The Osgood File. This is Charles Osgood. Fisher Investments Annuity Insights booklet is now available. It’s important you read this. In a moment I’ll tell you why and how you can get a copy of it free. Speaking of insights there’s also a fascinating book now out about the BRAIN of the first true Renaissance man, Leonardo Da Vinci. I have no idea what Leonardo would have thought about annuities. But we’ll get back to his creative brilliance after this for Fisher Investments.

Leonard Shlain was pretty creative spirit himself. A distinguished inventor, surgeon, author of books including one titled Alphabet vs. The Goddess. This last one, “Leonardo’s Brain,” was about the brain of Leonard’s hero and kindred spirit Leonardo da Vinci…who died five centuries ago. Shlain died five years ago at the age of 71. His daughter filmmaker Tiffany Shlain.

SOT – Tiffany Shlain, daughter of author Leonard Shlain.
“He was working on this book for seven years when he himself was diagnosed with brain cancer and given nine months to live. And he was actually in those nine months able to finish the last chapter – and then days later, he passed away. And it was really his dying wish to his children that we would get the book published.” (:19)

Another of Shlain’s children is artist and editor Kimberly Brooks..who says.

SOT – Kimberly Brooks, daughter of author Leonard Shlain.
“Leonardo da Vinci is known more as an artist – and our father sought to set the record straight that he was also really one of the first scientists. And now we know that he presaged many theories and discoveries by Newton, Galileo and Copernicus.” (:20)

In some schools now the arts are being downplayed in favor of math and science. As if creativity and human imagination aren’t important now. Wong says Tiffany Shlain.

SOT – Tiffany Shlain, daughter of author Leonard Shlain.
“Our father looked at da Vinci as a glimpse into what our species can become. Today, we’re really starting to see the importance of both of those modes of thinking, both art and science. He really believed that both da Vinci’s brain and way of thinking is what we call can become.” (:17)

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