Great News

I have some great news! I had an MRI today and the tumor has shrunk by 2/3 to ¾! I am taking avastin but have only taken two doses! The head of radiooncology was amazed at my response. I want to thank those of you who sent prayers for me. I can still feel them. I am determined to live and I think that and the Avastin were the factors that shrank the tumor.

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  1. Maya Draisin


    This is great news. We’re rooting and praying for you.

    Maya, Mike, Finn, and baby to be

  2. Kathy D

    I am distressed to just learn about your brain tumor. I heard you speak three times in the same day in Missoula, Montana, in October 2000 at the MEA/MFT Fall Conference. At that time I was studying at UWashington on Brain Research in Education and also Brain and addictions. I was totally intrigued by your research and writing. I just listened to your YouTube interview. I believe the most important thing you had to say was that it takes a lifetime to understand and connect everything together in order to tell the story for others to learn and understand.

    Thank you so much for being an outside of the box thinker and for challenging people to think! We humans need that!

    I will include you in my prayers for a full recovery. Give yourself permission to heal!

  3. David Schneider

    So I am very happy about the tumor is shrinking. We can all chant the Medicine Buddha mantra for all sentient beings or do whatever practices we can or think good thoughts.

    I’ve been most fortunate to meet warm wonderful renaissance public spirited men like Dr. Shlain throughout my life [my next door neighbor, a role model, was an inventor of the retractable safety belt] and I am so grateful to almost coincidentally run into Dr. Shlain by chance several times years ago and for his continuing the instructions on the Greek gods first introduced to me by Dr. Rosenthal my childhood physician. But through Shlain I understood Einstein also — it’s a two-for and doesn’t get more joyful than that! One of my best teachers!
    Anyway I think we can’t just talk about healthcare for all. The insurance companies need to be kicked out and something like ex-state Senator Shelia Kuehl’s former SB 840 or Rep. Kucincih’s HR 676 needs to be adopted on a national scale so there is a meaningful right for citizens to healthcare … not just for richer Americans. The present system is pretty sick.

    Recently I looked at some photos of Gandhi, King and Cesar Chavez. They all kind of look alike. I bet they would all welcome help for true single-payer universal no insurance company health-care in America. I’m just a little, sometimes irritating older guy, but who here has the prominence to speak out now and be listened to so everyone can go to the doctor if they need to.

  4. Chita & Rich Abbott

    Lenny, Since we seem to be out of town more than in, today is the first chance we had to catch up on your website postings. Loved watching it all, but especially was touch by the life video that Tiffany did for your 70th. So sorry we did not know you in those early years, but glad we do now. We are forever keeping you surrounded with healing energy and daily prayers.

    Keep on Truckin…

    Chita and Rich

  5. Barbara Hardesty

    Dear Leonard,
    There are many people here walking around campus wondering how you are doing and missing your wonderfully thoughtful and delightful talks. I bumped into Jane Butcher and she said she heard through the grapevine that you’re walking and talking and this is very good.
    From everyone with the CWA, we miss you! Next year, maybe?!

  6. Diana Arsham

    Dear Lenny,
    Gave you loving kindness placed into my happy, robust platelets I donated to you at the blood bank Mon 4.6.09 Nurse said you would probably receive them today 4.9.09. AND amazingly at about 3.50 pm Mon I was reading Pinchbeck’s book and in the passage about Burning Man QUOTING YOU !!!! about New Yorkers. Love to you and your family Diana and Gary also

  7. rosenblum

    Hey Len,
    Great news! We are delighted to hear you are doing so well.
    Meanwhile, bought a copy of Art and Physics and read it cover to cover on my flight from London to NY yesterday.
    As brilliant and stimulating the second time as the first. Maybe better!
    Our love and prayers
    Michael and Lisa

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