February 28, 2009 Latest Update

Dear Friends & Family,

Thank you for your outpouring of support on my website. I completed my book and have been spending time editing it, planning projects and enjoying a lot of time with family. I am being honored in the next several weeks both by my medical school for the distinguished alumni award and the Saybrook Institute will be giving me a special tribute.

The race between my brain tumor and my treatments continue. I feel well and am walking and talking so I judge how I am doing by those two things. I have embarked on Avastin that I am told fights the tumor so we will see. I would like to schedule another time where we all visualize healing, pray, light a candle, or do whatever you do to send good thoughts my way.
Friday, March 6th at 5 pm, PST

I truly prefer posts on my website rather than cards, calls or emails as those take a lot of energy, which I am trying to conserve at this time. Plus I would love to see the sentiments expressed on this website. As always, I love reading posts from you.

Those of you living in the Bay Area, I am getting frequent platelet transfusions to keep my level elevated. This is important because one of th eside effects of Avastin can be bleeding. If you would like to donate platelets (it doesn’t matter your blood type when donating platelets) you can call the Irwin Memorial Blood Center on 264 Bush St # 136 San Francisco; (415)567-6400 and say you would like to donate platelets to Leonard Shlain. They are setting up a schedule as platelets unlike regular blood transfusions must be fresh and used within 3 days of screening.

Thank you again for your amazing support…it keeps me going.
Warmest regards,