years, ok? So see what you can do about fighting this battle. In the meantime, it’s nice to know that the world is a better place because of you.

    With love and admiration,

    Kelly Lynch & Mitch Glazer

  302. Suzanne Darley

    Dear Dr. Shlain,
    We met at the SAH conference last Fall and since then I have been pursuing my PhD. and am close to settling on a topic.

    I am interested in the power of nonsense and how that might overlap with the way humans process abstract images.

    You were the first person I thought of and I was so sorry to see that you have been faced with an enormous challenge. I am sending bouquets of hugs and prayers for you.

    How amazing that you are using nonsense Zippity do dah! in your healing.

    With wishes and tremendous respect,
    Suzanne Darley

  303. jen parker

    If children have the ability to ignore all odds and percentages, then maybe we can all learn from them. When you think about it, what other choice is there but to hope? We have two options, medically and emotionally: give up, or Fight Like Hell.
    -Lance Armstrong

    We are sending you love and healing…
    jen parker + family (friend of kimberly)
    los angeles

  304. Lisa Sharkey

    We hope the Hawaiian sunshine pours love and healing into your spirit!
    I am a close friend of Tiffany and am Tina’s sister (I introduced T and T) and know what a truly special human being you are.
    Please know my whole family is praying for your recovery and sending love to every member of your immediate and extended family.
    Much love,
    Lisa Sharkey

  305. Rob Bracken

    I am the Alumni Engagement Consultant for Interlochen Center for the Arts and live in LA. This is the reason I met your extremely talented daughter, Kimberly and your two grandchildren. I just wanted to pass along my well wishes for your speedy recovery and to let you know that I am so pleased that you have received good news. I will absolutely send positive thoughts your direction.

  306. jessica

    Dear Dr. Shlain,

    We only met once in Maui many years ago but i thought you were such a nice man and grandfather! I’m sorry to hear about your situation and I wish you all the best in a healthy, speedy recovery.

    ~Jessica Sacks (Kimberly’s friend as well as Adrian (AJ) and Amy Panther’s long ago friend~!)

  307. Will Pearson

    Dear Dr. Shlain,

    You and I don’t know each other personally but, I recently had the opportunity to meet your lovely daughter while working on a design project. We spoke briefly about your health and she made me aware of the challenges you have been facing. I am firm believer in the power of faith, unity and love and I wanted to pass along my thoughts and prayers for your recovery and healing. I wish you the best!

    Stay strong!


    Los Angeles,CA

  308. Kristy Schmidt

    Dear Lenny,

    You have been an inspiring presence in my life since high school. First, through Kimberly, and then through the huge admiration and love my twin sister Katherine has for you. We send wishes from Santa Barbara for continued good news about your health.

    -Kristy Schmidt and Rusty Dodson

  309. laurie david

    hi leonard…just want you to pat yourself on the back for raising such a caring, loving special daughter….kimberly loves you so much and its beautiful to watch her face light up when she talks or should i say brag, kvell, about you! xoxo laurie

  310. Pamela Michael

    Dear Leonard,
    I went to your website to email you about some new research I just came across about color perception and the brain hemispheres and discovered your situation. I am so glad to hear the surgery went well. Enjoy your family vacation. My thoughts and best wishes are with you.
    Pam (Wild Writing Woman)
    PS–I’ll forward the news item about color perception to you.

  311. janet

    Dear Leonard,

    I am an artist and have been a fan of yours for years via two of your videos..Want to thank you for creating work that has been a ‘bridge’ for my brother (phd in physics) and I to discuss ideas about our respective interests.

    Sending you warm wishes for healing and wellness.



  312. Suzanne Biegel

    From one survivor to another… my best wishes. One day at a time. Celebrate life every day, even when you don’t feel like celebrating… celebrate when you do. Love is a powerful thing.

    Congrats on getting a good scan.

    (From a friend of Kimberly’s)
    Suzanne B. in Marina del Rey

  313. Johnny Shroyer

    Dear Dr. Shlain;
    I have the honor of meeting you when I knew your daughter Kimberly during high school in Mill Valley. Although it was a brief encounter, your charm and charisma was so welcoming. You had such an inviting and warm presence and greeted me with a bright glowing smile. I haven’t spoken to Kimberly since high school, but she always had stories of fondness and had a grin from ear to ear whenever speaking about you. She was so proud of you then, and she is obviously so proud of you now. I have a 9 year old daughter, Madison, and it is an aspiration for for me to have my daughter hold dear the level of admiration, respect, and love Kimberly had and has for you.

    I am so saddened to hear of your illness and my heartfelt prayers will be with you. My mother-in-law was diagnosed with stage 4 colon cancer and was given only 6 months to live. That was nearly 4 years ago and now she is in total remission!! Recovery can be a reality and I will be cheering for you to get stronger each day, LIVING with cancer and beating it!

    I wish you and your family all of the best.
    Warmest regards;
    Johnny Shroyer

  314. Ishumita Singh

    Dear Mr. Shlain,

    I wish you a very speedy recovery so as to live your life to the fullest…as said by your father.

    Sir, you do not know me but I had the pleasure of meeting your warm and extremely talented daughter Kimberly in New Delhi on the 28th of November 2004 in a hotel salon. It happened to be my wedding night and I was there to get dressed up in the traditional Indian way which drew her attention towards me. She actually asked the hotel staff to get down her camera so that she could photograph me. And the result: She beautifully captured some of my rare shots whilst I was being dressed step by step.

    She told me a few years back that she was planning to make a potrait out of one of the photos…wow..I thought to myself.

    Since then I have been in touch with Kimberly..off and on..

    Wishing you good health and a lot of happiness

    Best regards


  315. Jena King

    “The wish for healing has ever been the half of health.” Seneca

    Dear Leonard,

    Always eternally grateful for all of the wisdom of the Goddess that you’ve brought forth. I’m a friend of Kimberly’s and one of the many holding a vision of you healed.

    Full Heart,

  316. Liza Schrage

    Dear Leonard,
    I grew up with your daughter,Kimberly,in Mill Valley. I say this because I’m quite sure I met you at some point during those years. My dearest and most healing thoughts are being sent your way. I am wishing you wellness and peace in your journey towards healing.

    Most Sincerely,
    Liza Schrage

  317. Janet Crane

    Dear Len,
    I think about you all the time–every time I read or hear a story about some marvel of the human brain.
    I so hope you are recuperating and doing well.
    You say you are doing a little work on the LB manuscript. How is that going?
    I send positive healing thoughts to you
    and my very best regards.
    Janet Crane

  318. murray hidary

    dear leonard,

    another one of the many who has been influenced by your meaningful and important work. so glad our paths crossed. your work has and continues to expand my perception and world view. more importantly i have enjoyed our personal conversations and look forward to many more. wishing you a speedy recovery.


  319. Roberta Badger-Cain

    Dear Leonard Shlain,

    My thoughts and prayers have been with you ever since learning from about your serious condition, your successful surgery, and your subsequent treatments. Thank you – and your family – for caring enough about your readers/supporters to let us know your personal progress and your progress on Leonardo’s Brain.

    I have read all three of your published books, and the one that speaks most deeply to me, and the one that I believe makes the greatest contribution to learning and society is Art and Physics. Since Leonardo’s Brain is to be the follow-up book to Art and Physics, I am especially excited to hear that you have almost finished writing it, and I look forward to purchasing it as soon as it comes out.

    I will tell you why I think Art and Physics is so significant. We live in the technological age. Technology, math, business, finance, and science are the subject areas of today that engage our most brilliant minds and captivate our most creative youth. The arts and humanities, especially art (painting, sculpture, etc.), music, poetry, literature (fiction, creative non-fiction, etc.), dance, architecture, etc. have taken a back seat – even as Art and Physics: Parallel Visions in Space, Time and Light, has showed the interconnectedness of the visions represented by our most creative artists and the scientific discoveries made by our greatest scientists. I submit that these interconnections offer the greatest hope of mankind for learning to celebrate and promote such areas as biological and cultural diversity, ideological and sensorial truth, scientific and spiritual truth, and especially living as a distinct but interconnected species that has the capacity to care for the planet more than control it, and share its finite resources more than exploit and sell them to maximize profits. As present-day prophet Al Gore has shown, the future of the planet and the human race depends on it.

    Further, those interconnections, albeit not conscious or overt, do, in fact, make for holism, a kind of elusive unified field theory, realized. Ironically, in The Alphabet Versus the Goddess, you posited the conflict, rather than the interconnectedness of the image and the word. In Sex, Time and Power, you appeared to bridge the differences between the sexes in a way somewhere between interconnectedness and conflict. In Leonardo’s Brain, you will return to explore the interconnections between left brain and right brain thinking and manifestations in one Renaissance man – Leonardo da Vinci (left brain = science and technology, the word, the male principle, rationality, etc.; right brain = arts and humanities, the image, the female principle, feelings, etc.), and the magnificent benefits thereof.

    Two books that have had a profound impact on my thinking prior to Art and Physics, are Origins by Richard Leakey (with Roger Lewin) and his subsequent work showing evidence that the successful evolution of the human species can be attributed to cooperation rather than extreme competitive violence, and Frames of Mind by Howard Gardner and his subsequent work in MI theory and practice (Project Zero at Harvard) describing the seven, now eight, facets of intelligence in the brains of human with their distinctive and separate domains that nevertheless have subtle and subconscious interconnections (not unlike art and physics).

    Thank you for your contributions using your considerable intelligence and creative insights. I, as many others, am thankful this Thanksgiving Day, 2008, that you are among us, that you have graced us with your books, lectures, and communication, and that you will continue to do so through your healing in ways not yet imagined.

    Blessings to you and yours,

    Roberta Badger-Cain (formerly Roberta Badger)
    Portland, OR

  320. Berta & Bob Einstein

    Dear Leonard,

    Our thoughts and prayers are wih you constantly. We know the love of your entire
    family will get you through this difficult
    challenge. We respect and admire you so
    much and feel so proud to have you as part
    of our family.

    Love, Berta and Bob Einstein

  321. Duane Keiser

    Hi Leonard,

    I read your wonderful book, “Art and Physics,” many years ago and have been re-reading and perusing it ever since. My copy is full of underlines and notes and is tattered as all my favorite books are. I have always been fascinated with physics and light and have long felt a kinship with physicists because we both share a sense of the mysterious in the properties of light. They study it with their formulas and theories and I study it with my paints and brushes. Your book made a lot of connections for me. Thank you.

    I am so glad to read of your recent good news. I wish you a speedy, and complete, recovery.

    Duane Keiser

  322. heather gold


    I believe Tiffany shared this poem for you but I thought i’d post it here so that you can find it if you ever come to this page for a connection top up. Many thanks for all your work. I was happy to visualize healing for you and I’m so glad all is going so well.

    I was just reading a Fritjof Capra book this summer about his
    Journey writing the Tao of Physics and your dad
    played a significant part in coming together with a group of people at Esalen along with the physicians who created this mind body visualization work with cancer.

    You probably already know this but I find
    some meaning and hope in this “coincidence.”

    In the interconnected moments that make up our lives/
    Nodes and joints built solid to take the weight of our now/
    Before we know they’re there /
    We live /
    We take the step /
    That the religious call faith/
    That writers call arc /
    That scientists measure as tendency/
    That we all call living /

    And the weight is held/
    By all of them
    And then we know Love

  323. Barbara Hardesty

    Dear Leonard,
    As I’m working on a special Da Vinci Capers in Manhattan for wealthy Italian-Americans, and I’ve been thinking about you a lot.

    Why? They are searching for “What’s next?” Like Leonardo da Vinci, you ask big questions like this one and probe until it makes sense. Your curiosity is as big as your heart.

    I have always appreciated your giving me your advise and candor. I know that you can come out of this (I’ve seen this with a friend who actually finished a running race and is doing 100%).

    I’m holding you in my thoughts and prayers.


  324. georgeann johnson

    Hello from a beautiful blue sky day in central Mexico. I googled you for info on new books, etc, and discovered that you have been ill.
    I just want you to know how much your books “A. vs G” and Sex, Time and Power have meant to myself and a group of at least 20 women who live here. In our Book Group we have read both books…have had the most interesting discussions, etc.
    I also saw your very interesting presentation at Bioneers one year. I always encourage people to read A vs G
    and tell them…”You will never think the same way about the world after you have read the book”. I just want to thank you for who you are and for your work in the
    world. Incredibly important insights and perspective.
    Bless you in your recovery and your work on Leonardo’s Brain.
    Georgeann Johnson

  325. kathryn murdock

    I wish all of you jealth, joy and continued wonder of the world. the recovery must be complete. the world needs you and your worlds. I would hope that sometime , somehow I have the chance to meet you – maybe all ofyou but most particularly the author of books that I cherish, sonsult and use.
    Much love

  326. Regen Fearon

    Dr. Shlain was one of the most popular speakers for the Institute for Interesting People in Dallas. Several times, he filled auditoriums and educated and entertained so many people in Dallas.

    My thoughts are with all of you. I wish that this holiday season brings healing and hope for better health and much happiness.

  327. Janis Spivack

    Big bursts of healing energy coming your way as you go through recovery. It’s wonderful to read the last posting. My mother was recently helped through cancer by tremendous positive thoughts sent to her through her family and friends. We’re big fans of your daughter, Tiffany. Congratulations on a life well-lived and we look forward to much more to come from you!
    Janis (David & Ari) Spivack

  328. Kim Fullerton

    Dear Dr. Shlain/ Lennie,

    My thoughts and prayers are with you and your family. You are such an amazing man and I have always been awe-struck by your brilliance, wit and insight. I have read all of your profoundly thought-provoking books and have passed them along to my friends. You inspired me to pursue a medical career. Your children are amazing people, a testimony to your parenting as well. I wish you a rapid recovery!

    Kim Fullerton

  329. Lorene Mills

    Healing thoughts and well wishes from the Land of Enchantment! You are in our thoughts and prayers, my most brilliant friend. I just found this lovely website and will check back often. Lots of love to you and your wonderful family, Lorene Mills in Santa Fe, New Mexico

  330. nancy

    I believe in the power of prayer and I am so happy to hear the tumour shrank. I learned not only is Leonard Schlain a brilliant thinker and writer, but I have learned he is a loving, kind and wise man who knew how to raise a healthy loving family – and instilled in his children the best of him. This I learned by only Tiffany Schlain’s connection to “Who Does She Think She Is?” By being remotely related to this film and Pam Boll Tanner, I was lucky enough to hear Leonard Schlain speak in the film and then read the blog Tiffany shared. Thank you again for all you share. Nancy Beth Miller (Nancy Reghay)

  331. Constance Dove

    I just read the news about Lennie’s operation, and I’m still reeling. If anyone can beat this, it will be Leonard Shlain! My thoughts and prayers are with you both (though I’m not really sure Who to pray to.) I’m counting on a happy ending to this episode.

    I still revisit the wonderful weekend spent with Ina and Lennie touring Stonehenge, Bath and other historic sites in England during the 1999 Judges Association study-trip to Oxford University. Walking with Lennie across the ancient mounds and Roman ruins, tuning into his stream of consciousness monologue about the context, history and meaning of these wonders was a high privilege. When I was exhausted, my disk filled up, I could wander off to “process”, knowing I could always return to the University of Shlain whenever I felt strong again.

    Courage and patience to you both.
    Much love,

  332. Philip Hockberger

    Dear Len,

    I just found this website and read the news about your battle with a brain tumor. What a shock! I am so heartened to hear that you are recovering from surgery and chem/rad and doing well. No fun, but it’s the best we can do at present. Like Einstein said (in another context), we’re like babies in diapers. Maybe some day we’ll know how to destroy those misbehaving cells without surgery.

    Please let me know if you’d like me to preview your chapters on Leonardo. I would be honored.

    Wishing you continued success and complete recovery,

    your friend,

    Phil Hockberger

  333. Michael Posey

    Having read three of your books and been so moved and changed by them, I was so looking forward to meeting you at Esalen in mid-October 2008. Ironically, about the time I found out the workshop had been cancelled, I figured out that I needed surgery for cervical disc disease, so I spent my Esalen weekend having that done.

    But I’m back and I know you will be soon! Let me know when your lectures start back–I can’t wait to meet you and hear more about your new book.

    Best wishes for a full recovery and healthy, happy 2009.


  334. Lisa Beard

    Dear Lenny,

    It’s been such a joy whenever I’ve seen you. You’re always so welcoming, with a smile and “here’s one of my favorite people”, followed by a warm hug.

    So wonderful seeing you beeming at weddings, screenings,receptions, and enjoying your family…and seeing their extraordinary admiration and love for you.

    I will always remember your enthusiasm when showing us the retracting ceiling in your home,and describing the fog floating into the room…what a brilliant design, Lenny.

    My continued positive energy, thoughts, and prayers to you, always. love, Lisa

  335. Elliot and Alice Liff

    Dear Lenny, Happy and healthy New Year to you and your family. We hope you are doing well and getting about despite your health problems. Still working on Leonardo’s mind? Please let me know if there is anything I can do. If you would like to go to lunch I am available. Elliot

  336. Lorene Mills

    Happy New Year, Lenny! Thought of you when I saw the beautiful Leonardo da Vinci float in this morning’s Rose Parade. Time for you to be parading your da Vinci insights for us – I can hardly wait! Much love to you and your family from New Mexico, and best wishes for a New Year of health, healing, and happiness, Lorene

  337. Arthur Waters

    I first met you when Kimberly took me to one of your lectures that resulted in Art & Physics – it was a revelation, as was Alphabet/Goddess — I eagerly await your next; I wish you all the best, and I hold you in the light for showing all of us what is possible in our own lives.

  338. Laurel Airica

    Dearest Leonard: I absolutely thrill to the good news of your completed manuscript, your growing family, your shrinking tumor and all the love and blessings pouring into your life and back out to the world through your brilliance of being. I am grateful for your ever-greater health and look forward to reading your newest book. Blessings, Blessings, Blessings!

    With Love & Light Forever!
    Laurel Airica

  339. Barbara Hardesty

    So nice to keep up with you in your blog. Like Leonardo, you’re about as curious as anyone I know. Unlike Leonardo, you have finished another project! Congratulations on your “Leonardo’s Brain” book!! I hope to be amongst the first to have a signed copy!

    You have lots to look forward to in 2009 – especially “talking down” Rachel Maddow! (Good luck on that one!)

    Seriously, here’s wishing you this New Year, good health and happiness. Barbara (Let me know when you are back in Boulder.)

  340. louise rosen-garcia (byer)

    dear lenny….

    it was so wonderful to run into to you, ina et al. at Moss in early November. i wrote to ina yesterday because i just learned that you have been ill and i did not know.

    i want you to know how much it meant to me to see the warmth in your eyes and your hug. i miss you two very much and have wanted to see you as i am in california more regularly now. but i gather this note will have to suffice.

    i send my love and prayers to you and i am thrilled to learn of babies and joyful things.

    your friend always and with love,


  341. changkang Meng

    I was a law prof. of Nanjing University.
    I have read your “Art & Physics”several
    years ago.Now I am in Solon OH. I want
    to consult with you.How can I do this?
    Thanks for you!

  342. barry rose

    well, lenny, i’ve heard all about this (latest) long journey of yours, and now have perused this most wonderful web site–some might even call it a sacred site. so much heart and love and intellect here– its like swimming through thick warm milk. i know that were you doing your own craniotomy (of course you were, but on the wrong side of the drapes..), you would have gotten to the key point of the case, and then demanded, proudly and in a slightly louder voice than all other requests, for the “pooper scooper”, to use to evacuate the tumor from it’s bed. no one else could have uttered such a request but you, darling lenny. my girlfriend picked up your “alphabet” book, and by page 2 was needing a dictionary–and she’s a lawyer. i tried to explain that was just you, as usual, showing off…i know that many times since i first met you over the bed of a patient with heparin-induced thrombocytopenia about 19 years ago (along with a young charlie gould), that you have been a show-off, in the most loving and adorable way, but without pause or insincerity. i have often said to you that i’d like to be in your mind for just 24 hours, to see where all of these far-out ideas of yours come from. i think i have it figured out–they come from your heart, lenny, like all of your offerings, and how the testimonials on this website bear witness to that concept. illness is the great equalizer, but you have no equal lenny, and from the bottom of my heart, i honor your courageous recovery and wish you and this loving family of yours many more days and years together, showing off, bringing forth the webs of magic you weave. thanks for the memories, lenny–


  343. Felmont (Monte) Eaves, MD

    Dear Leonard –

    It was with much sadness that I first learned of your illness in the early fall of 2008. I had met you in 2001 when you traveled to Charlotte, NC, to talk about “The Alphabet and the Goddess” to our group, Charlotte Plastic Surgery, in celebration of the practice’s 50th anniversary.

    Over the years since I have read “Art and Physics” and “The Alphabet and the Goddess” several times and have found them very interesting. Now your writing has stimulated a whole new research project for my specialty. I wanted to tell you about this and how I think that your ideas will ultimately lead us to be able to get better results with our surgery and make outcomes more meaningful and predictable for our patients. So this is the story of how the idea developed and what we are planning.

    In the summer of 2006 I was meeting with some of the leadership of our national society (I am VP now) and representatives from Johnson & Johnson, Inc. and one of the discussion topics that came up was the pathetic lack of reproducible, validated outcomes metrics in plastic surgery. Many things have been tried – photographic assesment, satisfaction surveys, etc. – but nothing has really proven worthwhile to date. Because we do not have accepted, reliable measurements, it is difficult to adequately compare surgical results and the industries that support us have difficulty measuring the improvements from new products.

    After our meeting, I was talking with one of the VP’s of Ethicon EndoSurgery about “The Alphabet and the Goddess” and how profoundly it altered my opinion about what we do in aesthetic surgery and why it is important. It seems that we have tried to use left brain measurements to assess a right brain interpretation of appearance, and perhaps that is why prior attempts have failed. This lead to extensive discussion and the idea to have a brainstorming “summit,” with individuals of wildly varied backgrounds, to examing the area of aesthetics, the meaning to us as humans, and how it is affected by our social, internal, economic, sexual and emotional world.

    So later this month, On January 31-February 1, the group will be meeting in a house on a hilltop outside of Scottsdale. We have participants with backgrounds in evolutionary biology, anthropology, brain interpretation of faces, a former beauty queen, media, the aesthetic industry, a blind sculptor, psychology, the economics of appearance, etc. We have used “The Alphabet and the Goddess” as our launching point to discuss these ideas.

    You, of course, were to be our very first invited participant in what is not being called “The Hillside Summit,” but as we were organizing this and trying to locate you to send you an invitation we found out about your tumor and you were in the middle of radiation therapy. I was delighted to see your New Year’s greating and wanted to let you know how the project is progressing. I have little knowledge of how you are feeling right now, and know that you have many other more important issues at hand, but of course if you read this and find it intriguing the invitation is always there for you. Also, if you would like to call in and talk with the group by speaker phone we would love to hear a word or two from you, even if only for a minute. I would also be happy to send you the transcripts and/or subsequent article to be published from the session if you think it might be of interest and you are feeling well enough. But most of all I wanted to let you know about how your insights and ideas have stimulated me personally, the groups around me, and hopefully will lead to a better understanding of the meaning of our profession and to better results for happier patients. Such an outcome would be a wonderful tribute to your great and thoughtful mind.

    I wish you the very best, I thank you for the impact that you have had, for the ideas that you have elucidated, and for the care that you have given to your patients. Thank you so very much!


  344. Lorene Mills

    Oh Len, I am thrilled that you have finished the book! Hooray! I can hardly wait to see it! And maybe while you do your dazzling TV interviews, maybe we could do one also for New Mexico PBS TV. You are still my favorite interview!
    Just today I discovered a book in my mother’s library called “The Neuroanatomy of Leonardo da Vinci” by Edwin M. Todd published by Capra Pres in Santa Barbara. Do you know this book? It is full of lovely detailed illustrations. Shall I send it to you?
    Meanwhile all the best! I am thrilled with your wonderful news. Love to you and your family from New Mexico,
    Lorene Mills

  345. Anthony Brochetelli

    Leonard Schlain continues to leave an enduring impression on my mind. I am eagerly anticipating the release of Leonardo’s Brain, as I have need to experience that feeling of “satori” that distinguish all of his books. I wish Leonard a year filled overflowing with good health, laughter, and love. He has touched the lives of so many people. Excelsior!

  346. Lucy Jacobs

    How wonderful that you have finished your book, congratulations!! And as they say, the apples don’t fall far from the tree – you are clearly the father of your amazing family! Wishing you all the best for a happy and healthier and healthier New Year!

    with admiration,
    Lucy Jacobs

  347. louise rosen-garcia (byer)

    Dear Lenny,

    I posted a note a few days ago to you and just got a note from Ina that you have sent your manuscript this week. Let me simply say, in the words of another demographic, or perhaps even in ours, you ROCK BABY!! Your wondrous mind never ceases to amaze. You put the rest of us mortals to shame. I have yet to publish book 1. Although I am working on a non fiction piece and scraps of prose and poetry are lying around. Maybe I will send you some — after I unscrap them.

    I am thinking about you and beautiful Ina every day and send my love and prayers for your strength and health. You are a MENSCH of all MENSCHES Lenny darling.

    Love love love — Louise

  348. Lance Burris

    Dr. Shlain,
    It was with great sadness that I learned today of your illness and pray for your full recovery. We met briefly on a park bench in Balboa Park in San Diego, now many years ago. At that time I was writing a book of metaphysical philosophy based upon an epiphany I experienced 1976 in one of those Magritte moments of “presence of mind.” That global vision gave me a glimpse of what lies beyond space and time. It took me thirty years to translate that right-brain vision into left-brain mathematics and words, including the invention of an entirely new “visual vocabulary” and a methodology designed to create alternative realities. During our brief encounter you encouraged me to complete the book, which I did in 2007. I called with the hope of arranging a meeting, during which I intended to share the incredible discoveries I have made, which have major scientific and religious implications. I have discovered that the Marcel Duchamp’s Nude Descending the Staircase No. 2.,Dali’s Crucifixion, the tesseract, and other attempts to render four dimensional space are entirely wrong and have misled scientists and the public for generations. My new four-dimensional coordinate system suggests that Einstein also remained a prisoner of his culture and therefore was not as revolutionary as past generations have thought. In fact he is dead wrong on a number of fronts. Tesla was closer to the truth. I know that this is not PC, but…

    Sorry, no more space. If you are able, please call me at (707) 226-2737. Lance Burris

  349. Charlie Garfield

    Bless you Len. You’re an inspiration to us all. I look forward to reading your new book. It strikes me that Leonard and Leonardo make a fine team. I suspect if you’d lived in each other’s time, the man from Vinci would have written about our Lenny.

    Sending you all my best wishes,

  350. Nancy Miller


    It is truly amazing and wonderful that you finished your new book! I am looking forward to read all of your work. It must have taken an extraordinary amount of strength to write it as you are battling an illness at the same time. I suffered a chiro-stroke from a neck manipulation and had to learn to walk again. It was a long journey back. I appreciate simply walking like many people may not. I studied with Marcel Marceau and remember him saying how a simple walk on stage is magical. Well, it is more so in real life, an ability when we are well, we somehow take for granted. So, I can somehow relate to how exhausted you may feel at times. Please try to rest and feel the love and light that comes to you. I hope you are able to accept slowing down, because your body needs rest. I am currently reading The Alphabet Versus The Goddess. It brings so many thoughts and energy to me!
    I feel I know you and your family, though I have never met you or your family. That is because the harmony is projected in all you do. I hope to meet you someday. I wish you “REFUAH SHLEMAH” Please excuse me for not knowing how to spell that. Fondly, Nancy Beth Miller

  351. Leighton C. Whitaker

    Dear Dr. Leonard Schlain and your family,
    I am deeply sorry about the brain tumor but pleased to know that such a superbly creative author, presenter and genius at synthesizing enormous amounts of knowledge continues to be with us. Having heard you present in Sante Fe, I was delighted by your introducing yourself to me in Maui and talking with me and my wife the night before the conference there where again, your gave another excellent presentation. I then bought three of your books from your wife and read and studied all three, marvelling at your knowledge and feeling inspired. As a writer of and editor of books and two professional journals, I continue to appreciate and admire your work and have been looking forward to the book on Leonardo but even more I wish you the best possible treatment and healthy outcome.
    Leighton C. Whitaker, Ph.D., ABPP

  352. saralyn

    Thank you… thank you… thank you cousins and Ina.. for taking such good care of Uncle Lenny….. Surrounded with love and care… Uncle Lenny is loved by so many… I am blessed to be in that circle of love.


  353. Gabe Rivera

    I was hoping that Leonard or his family might be able to help me resurrect ‘the goddess temple’. Is there a way I could communicate with him about the idea? I was told by the Goddess that he would most likely help me.

  354. Olgalucia

    Dear Shlain family:

    I’m happy to know our friend Leonard finished his 4th book and is in good health.

    I am sending him warm wishes from beautiful Arizona and from my Colombian heart.


  355. sherry chamove levit penzias

    Thinking of you at this time-especially with Kinberly’s show opening this weekend. Your family’s love, warmth and suport is a model for us all.
    Arno and I send you are best wishes and congratulations on fishing your newest book. We are looking forward to reading it.

    All good thoughts,

  356. Life-Michael Jones

    Dr. Leonard Shlain and family. I’m a minister of nature. Your work here will be of great benifit on the filling in of Herstory, to cap off History so we can go back to Ourstory again, wiser now for the experience of Men seizing on that which was not theirs but ours. Were it possible to turn on all of femininity to their story that is locked away in that part of their “x” chromasome waiting for the right combinations of time place form and event to hear that which only women and men who love and support goddess spirit. Imagine if women become telepathic and move in concerts of positronic motions through “e” (as in eternity) motions that haarmonize all parts with the whole.

  357. Vanessa George

    Congratulations on finishing your book! Mazel Tov! My prayers and well wishes continue to go out to you and your family. I still remember your awesome lecture in San Diego last March at the AAMC conference. Here’s to many more great lectures!

    Vanessa George
    UCSF Medical Center Development

  358. Marta Cayce-Irvin

    Dear Shlain Family,

    I bought and read Dr. Shlain’s book “Art & Physics” in October of 2000. It opened up both worlds to me in a new light. Today, I had an impulse to read it again. As I sat at my computer another impulse to look up what other books he may have written led me to learning of his health issue. I have studied energy medicine and will join everyone else in prayers for his healing. Ethically I cannot do anything more without permission but if you would like any further healing I am offering to freely do what I can, just let me know. Blessings to you all, with Love, Marta Cayce-Irvin

  359. Diana Lehr

    Dear Lenny,

    This is a wonderful website your daughter set up for you!

    You are on my mind often and I’m sending my love and support from the sun and light of Maui over to you in CA.

    I am so happy you were able to complete your latest book and I look forward to reading it when it is released.

    I am grateful to have spent precious time with you while you were here on Maui and will remember it always.
    Thank you for the support you’ve given me over the years by believing in my art, it means more than you can know. I hope the paintings are bringing you comfort and pleasure.
    I’m not as good with words as I am with a paintbrush, but my heart is with you and your family and I send my love to you,


  360. Bobbi & Bob Geering

    Dear Lenny,

    Congratulations!!! We are so happy to hear that you have finished your book. We are really looking forward to reading the new Shlain tome. Leonardo’s Brain by our “present day Leonardo”.

    We know that you were determined to finish the book and we knew you would, so now with the love and good wishes of your family and all your friends, we know that you will soon be well.
    We think of you so often and always send
    positive thoughts for great improvements in your health.
    Thank you for posting the interview on your web site. It was fascinating to be able to see and hear your stories and thoughts.

    We send our love,
    Bobbi and Bob

  361. Nancy Coleman

    Mr. Shlain, I read Art & Physics when it first came out (I was also a resident of Mill Valley) and have long been a fan. Now a Commissioner on the Palo Alto Public Art Commission and helping to put on a series of artists’ talk for our citizens, I was thinking about inviting you to come speak. Your views would be different and refreshing, and it is a struggle to help the lay population understand why it is important to spend resources on art. But in searching for you, I and found this website and just learned of your illness. I am very sorry for your travails and hope the best for you. If you ever felt like participating in in the education of our public about art, we would so welcome your views–but clearly it is better to send you our energies now than ask for you to give more, as you have so generously done. Thank you for your work. — Nancy Coleman

  362. Marvin Shlain

    Our dearest Lennie, We were hoping beyond hope that you would get some good news about your MRI findings. We wish you an easy time. We know that life can deal us some pretty rough blows and that we sometimes have no voice or control over important outcomes. Lennie, I first laid eyes on you when you were 2 years old. I am l3 years older than you are. You always were a refreshing delight and a wonder growing up and destined to be outstanding. Marvin and I were always so proud of you through the years. You are so accomplished that we were always thinking, “what will Lennie do next?” You are surrounded by your loving children and grandchildren, with a new baby on the way. Being together with your loving family in Hawaaii at Christmas-time was an occasion to make more memories for a lifetime. What do we want to say to you? We have always been so proud of your becoming a doctor. We have always been proud of your going to Israel during the l967 war to offer your medical services and help the wounded soldiers there. We have always been proud and admired your impressive books and lectures given aound the world. We have always been proud of your “hands-on” role with your family including our family. We want to tell you again how much we love you and how much we love Ina. We want to express our deep family feelings about you. You have done so much in your lifetime, You must have a feeling of fulfillment. You want to do more with plans for the future, You are amazing!We hug and kiss you. We love you deeply. We have always loved you! We talk about you. We pray for you. Robert and Bruce, Nick and Frankie, Tom, send their love. Much love from your brother, Marvin and sister-in-law, Hilda, to a very special person in our lives.

    “SPECIAL” is a word that is used to describe something one-of-a-kind like a hug or a sunset or a person who spreads love with a smile or kind gesture. “SPECIAL” describes people who act from the heart and keep in mind the hearts of others. “SPECIAL” applies to something that is admired and precious and can never be replaced. “SPECIAL” is the word that best describes you. Love from the bottom of our hearts, from Hilda and Marvin.God bless you, Lennie.

  363. Beverly and Ed Anello

    Dear Lenny,

    We are upset with the news of your battle for health.

    Much gratitude to you for your encouragement years ago when there were few in the field, in finding connections between art and healing within the hospital setting. You were an exhilarating keynote speaker at Marin General’s National Conference for the Society for Arts in Healthcare.

    Thank you for sharing so much of your infectious, enthusiastic curiosity with so many of us over the years. Your love of how-things-work (and your love of your family, which comes across in your talks) has been inspirational.

    We send healing thoughts and prayers to you.

  364. Bob Shlain

    I have been thinking about you frequently , especially these last few months. As I grew up, you always spent quality time with me and were very influential in my entering the medical profession. My time spent in California, after I graduated high school, made a great impression on me. You always gave me good advice and I was always comfortable talking with you. You are someone I have always deeply admired, respected and loved. I have enjoyed reading your eloquently written books and getting your views on current events. I am so very proud of all your achievements and am glad that you have been such a special person in my life. I have always been aware of how much you cared about me through the years. I will always love you and cherish you and our times together. Wishing you the best medical care and comfortable treatment. All my love, from your nephew, Bob Shlain. TO MY TREASURED UNCLE LENNIE, BEST REGARDS AND LOVE TO INA AND YOUR FAMILY,

  365. Donna Glassford

    Wow ! I am so happy to hear you have finished the book !! Very very exciting news and I look forward to reading it.
    I am working on a project you would enjoy. It’s entitled “Hey, Florence!” which is a musical about the lives nurses. Craig Christie, a playwrite from Australia is writing the songs and the nurses will be actually starring in the production. Lot’s of great stuff coming out of the project !

    Just wanted to let you know I am thinking of you and constantly sending you and your family prayers and healing thoughts.
    Big hug ,

  366. Muffie

    Loved reading your note today! I will put out the word on platelet donations for you! Wish I could, but I flunked out the any blood donation programs years ago!!! Sending you and all of yours much love!

  367. kris kimel

    Thank you for the 2/28 update. As we plan for the 2009 ideaFestival (IF) many…many people ask when is Leonard Shlain going to speak again. I always tell them “hopefully soon”. We will have a spot waiting for you.

  368. Jane Brody

    Dear Leonard,
    I will pray, chant, light candles, raise toasts, and walk in mindfulness for your recovery. Your book The Alphabet Versus the Goddess has changed my life and my own teaching as well. I was given it by a student who felt my ideas might jibe with yours and she was right. I am requiring it as a text for my next set of classes.

  369. Jamie Jacobs-May

    Hi Lenny- Just a note from the rooting gallery- “you go Guy!” I admire you so. Your courage, strength, calm, determination, openness, adaptability, love- wow. you have it all. I know there are up days and down. Keep on truckin’ and show us all how it is done! I will be thinking, praying, and sending you my best thoughts and energy. With lots of love, Jamie

  370. Doug Stevenson

    Dr. Shlain — I met you at the Idea Festival in 2006, I believe. You gave a wonderful lecture and were already speaking of your book on Da Vinci. So glad you’ve finished it! Hoping and visualizing that you are winning that race with the tumor — and seeing you on Rachel Maddow soon. Much respect, gratitude & well wishes, Doug Stevenson

  371. Adrienne Panter-Haskamp

    Hi Lenny, I’m glad to hear you are keeping up the good fight. Dale is also on Avastin, once every 3 weeks, and so far so good. We’re currently on a much overdue visit to CA to see our many old friends, it’s been a few years. I hope things go well for you with all this, I know ll too well that it is not an easy road, and how those we love and those who love us keep us going. Wishing you all the best. love, Adrienne

  372. Michael J. Gelb

    Dear Leonardo,

    Mazel tov on finishing the book! I can’t wait to read it. And I will be delighted to review it on my website “Notebook.” I’m sure it will be a fabulous complement to “How to Think Like Leonardo.”

    Meantime, Debbie and I are sending Healing Light in your direction. We are visualizing you healthy and vibrant and looking forward to your return to Santa Fe.

    All Blessings, Michael

  373. Rick Williams


    It was so good to be with you last summer in San Diego at MEA and Julie and I appreciate your kind comments on our Visual Communication book.

    We think of you very often and send good spirits and health your way. Leonardo is fabulous and especially alive after heard you speak about it.

    So happy to hear that you have energy and are feeling well enough to be up and about. Our best wishes to you. We will be in the bay area April 11 weekend and will contact the Blood Center about platelet donations. Would love to share that with you if we can.

    Health and Power to you, Rick Williams

  374. Vara Kamin

    Dear Dr. Shlain,

    You continue to inspire me with your creative output. I look forward to the publication of your book.

    I will plan to join you and others on March 5th…Regretfully, I am not in the Bay Area, for it would be my honor and privilege to donate platelets to you.

    With warm thoughts and Kind Regards, Vara

  375. Hannah Rose

    Dear Lenny,
    I am so happy for you and Ina that you have finished this book, and are now on the editing! I look forward to again so enriching my life and views of the world by seeing through your eyes and brain. I think of you daily, and send thoughts of healing and strength, and I visualize the fierce attacks on the cancer cells in that wonderful brain of yours. I am on board for March 5 at 5PM!
    Love, Hannah

  376. Martin Brotman M.D.

    Len-I have just learned of this website. I think about you often and miss the pleasure of your company. My thoughts and prayers are with you. I will speak to my team at CPMC about the need for platelet donors.
    I so enjoyed reminiscing over lunch with you. We have a lot of wonderful (and funny) memories. I look forward to creating many more such when you are back in action.
    Warmest best wishes,

  377. Rebecca Alban Hoffberger

    All of us here at the American Visionary Art Museum in Baltimore take time to rave about your book Art & Physics to our many visitors of all ages. Surely it illumined our take on our current and most popular mega exhibition, “The Marriage of Art, Science & Philosophy.” May the Source of true health, The Designer of all well -being give a good talkin’ to your rogue cells and shift them quickly back into perfect harmonic operation. We need your treasured and beautiful mind and heart more than ever and we await all your next creations. With Love and Profoundest Respect. Rebecca Fndr & Dir. AVAM

  378. Dennis Collins

    Thanks for the follow along. I am so glad to hear from you that you have completed your book and are ambulatory and enjoying the fruits of your efforts. I am still traveling up to Petaluma once a week and would love to see you if it were contributory and not a burden. I am laboring away getting caught up on family pictures, movies and a new grandchild, Emma Luise Wittgen born Feb, 12. I am also thinking about downsizing and moving into a condo but the economy won’t stand still long enough to let me do it. My thoughts, visualizations, and spirit are with you.
    Dennis Collins

  379. Fred Sias

    Best wishes. I enjoyed your talk at Hilton Head several years ago and I have since read your books. I am looking forward to Leonardo’s Brain. Glad to hear you have been able to finish it.

    It is nice to hear that you are still progressing although I understand you have bouts with the hospital.

    I am sending good vibes,

  380. June Freeman

    Here’s to wishing making it so: I wish that all you are doing to combat your cancer will insure your survival and lasting well being.

    Met you a long time ago in Santa Fe when you spoke at Madness and Creativity.

  381. Mindie Dieu

    Dr. Shlain, you braved the Oklahoma heat in 2006 to spend a week with us at the university. Rarely have I learned so much from one person in a single event.

    Best wishes and good thoughts for continued recovery and good health. For you and also for your family.

  382. Liz Weir

    Hi Leonard
    It’s a cold evening here in the north east of Ireland but I send you warmest wishes from my daughter Clare and myself. In just over a month we head to Boulder for CWA and since that is where I first met you it is definite that you will be in our thoughts. With every good wish!

  383. Bob Logan

    Hi Leonard – I was delighted to hear in your last post that you are making good progress. Walking, talking, working and planning projects are all good signs. I pray the Avastin does the trick for you.

    As for me I am working on a project to develop a SmartBook which combines the advantages of a codex book and an e-book. I spend a lot of time at the Ontario College of Art and Design. I am the only physicist at the art college but you are the only guy that wrote about art and physics. You continue to inspire me – get well soon – love Bob Logan

  384. Danielle Lanthier

    Dear Lenny,
    Congratulations on finishing your book! Just wanted to say how nice it was sitting and talking with you at Ted’s party a while back. You never fail to entertain! Glad to hear you are getting around well. Please don’t hesitate to let me know if there’s anything I can do for you. I’ll be paying a visit to the Irwin Memorial Blood Center as soon as they’ll have me! Jason and I wish you good health. You are often in our thoughts and prayers.

    Much love,

  385. Judith Mates, MD

    My thoughts are with you. Looking forward to reading your new book when it comes out.
    Life is too short, and that “Bucket List” should be started in our 30’s and the items checked off periodically, not waiting until our 60’s. I think of you as an example of living life to its fullest at an “early” age.
    Thoughts and prayers to you and your family for your continued well-being.

  386. layla sarakalo

    Hello Leonard,
    I have held you in my thoughts many times in the past months, sending you outpourings of warmth and joy to tickle your mind’s eye. I hope they reached you!

    I am deep in the process of my ART AND PHYSICS project for Stephen Hawking and will send you the results of this wonderful experiment soon for your viewing pleasure.

    I wish you all things good and kind…layla

  387. Brett A. Baer

    Hi Leonard,

    Just stoppping by, and sending you some positive energy. Next time in the Bay Area I will stop by the Blood Bank for you, and those in need. Hang in there. “Tough Times Never Last…. Tough People Do!”

  388. Sally Fay

    Leonard, your amazing spirit shines through these wonderful updates, which I so much appreciate! Keep up the great progress, and I will send my thoughts and wishes especially hard tomorrow!
    Sally Fay
    Hi to your lovely wife, too!

  389. Sheila Porter


    Thanks so much for keeping all of us who care about you posted on your current condition. All of my thoughts and good vibes are with you in this battle, both on Friday evening and all other days and times. Glad to hear you are feeling reasonably well. Keep up the fight.

    Warmest regards,

  390. Marcia Shrock and Jim Cochran

    Dear Dr Leonardo Davinci<

    We are very apy to keep getting updates fr9om you. When we all get into shape ( I have had two strokes recently) we are going to plan to come to CA to attend another of your seminars. Congratulations on Leonardo’s Brain. Waiting with bated breath.

    Marcia and Jim

  391. Susan Brashear

    I am so happy to hear from you. I was thinking so much about you just yesterday and hoping that you are responding to the treatment you are receiving. Please know that all of us teachers from the TAM district are thinking of you and sending those good thoughts your way. There’s so much more to learn and appreciate about your books and thoughts and its a perspective that is needed more than ever. Best wishes, Susan Brashear and Ben Cleaveland/ Conservatory Theatre Ensemble @ Tamalpais High School

  392. Susan Brashear

    Delighted to hear from you… I was thinking so much about you yesterday that I have to say, I think the timing is very connected.

    Please know that the teachers from the TAM district send our best wishes to you in your recovery. Your books and lectures are more relevant than ever… especially in these times.

    With best wishes,
    Susan Brashear and Ben Cleaveland/ Conservatory Theatre Ensemble-Tamalpais HIgh School

  393. Alan Greenwald MD

    Dear Lenny,
    I am relieved to read that you are doing well. You have my heartfelt best wishes for a complete recovery of body and spirit. I have been saying Misheberach for you at my synagogue. If I were still living in San Francisco I would gladly give platelets, but I am now in a small seaport town in the Puget Sound. I will always be appreciative of your lecture at my SF Medical Society President’s Dinner and still owe you dinner out some time. Next time you get to Seattle let me know. I missed you at the Town Hall last year. By the way, I was elected president of the county medical society here as soon as I arrived.

  394. Chuck Pliske

    No story, just wishes and prayers for your comfort and continued well-being. I deeply appreciate all you have done for us with your writing. My wife and I saw you in Seattle a short time ago and enjoyed that visit very much. Love to you and your family!


  395. Gabriele Rico, Ph.D.

    Dear Leonard: I am rooting for you. I own and have read all your books, and look forward to this one. I know how complicated putting a book to bed is. I just submitted a completed manuscript to my publisher.

    Words live!
    Warm wishes, every day

    Gabriele Rico

  396. Christina

    Dear Leonard,
    I have been confident that the Great Spirit that heals all life unto Itself would provide you with the gifts of healing – because you believe in Life Itself. May your journey be one filled with the peace and wisdom that fills the sky with stars and your heart with Joy.
    Many Blessings to you and your family,
    Kindly yours,

  397. Amy Nelder-Lejnieks

    Dearest Lenny,

    Greg and I were just talking about you and can’t wait for the next scheduled day of remote healing -we think of you all the time anyway and send healing thoughts your way, but nothing so powerful as those mass prayers!

    Also wanted to tell you that I am thinking of you often now as I look at my amazing new little baby Chloe-Isabel as well, recalling something really special you told me some months ago about parenthood – First, we’ll get to see her, and then we’ll know what she looks like. Then, we’ll hear her voice, and we’ll see what she sounds like. But then eventually, we’ll discover her personality, and we’ll get to see what her mind is like…We’re having so much fun unearthing all these things. Thank you for your amazing and tender insight.

    Many blessings to you today and every day.

  398. Mike Larsen

    Dear Leonard:

    Great to hear from you. I think of you often, always with hope and great admiration.

    Have you read Three Cups of Tea by Greg Mortenson? It’s a remarkable, inspiring book by a great human being. Starting with nothing, he has built 78 schools in Pakistan and Afghanistan. I’d be happy to send you a copy if you’d like.

    Thanks to a friend,I’ve taken up bike riding. It’s wonderful to ride along the waterfront from Fort Mason to the Bridge, one of the most beautiful urban rides in the world. Even in a car, it’s gorgeous. There’s a warming hut at the end of Chrissy Field that makes good hot chocolate. Would love to treat you to one!

    Delighted the book is coming along. Only sacrifice gives achievement meaning so I know you’ll as proud of the book as you are of your other books. If you can think of a way we can help with it, please let us know. Hope you’ll speak about it at next year’s conference, 2/12-14, 2010. This year’s conference sold out again and went very well.

    We’re well and very busy.

    If you’d like us to visit, please let us know.

    All the best from both of your devoted fans,


  399. Alvin Duskin

    I’m waiting for a medical opinion on whether I can donate some platelets. I’ve got lots and I’d like you to have them.
    But although I’m getting along fine with my resident non-Hodgkins lymphoma, they’re not sure about the possible risk to you.
    That is, you might get some nasty lumps in your arm-pits and groin in a few years.

    If you can’t have mine I’ll recruit some for you.

    With love, Alvin

  400. Roy Wonder

    Lenny, My very best wishes – and prayers go out to you for a prompt and complete victory over those tumors. I look forward to seeing you talking about your new book. Roy Wonder

  401. Nancy Ramsey

    So glad to hear that things are going well. We will indeed participate in the Friday circle of good wishes and I’ve made arrangements to go into town to give blood next week. Rusty and I look forward to your continued good recovery news.

  402. Mary Wilson MD

    I stumble across your website and like a child searching for agates in a dry sand burr field in hot August in Minnesota and I am am filled with joy. Your research is such a find! I flash back to the work of Robert Grave’s work on the White Goddess (which I hope is in your book) and his life was an inspiration for me as I felt I lived in a trench…(I am an ER MD hitting the predicted proverbial wall this past January) A dear friend of many years struggles to reinterpret the life of Jezebel in research in Israel.
    I love current MRI studies on the brain and hope your work on alphabet and the brain inspires more. In regards to your suffering, I will sit still during the March 6th time. As we all know sitting still is the beginning to being..there. Godspeed..Love Mary

  403. Paula Tevis

    Hello Lenny,

    Although you are always in my thoughts, and I keep up-to-date through phone calls with Irene or Annie, I have hesitated writing to you in public. I can’t exactly explain why. I don’t think it’s shyness particularly, more a reluctance to get personal in an impersonal space, perhaps. But after reading more of these notes to you this morning, I realized that in some respects it’s a part of the lesson you’ve managed to impart to me.

    When I first was notified about the website, I watched the 70th birthday video that Tiffany put together. I was more than moved; I thought I had discovered the meaning of life…your life certainly, but in a much broader sense. I know that while your journey has been a rich and fascinating one, I also understand that it has not been smooth nor without lessons learned along the way. But what you discovered, you have always shared with whomever strayed in your path. You shared it verbally,you wrote it down, you lived it and shared it by example. This generosity overwhelms and moves me. And what I took from the video was your belief that life is plainly about deeply loving and nurturing your family and friends, never wasting an opportunity to live, and never giving up. I should have know how simple the answer was; maybe I did, but sometimes we get caught up in less important details.

    Upon reading the recent posts, I was not surprised to find that you have connected with everyone from strangers on park benches to the masses who have listened to your lectures. It is what they took away from the encounters that prompted me to finally write to you on the website. They met a human being of amazing intellect who radiates passion for life. Now, while the majority of us weren’t blessed with Leonard’s brain and have to do the best with the grey matter we got, we all have the capacity to infuse our own lives with your sort of passion; as well, we all can develop our own generous spirits, be kind to all those who love us and even those who don’t, and develop whatever talents we do have.

    I feel very blessed to know you and to be part of your extended family. Mark and I will stay up late tonight to send healing thoughts from London. Lili and Madeleine and Mark and I also send you a great deal of love.

  404. sheri hartstein

    Dear Leonard,

    Congratulations on your triumph in having completed the book! Wishing you strength and clarity of mind for the editing phase.

    Special healing prayers are being sent your way this evening. Further remedial assistance will be forthcoming as needed.

    All good thoughts and wishes,

  405. Donna

    HI Lenny!Great to see your note and to hear that you are being honored…as you should be! When last we spoke, I mentioned a DVD that somehow….reminds me of you..It’s a tribute to Leonard Cohen…maybe it’s about his phrasing…maybe it’s about his appreciation for beauty…maybe it’s his humor…don’t know…but I promised to send a snippet of the show.. (see link below) and I’m including one of my favorites which is not included in the DVD. Turn up your speakers! Hope you enjoy!Much love, Little Flower



  406. Terry & Char Jeggle

    Dear Leonard,

    It is great to hear from you especially as it was only the evening before we received your latest message that Char and I were speaking of you (maybe our discussion was triggered by our unconscious knowledge that you were writing it at that moment ??). At the time we were hoping that the treatment was going well and that you were progressing on Leonardo’s book. So, it is tremendously encouraging to hear that the possibility for sucessful treatment continues and that you have indeed been able to complete the book. We know how commited you have been to it and deeply engaged in the subject.

    As we also had seen Tiffany on the BBC TV(I think, maybe another TV broadcaster ?)piece of “My city – SF” the evening before, too, so the Shlain power is coming through quite strongly here in Geneva.

    Do continue to take care, be strong, and enjoy all that you are currently doing, surrounded and in touch with all who love and respect you. We continue to think of you, and will make a point of doing so particularly at our time 0200 hrs Saturday – or your 1700 hrs today Friday, 6 March.

    Our heartfelt greetings and and very best regards. Be well and keep being engaged as ever you have.

    Terry & Char Jeggle
    Geneva Switzerland,
    (but soon to relocate to the US, at Univ. Pittsburgh, June 1.)

  407. Larry Megill

    Dr. Shlain,
    I have had the recent pleasure of exchanging emails with your daughter, Kimberly. I am an artist/musician of some small note. I have been fortunate to father two daughters, and their successes compliment me more than any of my sincerest artistic endeavors.
    I’ve been viewing your lectures online, and I look forward to reading your books. You present splendid observations of what looks to be reality to me.
    If Kimberly is representative of the rest of your child-nurturing, you are an extremely successful man.

    About the cancer thing…my invaluable partner/muse/companion was hit dead-on with bad melanoma some years ago.
    She, and we, prevailed.
    My most positive energy is sent to you.

    What good works you do!

    Larry Megill

  408. Martin Weiner

    Dear Lenny,
    I very much appreciate this update. I enjoyed our lunch together at the Cliff House. My thoughts and prayers are with you and your family. I marvel that you have finished your book. Mazal Tov! How wonderful that grandchildren are on the way.
    As ever,
    Marty Weiner

  409. Spencer Myers, MD

    Good afternoon,Len –

    I’m the fellow pre med student of yours in the same class at the U.of M. who ended up down in Steinbeck country in Monterey county. You were gracious enough to come down to Monterey Peninsula College and speak 3 times about your books,as well as addressing my Rotary club. Both groups keep asking for you to return,and when I share that you are fighting the good fight with a tough opponent, they all wish you well and send their thoughts and prayers. You remain on the prayer list at my Episcopal Church of the Good Shepherd, which is located out in the valley just over the ridge from Carmel Valley. John Steinbeck wrote a short story about the area called, “the Pastures of Heaven”, so I guess the vibes for healing here are powerful.

    I write this from the colonial city of San Miguel de Allende, Mexico. The healing vibes big down here also; it’s an artist’s colony and full of alternative healing practitioners, many of whom are no doubt charlatans; but maybe it’s just that I’ve spent enough time in our field of medicine to realize that although I remain a staunch advocate of Western evidence-based medicine, I now realize that a person can be a healing influence with no MD or other letters following his name.

    We’re here with friends that we’ve known since the U.of M. days. My wife Dee and I went back to Ann Arbor 2 years ago to a sorority reunion of her Tri Delta house, and I was stunned at the changes, not having returned since 1960. The North Campus has grown so that it’s larger than the main campus. The Pretzel Bell is gone, as are many old sites, but you would recognize the central campus well.

    Dee and I went two weeks ago to Monterey Peninsula College to hear a poetry reading from Donald Hall, the former poet laureate of the US and U.of M. English professor. Dee had classes from him, as an English major; do you remember him? I did not, as I spent too much in organic chemistry lab and the like, as I’m sure you remember.I have long thought that medical school selection committes should be looking more at graduates from the school of LS&A than they do.

    Wow, I have gone on too long; e-mails are suposed to be brief. I am so glad to hear that you have finished your book, and look forward to reading it, as well as to attending more of your brilliant and insightful lectures. You remain in our thoughts and prayers, big time.

    Go Blue,


  410. Ken Shultz

    Dr Shlain,

    When you spoke at the Yale Club in San Francisco last year, you said that Leonardo stands as the only person in history that was at the very top of his game in both the sciences and arts. While I think it would be gratuitous to compare you to him, my belief is that you are one of the very few people that has contributed so much to both of those worlds. And you somehow managed to accomplish this while being a devoted husband and father.

    My only hope is that you have a glimmer of what a treasure you are to this planet.

    With love,

    Ken Shultz

  411. Sandra and Ed Epstein

    Dear Leonard:
    Our wishes are crossing the Bay to let you know that you are thought about often and wished a full and speedy recovery.
    Shabbat Shalom.
    Sandra and Ed

  412. Carrletta

    Dear Lenny,

    Please know, we are and have continuously been keeping you in our thoughts and prayers. And I just found out, via your email update, that you’ve completed another book! WOW, you are a marvel and quite an inspiration. Thanks for reminding all of us what’s possible. We love you, Carrletta, Alex & Malakhi.

  413. Karen Wagener

    Dear Leonard: I’m one of Kimberly’s LA friends. I haven’t been in touch for a while, but you’ve been in my thoughts.

    We’re both healing right now. I had a hip replacement — miracle surgery — but my type A personality needs to settle down so I can recover. So I think of you, and that puts me in a peaceful space.

    Loving thoughts to you and your terrific wife. Karen

  414. Trisha

    we have not met, but we join in your healing process out of deep respect for you, the man who raised the amazing kimberly. We adore her so and anyone who is related to her gets all the love we have to offer! My daughter and I have sent healing prayers for you and will continue to do so 🙂 Trisha and Ava Maybee

  415. roger malina


    wishing you all the best from marseille= we just held a discussion on our YASMIN list on synaesthesia that you would have enjoyed= the mysteries of the human brain remain a critical issue in the arts ! this month we are doing a discussion on artists as inventors that ties in to many of the ideas you have promoted- we need the best artists and scientists working together to confront the burning issues of our times

    roger malina

  416. Amy Kathryn Mechling

    Most Respected Dr. Shlain:
    I am so happy to have stumbled on to your web site, though quite by accident. I was watching The Discovery Channel’s ‘The Science of Sex Appeal’ and was reminded of many of your own theories in your book ‘Sex Time and Power’. I was curious to check up on you!
    I heard you speak at the MAIS Conference in Rome, November 1992. It was a life-changing experience. Intending to be quite bored at this early-morning session, I remember being instantly and surprisingly drawn to your character, voice, and ideas, recording many, many notes that morning on anything i could find…from my conference booklet to my morning coffee napkins!
    You amazed and inspired me.
    I couldn’t think or talk about you and your ideas enough.
    That Christmas, my father bought me every one of your books.
    I must say, ‘Sex Time and Power’ has had the most profound affect on me.
    I taught middle school science for 12 years and had received my Master of Education in Science Education. I was teaching middle school science at the time I heard you speak. Since then, and because of your insights, your easy way of communicating them, and the wonder with which I read your books, my OWN brain EXPANDING and the neurons FIRING with each sentence I read, I am considering going back to school (at age 43) to receive my doctoral degree in either evolutionary or anthropological biology.
    There is no doubt in my mind you have affected many, many lives with your knowledge and passion……I am just one more person touched by your life.
    I am so glad I decided to go to that early morning meeting in Rome, because that day you changed my life.
    Respectfully Yours,
    Amy K. Mechling
    Clarion, Pennsylvania

  417. Nina Corwin

    Dear Leonard –
    It’s been quite awhile since our last opportunity for a gab fest on the vagaries of gender, brain, and every other thing under the sun. You are very much in my fondest of thoughts.

  418. Andrea Heffler

    Dear Leonard,

    I have recently had the opportunity to meet your lovely daughter, Tiffany, at an event in Philadelphia. I see now where she gets her inspiration, creativity, brilliance, warmth and charm. If it hadn’t been for that meeting I wouldn’t have had the chance to send you and your family our thoughts and prayers. We wish for you a swift and steady recovery.
    Fondly, Andrea and Brad Heffler

  419. Nick

    Hi Leonard, your book Art & Physics is one of my favorites. Your work has been a huge inspiration to me and I’m sure many others can say the same. I’ve never met you in person, but I found your website and wanted to send you my best!

  420. Roger D. Jones

    Hola Leonard,
    Angels surround you and we send blessings to you and your family.
    With much Gratitude I have stumbled upon your website. I love “The Alphabet vs. Goddess” This study has enhanced my life in a most special way. Such that it has enabled me to grasp the essence of my fellow man in this Bi-Cultural world I live in.
    As I ponder my daughter Isabella’s Waldorf Schools very survival here in San Miguel de Allende, Mexico, I reach towards your thoughts and ideas with great comfort and strength.
    Leonard thank you for teaching me and giving all us greater tools to deal with our future and the futures of our children.
    I look forward to one day meeting you and perhaps you may be a guest at Casa Angelitos.
    Warmest Personal Regards,

  421. Rosenblum

    Dear Len
    If we were in California we would surely be at the Saybrook Institute. As we are not, we can only be there in our thoughts and prayers, all of which are always with you and the family. Hope and trust and faith for a swift and certain recovery,
    much love always
    Lisa and Michael

  422. joel renbaum

    dear lenny. barbara and i have been thinking about you and praying about you since we heard of your illness. i just have to say that the world needs leonard shlain! your insight ,humor and grace have always been just remarkable.i know you completed your book but i hope you are writing down your thoughts now as well. we look forward to seeing you thursday even if is just a quick hello. stay strong. we love you. joel

  423. Laurel Paris Suess & Fred Suess

    Dear Lenny and Ina,

    We have just now found our way to your website and want to add our wishes for your continued recovery and good health. Watching the family videos and interviews, all the stories and sentiments from family and friends is a very moving experience. We’re eagerly looking forward to seeing you at Book Passage and to reading your newly released book. We have loved your others – so brilliantly written. You are a treasure ! See you Thursday night.

  424. Karen Clark

    Dear Leonard,

    Not a day goes by that I don’t send wishes your way. I am grateful to you in many ways. Your amazing lust for life and determination to revel in every moment of it is something I will always remember. And of course, I am grateful that you created, from the fruit of your loins, the most amazing woman who has become the most meaningful friendship I have ever experienced. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

  425. Mike Vaniman

    Dear Dr. Shlain
    I was most distressed to learn of your predicament and hope that your treatments are effective in restoring your health and well being.
    I retired from regular work (engineering) in 1997 and was, thus, able to devote my time to reading and hiking. Your “Sex, Time & Power” and “The Alphabet VS The Goddess” were key in adjusting my outlook and understanding of the perceivable universe (not that I lay claim to truly perceive truth, but I believe I do, which is good for my comfort).
    Anyhoo, thanks so much for your insites and the hard work you put into laying them out so clearly and beautifully for an old numbskull who’s still trying to figure what it’s all about.
    Looking forward to buying and reading “Leonardo..”. Hang in there, live long and prosper!
    Mike Vaniman

  426. Donna

    Lenny!what a wonderful evening and I’m so proud to included in the event…you must be so very proud…of everything! the film Tiffany made was so very perfect…I remember asome of it…after all…I’ve know the family for some 35 years….and the portion of “what is the meaning of life” …. I will never forget. it was truly “Lenny”….what a masterpiece! and…what a subject! it was so wonderful to see the kids and their kids….such history. Thank you for including us! Much love to all, Donna and Bob

  427. Yasmine Mehmet

    Hi Lenny,

    I heard last night was really special and am sorry I missed it. I was at Sadie’s school silent auction until midnight and am home now paying the price with laryngitis (little ironic for a ‘silent’ auction, isn’t it?). Anyhow, also wanted to say that Aidan and I can’t donate platelets (for age, hepatitis contact and UK residence reasons), but I am hoping and assuming you will have lots of willing donors. Hope to see you and Ina soon.

    Love, Yasmine

  428. Basil Haddad

    Dear Lenny:
    My thoughts and prayers that you are getting better day by day go out to you almost daily. I have a number of great memories of our paths crossing from time to time.
    I hope you have gotten previous well wishes from me but I have to admit my computer near-iliteracy in that this is thd first time I have figgered out how to do as you requested, i.e., writing to your Web site.
    I am pulling for you.

  429. Jack Futoran

    Dear Lenny
    Thank you for including us in the wonderful tribute Saybrook gave you last evening. You are in our thoughts often and we are wishing the very best for your recovery.
    It was nice seeing Tiffany and I was able to make the diagnosis! In the words of a great sage, “It should only be a boy child” what a thing for a gynecologist to say. Regards to Ina and your wonderful family.
    Pat and Jack

  430. Joe & Mo Blumenthal

    Hi Lenny,
    So far our prayers and good thoughts are doing the job, so will keep it up. We often mention you & our trip together in Greece & Ephesus. We were fortunate indeed to be one of the first to hear you speak on your first book. Amazing what you have done since. Keep up the good work.
    Much love
    Joe & Mo

  431. Betsy Porter

    Dear Leonard,
    I had the wonderful experience of meeting you in Santa Fe with my dear friend, Lorene Mills who interviewed you for a television program. I had the priviledge of sitting in on the interview as well as attending your lecture in Albuquerque. Since then, I have read your books which have truly given me a new tool for interpreting my world. I cannot thank you enough for sharing your astounding perception.

    You may remember seeing my ’54 Chevy pickup truck in the parking lot at the state capitol. Also, I invited you and your wife to have dinner with us in London because you were planning to come in the near future.

    I send my dearest wishes for the improvement of your health. I think of you so often when I realize that I am rethinking my previous perceptions in life. I sometimes have the feeling that you are sitting on my shoulder.

    Love and best wishes to you and your family,
    Betsy Porter

  432. Elynore Hambleton

    Dear Dr. Shlain, You have only recently come onto my horizon. Having been changed from a lefty to a righty, being ambidextrous for years, and now being mostly right handed, I read your book with fascination. I am an artist and I have a wonderful memory transferring experience into pictures. I am just finishing the Alphabet Versus the Goddess and cannot wait to get your other books. I am so sorry about your illness. I do believe in prayer and am sending them up. Thanks so much for helping me to understand my busy corpus colossum. Elynore

  433. Kevin Granger

    Dear Doctor Shlain,

    Jordan has been enduring my friendship and doctoring my various boo-boos for nearly a decade now, almost exactly since I moved to this city. He’s been a marvelous and inspirational friend; I don’t have another friend who’s simultaneously as smart, knowing, and zany! Jordan’s spoken glowingly of you, in his own ways, frequently. There hasn’t been a visit between him and me in which he hasn’t brought you up!

    I’m writing this to wish you so tremendously much of the very best that I can’t express it properly in words. You are in my thoughts – as Jordan’s father, and as the wonderful man so dear to him and so many others – and I wish you well, very well.

    Truly sincerely,


  434. Jaime Austria

    Thank you for all you do for a much better world and future for all.

    May your recovery be full and complete with just the right comfortable speed.

    All the best,
    Jaime Austria

  435. Hilliard ("Hill") Jason, MD

    Greetings, Leonard,
    As the 2009 edition of the Conference on World Affairs at the University of Colorado approaches I’m thinking about you especially often. Your contributions to the CWA have been among the most memorable of all time. Please know that huge numbers of us are pulling for your successfully recovery and your return to a full life, including continuing to make your wonderful contributions to others. You are missed!
    Fond good wishes,
        –  Hill

  436. Nadia Kirkov

    Mr. Shlain,

    I genuinely hope for and wish you a quickest recovery.

    Your works have ignited ideas for several papers that I wrote in graduate school. (I graduated a year ago and moved from Pennsylvania to the Bay area, Monterey.) I hope that your books, which never leave my night stand and which I take with me wherever I go, reach the rarest corners of the planet and are translated into all languages spoken by the human kind. (I would be happy to see at least some of them translated into Bulgarian which happens to be my native language.) I also think that Art & Physics should constitute a core subject in all U.S. Universities for all majors (even better if it was introduced as early as in high- and middle schools.)

    Many American students need to understand the creative power of “less pragmatic” subjects, as well as to enjoy their own discoveries and parallels that are generated by studies like yours.

    Once again, I wish you all the best, and most of all health, and, as many other people do, I admire your elaborate work and immense erudition.

    Very truly yours,

    Nadia Kirkov

  437. saralyn

    GREAT NEWS!!!!!!!!! GREAT NEWS!!!!!!
    If you could see me, you would see me jumping up and down for JOY!!!!!!!!! I LOVE YOU!!!!! Give yourself the BIGGEST HUG from me!


  438. marvin shlain

    Dearest Lennie & Ina,
    We are jumping up and down for Joy at your terrific news…Your strong will and love of living is the best medicine. Your loving family and friends need you…We pray for your continued recovery ….We will keep in touch….Very anxious to hear all your wonderful details….Much LOVE —Hilda, Marvin,Robert,Bruce,Nick, & Frankie

  439. Irene Kevitz

    Lenny, you looked wonderful at the Saybrook evening in your honor, and your eyes
    sparkled. You are admired and loved by so many.

    Your darling family, friends, fans, and colleagues were all there to cheer you,
    because you have been a powerful, inspiring, exciting, and loyal force in all
    their lives.

    Lenny, you have always fought against illness and for life, in all its fullness
    and glorious forms, and you have been a mentor to all who have known you, to do
    just that. You have taught us how positive thinking, choosing and fighting for
    life, as well as warmth and love, are half of the battle.

    Our families have known each other before all our children were born, and I see
    your mark and strong legacy in your terrific children and grandschildren. They
    are not only remarkable and accomplished, but also kind and loving human beings.

    Your magnificent Ina, and her wonderful Robbie, Annie, and darling grandchildren
    have been a constant source of support and joys, and delicious and rejuvenating
    children chaos for you. Their commitment to, and love for you is also an
    example of your legacy.

    It was heartwarming to see everyone gathered around you, celebrating you and
    life. We congratulate, cheer and toast YOU. God bless you all.

    Let us know how we can help.

    Always fondly,

    Irene, Gabby, Hilary and Sabrina

  440. Thomas Evans

    My profound thanks for your inspiring insights into the nature of being human.
    They have help me in my own pursuits and are a source of continuing inspiration. May God bless. Best Wishes. Looking forward to Leonardo….Tom

  441. claire egan

    Dear Dr. Shlain, I have just finished The Alphabet Versus the Goddess. I looked into your website and read that you are battling a brain tumor. I am so sorry to hear this and I wish you well in your healing journey. I believe relationship develops, albeit one sided, for the reader and collectively for the author and the readers. Your words brought me great joy and inspiration. I love your sense of humor and the color of the words you write and how you place them thoughtfully and imaginatively together. You are a wonderful story teller. Anyone living in your world is very fortunate to know you, as I am to have been also a part of your life through your fascinating writing. My best to you Dr. Shlain, my gratitude and my prayers for your recovery and health.Sincerely, Claire Egan, Bellingham, Wa.

  442. Steffen Konrath

    Dear Leonard,

    I know Tiffany and received her newsletter today. My prayers are with you and your family! I wish you the power it needs to overcome the challenges you face. As my wife has been seriously ill for 12 years now, we know how to live at the edge of life. During that time we discovered what has value, believe me, it is and was a hard way. Finally it is all about love. That is something I would say I can read in the postings from Tiffany as well.


  443. Karil Daniels

    We’ve met only twice – once at a Film Festival event, and years later at a screening of Tiffany’s “The Tribe” at the War Memorial a few years ago. Both times I was charmed and delighted to meet you. When I received Tiffany’s newsletter describing your health problems I was happy to learn that you are now doing much better and that the medication is working well.

    I send healing thoughts your way and earnest hopes for your quick recovery.

    Karil Daniels

  444. Karil Daniels

    # Karil Daniels Says: Your comment is awaiting moderation.
    March 30th, 2009 at 3:10 pm

    We’ve met only twice – once at a Film Festival event, and years later at a screening of Tiffany’s “The Tribe” at the War Memorial a few years ago. Both times I was charmed and delighted to meet you. When I received Tiffany’s newsletter describing your health problems I was happy to learn that you are now doing much better and that the medication is working well.

    I send healing thoughts your way and earnest hopes for your quick recovery.

    Karil Daniels

  445. Julian and Allie Goldstick

    Dear Uncle Lenny,
    We are all so glad to hear the good news!! Being in Austin, we are reminded of Lance Armstong and his successful recovery….we know you too will overcome this. You have to, Tiffany is having a new grandchild and everyone knows you can do it!! We enjoyed seeing you and Ina and spending time with Kimberly and Jake. Know we are all thinking of you and hope for an amazing recovery.

    With Love,
    Julian, Allie and their Mommy

  446. Amy Kathryn Mechling

    if anyone can beat this SCOURGE, it is YOU! your “life-lived-good”, positive attitude, determination, perseverance and intelligence can only make those DAMN cancer cells retreat! i wish only the best for you! and honor you for all you have given to the rest of us. (your minions.) : ) your mark has been made.
    and that’s all we really want, isn’t it?………thank you, Leonard Shlain, for inspiring me to learn more. and to WANT to keep learning more……you have made your mark on me, a complete stranger. but i feel i know you! my best wishes to you! and I thank you for making my world a little more interesting and a lot more “cerebral”…..just when i needed it. And so, for that, i thank you.

  447. Anne Walsh

    Dear Leonard,
    You may not remember me, but I remember you, so I’ll tell you the story of our first encounter. It was in the Koret reception room at SFMoMA, after the opening of the exhibition of video artist Pippilotti Rist. I had just moved to SF to teach at Cal, and Ken (Goldberg)- (an old friend of mine from L.A.)-introduced us. Ken was excited about the surgery he’d just watch you do – it was an abdominal surgery, I forget what kind. And you invited me to come watch you do one too!!! Which, to my mind, is one of the most generous invitations I’ve ever received. I’m sorry I haven’t had the chance to take you up on it.
    A few years passed, during which time my husband Chris and I became good friends of Tiffany’s as well as Ken’s, and we were invited by Tiff to come to her screening at the Mill Valley theatre, where you and she sat on stage and kibbitzed about your lives and work together. We came, and it was a marvelous evening. What touched me most was seeing the intimacy and respect between the two of you, father and daughter. I am also the daughter of a rather famous, inspiring, and loving man, with whom I share many intellectual and personal traits. It has been a great gift to have him as a father, and I feel unbelievably fortunate to be able to share so much of my life with him – and be so respected in return.
    So – I write to you to say bravo! Bravo for bringing such bounty to the world – your work, and your inspiring family.
    Bravo for being a person who is so well-loved. Bravo for fighting this cancer, which, as you say, is a full time job.
    I hope we get to meet again soon.


  448. Diane Ullman

    Dear Leonard, I am glad to learn of your good news. We have had a very successful Centennial Colloquium: The Consilience of Art and Science. Two weeks ago we showed the DVD of your Art and Physics lecture in the Pence Gallery in Davis. We had a wonderful turn-out and so much interest in your book. I will be sending you a DVD of a “rap” my honors students created in honor of Art and Physics (they read it for our class). Wishing you continued healing and all the best wishes always, Diane

  449. Monica

    Your work inspires me.
    I am an artist…very interested in Science and as of late, the brain.
    Someone introduced me to Art and Physics years ago, at an art opening.
    I went out and bought the book the next day. I was so inspired by all your work, I emailed you.
    You replied!
    It was fun.
    …here’s to your health, Mr. Shlain.
    Be well.


  450. Eva & Yoel

    I remember with great fondness our starting practice together way back when –and the many wonderful experiences we shared together in SF, NYC, Sonoma, etc.
    We of course send our love and wishes for continued improvement.
    Much love from NYC,
    Eva & Yoel

  451. Carol Seideman

    Today was the first day of the 71st World Affairs Conference in Boulder. I heard Chuck Hagel talk and Roger Ebert who talks through a computer….with a British accent no less. It was a good enough day, but missing, of course, was Leonard Schlain who to some of us (maybe most of us) has become the soul of the conference.

    Upon discovering that your name was not in the schedule I called upon Google to explain why. The sad news was mixed with your characteristic exuberance concerning the very good MRI report.
    In this web of life, there is a need for your strand to continue. The world is under the weather these days and will continue to benefit from the remedies that you, the healer, dispense. First, of course, comes your own healing. Along with many others, I send you my best thoughts and energy.

    Thanks for introducing so many new concepts…and for your wonderful books, the latest of which, presumably, will be out soon.

    With high hopes and kindly wishes, Carol Seideman

  452. mike vaniman

    Dear Dr. Shlain,
    So glad to hear of your positive progress in dealing with your cancer. Yeay!! Are you familiar with the writings of Jared Diamond? He was asked by a colleague of his, a native of New Guinea,how come it was that all us white guys had most of the “cargo” and it set him off to writing “Guns, Germs and Steel”.
    Then, there was Joseph Chilton Peirce who got curious about the effects of TV raster patterns on the infant and child brain visual cortex and he wrote “The End of Evolution”.
    Could it be that the universe is shaped like an infinitely large and 3-D Mandelbrot Set with niche within niche within niche within niche……….etc.
    Anyhow, thanks for your life and influence on my thoughts about the nature of it. Get well and keep on truckin’!
    Mike Vaniman

  453. Mishan Afsari

    Dear Dr. Shlain,
    I haven’t yet had the pleasure of meeting you in person, but I was one of the proofreaders for your book ‘Sex, Time and Power’ – quite a few years ago. Not being on this email list before, I only now found your website and learned of your tumor and recovery. I always felt that your intellectual and spiritual capacity went far beyond what most of us experience in a lifetime, and I see now that your beautiful spirit has brought such good energy to your healing, to your family, and to all of us loyal to everything you bring to our world. I hope one day soon I will meet you… and in the present moment, I send you my greatest hopes and warm wishes for good health and happiness.
    Kind regards,
    Mishan Afsari

  454. Stephanie Rudy

    The Conference on World Affairs was wonderful but there was a great hole in the program where you should have been. Hope you’re feeling better. Best wishes from so many people.

  455. Kim Hughes-Baus

    I throughly enjoyed The Alphabet Versus The Goddess many years ago . . .the reading group I am in read – studied it together for nearly a year!! Thank you for that great piece of work and thank you for your continued dedication to sharing your insights and knowledge! May I suggest reading the Seth/Jane Roberts writings . . .
    I wish you the best recovery possible . . . I imagine you in perfect health full of vitality and love!

  456. Christine

    no comments, only hopes and wishes!

    Lost a sister to cancer, I wish not to lose my brother too, Diagnosed with prostate cancer! Please or please dear Angels, if there’s anyway!

    Quit smoking Smoking March the 1st, 2009. Please always keep the urge away. Proud of myself so far!

    Hope to make a different in people’s life. I celebrate my 47 years here on earth, may I be able to offer any of its wisdom incured.

    May my two boys learn to be…. generous, affectionate, compassionate….and know the meaning of true sacrifice without sacrificing to much!

    May my Husband and I continue to live together in harmony, and not of neccessity.

  457. John Maxey

    Dear Mr. Shlain,

    I read your book, ‘Time, Sex, and Power’, in 2006 (at age 26), a recommendation from my younger brother Marc (24). I was living in san francisco at the time working an office job. I loved your book- bottom line. It changed the way I see the world.

    Thank you for taking action.


  458. Enid Rubin

    Was good to see you and your family a few weeks back and are hoping you continue to do well–you are in our thoughts and we send warm wishes of healing to you
    Enid and Alan

  459. Trudy and Dr. Howard Cooperman

    Dear Leonard,
    We recently learned of your illness. We had attended several of Barry Panter’s Creativity and Madness sessions were we were able to hear your wonderful talks purchasing books and DVD’s.
    We were able to meet members of your family. For the past 10 years we have been living in Montecito since I was forced to retire from doing surgery due to a horse riding accident which torn up my right shoulder.We are friendly with Eva and Yoel Haller and it was Yoel who told me about the web site. I have also spoken with Barry.
    Trudy ( who successfully survived 2 episode of Non-Hodgkins Lymphoma in the early “80s ) says to stay in and think the positive thoughts.
    We will await the Da Vinci book which I remember you talking about at a small afternoon seminar meeting in Hawaii.
    We send all our healing powers. Hope to see you soon at another meeting.
    All the best.
    Trudy and Howard Cooperman

  460. Barb Donia

    Dr. Shlain,
    As a member of the Wayne State University School of Medicine community, I can tell you without hesitation that this school is proud, honored and graced by you being one of our alums. I have met numerous alumni who have done great things with their knowledge and you stand tall among them.

    I saw you speak at a conference in San Diego and was enthralled in your presentation. Afterwards I was able to meet you and thank you for such a powerfully informative presentation. You changed history for me; you gave me a new perspective by which to view the workings of the human condition.

    Thank you for being who you are and bringing to light a new way to view the past, present and future.

    You are in my thoughts,

  461. Brenda Asterino

    Dr. Shlain,

    What a great inspiration you are to me and to others. Please keep improving.

    You are so important to these times.

    Brenda Asterino

  462. Rick


    I just ran into your work. I am working along very similar lines. I have reduced the pattern down to the creative and destructive currents.

    We as humans may have the potential to choose to put our energies in service of the creative current to develop an eden.

    Unfortunately at this point in the trajectory of history we are shunting the vast majority of our creative energy in service of the destructive current.

    The good news is that we are sort of at the apex of how much energy our civilization can pour into the destructive path without destroying everything. The bad news is that the most powerful institution, government, is transforming its destructive impulse into control mechanisms that are not as obviously ridiculous as MAD was.

    I am working on a book to expose the fact that all of our modern institutions:
    Factory Farming
    Factory Food Processing
    Mass Housing/shelter

    Were all created to satisfy the needs of war and are part of parcel of the continuation of the paradigm of destruction and control.

    I am very interested in the right brain left brain work you have done. I am working on tools that help to develop both hemispheres in sync.

    Hope you are keeping things in perspective so you can be happy inside. It is a big challenge for me to know so much about the precarious situation we find ourselves in and stay centered in curiosity and joy.



  463. Katherine Schmidt

    Wishing you well in your current struggle and next great transformation.
    With immense fondness and admiration. –Katherine

  464. Jessica Thompson

    Dearest Leonard,

    You will be so missed. Your legacy, your ideas, and your generosity of spirit will live on through so many. I feel so grateful to have known you, your brilliance and kindness will leave a mark on me through out my life.

  465. Ken Bush

    To Dr. Leonard Shlain’s family:

    I was so sad when I heard the news of Doc’s passing. He really helped me when in 2001, I e-mailed him about his book, The Alphabet Vs. the Goddess. Doc would ask me to do some work citing and research for his book, Sex Time and Power.

    I met Doc in Troy, Michigan at his speaking engagement in 2001. I was surpised that Leonard sent me a signed copy of his book and placed my name in his acknowledgement page.

    His wisdom and confidence in me has changed my life. I will forever miss his love and care for the human soul.

    I will miss you Dr. Leonard, so so much

    Sincerely yours,

    Ken Bush

  466. Juliette Williams

    You will be missed by so many, dear friend. I only met you a few times, and we exchanged some emails, but your books are very special to me and to many friends and family. Thank you for sharing your gifts with us.

  467. Anne Russell PhD

    After discovering LS, I always hoped to meet him. I wish he could have been cloned, for every woman should have a Leonard Shlain.
    (Wilmington NC)

  468. Nina Corwin

    I will always treasure the lively conversations and occassional visits I had with Len over the past 15 or so years. To have been able to share in the thought process of such an active mind was an honor and a pleasure.

    On the back of my first book of poetry is a blurb written by Lenny that will be a constant reminder of our friendship.

    With sad heart and fond memories,

    Nina Corwin,MA, LCSW
    Psychotherapist and Poet
    (author of Conversations With Friendly Demons and Tainted Saints)

  469. Adrienne Biggs

    My heart feels heavy hearing this news. Heavy for the large, loving family Leonard leaves behind, but light also, knowing that his deep love and good work will continue to influence many future generations in ways we can’t possibly know, predict, or even imagine. That was his gift to all of us, even those of us who admired him but who did not know him well.

  470. Saniel Bonder

    My heart sagged and tears came to my eyes when I saw your news of the passing of the truly great man, Leonard Schlain. I have been greatly enriched by his work, especially “Sex, Time & Power.” He was a true lion of the most humane humanity. I believe his works will inform, enchant, and enlighten our understanding of who we’ve been, who we are, and who and what we are becoming, for generations to come.

    I had the opportunity to present alongside Dr. Schlain several years ago on a panel in Berkeley, helping Anodea Judith bring out her book “Waking the Global Heart.” It was the only time we met, and, like I expect many many others, I found him delightful and just amazingly informative. Please know, those of you near and dear to him, that he has surely made a strong impact on me among just about countless others. I will treasure his memory.

    Saniel Bonder, founder of Waking Down in Mutuality, author, “Healing the Spirit/Matter Split”

  471. Toni Mayer

    Dear Tiffany and Ken,
    It was with great sadness that I heard from Nina of your Dad’s passing. Though I never met him, I felt a connection with him through you and through his books. My mother treasured his books as well.
    Love and best wishes in this sorrowful time,

  472. Connie Wolberg

    I’m thinking about Orwell’s famous line from ANIMAL FARM – “All animals are equal – but some animals are more equal than others.” All of us are unique, and even though it’s not possible to be MORE unique – Lenny was! His death leaves a terrible void in your lives and my heart goes out to you. Nobody has to remind you of how fortunate you are to have had him as an intimate and constant part of your life. The pain of loss is still raw and intense. I can only wish you the solace that comes from his amazing memory and legacy – as well as the love and support of each other and all those who care about you.
    With deepest sympathy and condolences,

  473. Crystal Nolan

    I was turned on to your father’s book, Sex, Time and Power by a 17-year old high school student! That led me to read Alphabet vs The Goddess and to a lecture he gave last year in Seattle on Art & Physics. I have been in healthcare my whole career, and I have NEVER encountered a surgeon who thought the way he did; I am in awe of his mind and thought processes. It must have been absolutely wonderful growing up in his household. I lost my 26- yr. old son recently, so I know the pain you are going through right now. My sincerest condolences. But what a wonderful legacy he leaves behind.
    Crystal Nolan, MHA, FACMPE

  474. Brendan Maloney

    I received notice of my hero and friend Leonard’s passing not fifteen minutes after emailing a friend that I hoped to see Leonard receive the Nobel Peace Prize someday soon for his groundbreaking theory so brilliantly outlined in The Alphabet versus the Goddess: The Conflict between Word and Image. My admiration for him is only exceeded by my sadness at his passing.

  475. Dr. Donald hester

    What a gift to life you are dear Leonard! I am confident your book on Leonardo will blaz a trail for us to reach to new levels of consciousness. I treasure my times spent learning from you. I hold the whole family in my prayers at this time of parting and celebrate your wonderful life.

  476. Tracy Keys

    On behalf of the Newport Beach Public Library Foundation, I want to say “we love you, Leonard, and we will miss your physical presence.” Your spirit will endure forever and you will live in your books on the shelves here at the library. You spoke here not once but twice and for that we are truly grateful.

    God bless you.

  477. marvin shlain

    Our Dearest Lennie, We just got word that your battle with cancer is over and that you passed away on Monday, May ll, 2009. We were involved with all of your triumphs and also your medical worries over the past 30 years when you were first diagnosed. You have lived your life so well, with so many unusual accomplishments in life. You have done more in your lifetime than a dozen successful people put together. You have left such a mark of importance in being such a loving son, brother, uncle, husband, father and grandfather. You left a legacy in the world of medicine, surgery, science and in being a successful author and lecturer. Your strong family belief in close ties with each of your children and grandchildren was a way of life through all the years. You were always giving of yourself in your generous thoughtful ways. The respect and loving friendships that you have made is evident in the responses that are expressed on the computer. So many people have taken the time to write about “Lennie” and how he touched their lives. You were never too busy or too preoccupied when you could be a source of support or give advice to those who benefited by it. You are worth the tears and grieving. We will miss you every day of our lives. We can only hope that this sadness will be replaced with good memories and happier times. We will grieve for you and continue to have your name on our lips and recount all the treasured times we shared together. You are a constant in our lives. You will never be forgotten, Lennie, and we will delight in recalling past togetherness through the years. Much love and special thoughts to your children and grandchildren and to Ina at this trying time.Life was your journey to explore, to learn from and expand your unknown dimensions to the limit. Your quest for knowledge was your creed. Much love from your brother, Marvin, your sister-in-law, Hilda, and your
    nephews, Robert and Bruce, nephew Nick and neice Frankie. You were always deserving of our tribute to you. May God bless you and keep you. Rest in peace, sweet brother.You will always be held close to our hearts.May your children and grandchildren be a blessing to your memory.

  478. Chris Wright

    I am sorry to learn of Dr. Shlain’s passing. For his having so elegantly explored and enlightened ideas which I had mused over for years, I owe him a debt of gratitude that I can only belatedly share with the family that is grieving him. Those of us who shared Dr. Shlain’s love of ideas, temerity to rhapsodize in a world in which pith’s at least temporarily won and delight in pondering questions whose answers can never be obtained with certitude will be his standard-bearers. My sincerest condolences to those of you who knew him best and will miss him most.

  479. Rabbi Jamie Korngold

    Leonard was such an inspiration. His books guided and influenced my seminary studies and my thesis. I was so proud when he agreed to endorse my book. It meant so much to me personally that he felt my book was on the mark. Such a great thinker, such a kind man. A loss to us all.

  480. Dan Fost

    Dear Tiffany and Ken:

    I remember hearing Leonard speak in Larkspur probably 17 years ago — before I knew you guys, before the Internet or the Webbys or anything. What an amazing man. We were all lucky to have him in our lives, and his loss leaves a huge hole.

    My thoughts are with you.

    Dan Fost

  481. Raymond Roker

    I didn’t know you personally, Leonard, but I knew your daughter Tiffany (and her husband) through Reboot. It’s now more clear what made her such an beautiful and gifted person–something I experienced from our first introduction. What an environment she must have grown up in with you and your family. Rest peacefully knowing that you instilled in her the traits, strengths, ambitions and talents to make her who she is today. And there’s no doubt your influence spread far beyond and to many others as well. If that’s all we achieve in this life, then we have achieved greatness.

  482. karen

    heard your interview on the radio years ago with Terry G on NPR, read your book and saw you a couple of years ago in SF at CIIS. Big loss for everybody. your books have helped to clear some personal issues that have to do with gender and the relationship we have to the feminine. amazing how someone so far away can mean so much, thank you for your research and writings….
    blessings on your journey

  483. Alan Eyzaguirre

    Dear Shlain Family,

    Please accept my condolences and best wishes. Dr. Shlain has been and will always been an inspiration to many.

    Much love,


  484. Abby Ginzberg

    Dear Ina and Family–
    I send my heartfelt condolences to you all.
    As the many emails and messages attest, Leonard was important to so many, young and old and in-between. He led a life that mattered– to his family and the rest of us. He was considerate and generous with his thanks until the end and we have all been blessed by his presence in our lives and on this earth.
    He is irreplaceable, just as he was irrepressible, but to have left such a strong and important legacy is something we can all aspire to.
    I learned from him and all of you that the virtual world can be a comfort in a time of illness and I thank you for sharing that so widely.
    Ina–I am thinking of you and wishing you the comfort that comes from knowing that there was nothing more to do or say,
    because you were so fully present.
    Sending love with the knowledge that Leonard’s memory is already a blessing for those fortunate to have come within his orbit.
    Abby Ginzberg
    2600 Tenth Street #632
    Berkeley, CA 94710

  485. Nancy Lascano

    Dear Ina and family,

    We are deeply saddened with Dr. Shlain passing. He left a legacy of wisdom and generosity that we would always treasure. He inspired us with his faith, courage and great concern in helping others inspite of his own battle.

    Please accept our condolences.

    Nancy and family

  486. Robert R Kinnear

    It was a pleasure to hear Leonard speak at HSU when visiting USA 2 years ago. He lead a full life.
    Robert R Kinnear (Scotand, based in Thailand, currently Cambodia, see projectpineaple.blogspot.com which I am sure Leonard would approve of)

  487. Josh and Cate Crandall

    We will miss you Leonard. You were always a presence- on The Playa, in Marin, and in the stories you created, shared and inspired.

    much love,

    Josh and Cate xoxo

  488. Irene Kivitz

    Dearest Ina, Kimberly, Jordan, Tiffany, Roberto, Anne and Families

    Hilary, Sabrina, Laurence, Gabrielle and I are deeply saddened to hear about your great
    loss. Lenny has been in our thoughts, hearts and prayers and we share your

    Lenny was bigger than life, always ready for the next challenge, and always
    making a difference in the world, his patients and friends, in his life, and
    especially in the lives of his family.

    A loving and devoted son, brother, husband, father, grandfather and family
    man, he always challenged and inspired you all to live up to your full
    potentials. He will always be remembered with fondness by us all who were touched by his life.

    We feel that strong bonds cannot be broken. Lenny will continue to be with
    you all, if only you listen to his voice. He will continue to rejoice in you all, and to guide you and protect you. And Tiffany, he so very much wanted to greet his new granddaughter, and he will bless her when she is born.

    Please let us know how he can help.

    With our deepest sympathy and love,

    Hilary, Sabrina, Laurence, Gabrielle, and Irene

  489. Toni Brayer, MD

    To the Shlain family (Ina, Tiffany, Jordan, Kimberley and all the extensions): I am heartbroken that Lenny is no longer with us and my heart goes out to you, the family he loved so much.

    The world is a lesser place without Lenny and he brought so much joy to others. He told the best jokes and stories and had the most compassionate heart. His mind and intellect were broader than any other human. Very few people really have original thoughts, but Lenny created concepts that had never before been known.

    Words cannot express how many people he touched and the sadness that permeates, now that he has lost his battle. The next few days are going to be so hard. My thoughts and prayers are with you all.

  490. Fran Lasker

    I wanted to express my condolences to Kimberly and to the whole family. Although I did not know your father well, I feel blessed to have made his acquaintance on several occasions. I have read all of his book and have had the honor of hearing him lecture. I am so sorry that Leonard is not longer in his body. My heart goes our to your Kimberly, I know how proud you are of your father and I imagine your must have felt extremely proud of his children and how remarkable you all are. I imagine that his brilliance will be remembered forever.

  491. Annabelle Solomoon

    My sincere condolences to the family. I live in the Blue Mountains outside Sydney, Australia and received the sad news by means of the Goddess Scholars List, which posted the ‘vigil’ story. I have loved Leonard’s ground-breaking and scholarly works. In my Masters thesis on womens’ empowerment, and as a woman seeking to address the social and psychological imbalance and impact of a gendered divinity, I strongly identified with the “The Alphabet versus the Godess”. In my PhD work, which addresses the quilt form as art, I have found “Art and Physics” an inspirational resource for the evidence of the transormativepower of the image. I have recommended his books to many others working in very diverse fields. With love and sympathy.

  492. Mary Ryan

    I am very saddened by the passing for Dr. Shlain the man that saved my sisters life. I thank him from the bottom my heart and our family for his loving time on this planet earth.

    My thoughts and love go out to his family.

    Love from Mary

  493. Valerie Sammons

    How terribly sad this news is and what a great loss for the world. I would have to say that “The Alphabet vs The Goddess” is the most enlightening, entertaining and sneakily erudite book I have ever read. (“Sneakily” in the sense that it is so full of so much information that I was educated at the same time as I was fascinated and wholly entranced.) I think that Leonard pushed the frontiers of feminism forward without lecturing us.

    I totally got his humanity, both from his writings and from the fact that when I emailed him with my good wishes —he answered. My condolences to you all.

    Valerie RN – Seattle.

  494. donna sheehan

    Dear Lenny – thank you again for your interest in our mutual research and work as well as being interviewed for our Baring Witness film. Your work opened the doors for our concerns and research of bringing the world back into balance with the ‘functional male and the functional feminine’ based on Darwin’s Sexual Selection. Also we hope you were able to benefit from some of our left/right brain research. You have earned your deep rest now – congratulations! We shall miss you!
    Donna sheehan & Paul Reffell, Evolutionary Behaviorists in ‘downtown Marshall’ & friends/family of Philip Krohn.

  495. Yafah Franco

    I am so sad to hear of Lenny’s passing and the great loss to your family and really to the world. Such an inspirational human, he definitly made his mark with his remarkably innovative mind, and the wonderful family he so obviously loved and supported. My deepest condolences and well wishes to all of you during this difficult time.

  496. Richard R. Tavernetti, M.D.

    The loss of a friend and collegue is sad indeed. He was a fne Physician and proud of his clinical work. He was a fine family man and loved his children, and their new families became part of his own. He was an adventuresome and innovative thinker whose ideas and enquires opened our eyes to new considrations. I will miss him.

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