Praise for Leonard Shlain’s Books

Art & Physics: Parallel Visions in Space , Time and Light

Los Angeles Time – October 1, 1991
Visionary Uses His Art in Brilliant Battle with Skeptics
When a Marin County surgeon discourses on art and physics, especially after cheerfully admitting that he taught himself nearly all he knows about both subjects, the reader can be forgiven for some initial skepticism.
But Leonard Shlain’s “Art and Physics” is a tour de force. It is a brilliant, accessible and visionary look the most revolutionary artists and scientists from the golden Age of Greece to the present.

New York Times Book Review
“Provocative…passionate…Shlain points out uncanny parallels between the visual representations of artists and analytic representations…. He is an engaging story teller, skilled in the use of metaphor, analogy and even imaginary journeys that at times are poetic… Dr. Shlain’s discussion of artistic images and his demonstrations of how these images can be used to describe the impenetrable ideas of physics are important.”

San Francisco Chronicle

“Bold and persuasive, solidly researched and gracefully presented…never before has such material been explore as deeply yet lucidly enough for non-specialists… a merry intellectual chase.”

The San Jose Mercury News
“Shlain uses his impressive ability to entertain in the services of a lofty purpose. An exuberant stylist, he vividly mingles lucid explanations with colorful anecdotes to provide memorable intellectual thrills.”

Publisher’s Weekly
“Shlain’s provocative discussion is rigorous enough to appeal to the skeptical scientists yet wholly accessible and engaging to the art lover or general reader.”

Praise for The Alphabet Vs. The Goddess: The Conflict Between Word and Image

San Jose Mercury News
“A fascinating chronicle of history destined to start verbal brawls and intellectual fistfights”

The Washington Post
“Bold and fascinating.”

London Observer (George Steiner)
“Provocative and Innovative.”

Hungry Mind Review
“Lucid, dynamic, inspired, and far-reaching…The Alphabet Versus The Goddess is so full of original interpretations and theories, and so charged with empathy for womankind, that reading it becomes an obsession and very nearly takes over your life. Shlain’s interpretations are dazzlingly perceptive, innovative, and utterly convincing…worth reading simply for the sheer beauty and frequent audacity of its spectacular riffs on myth, legend, history, and science.”
Praise for Sex, Time & Power: How Women’s Sexuality shaped Human Evolution

San Francisco Chronicle
Shlain fuses ideas and facts from a wide array of disciplines to create a coherent, convincing and captivating narrative.