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If you want to learn more about major trends in both art and physics, Leonard Shlain’s book is a good resource.

Athough artists and scientists may view nature and the physical world in different ways, many parallels exist between the way they interpret the major insights relating to time and space. In his recent blog titled “Who says engineers can’t think”, Martin Rowe bemoaned the down-their-nose attitude of some liberal arts majors and professors toward engineers. In my mind perhaps the worst of all are some of those involved in the art world. Not the artists and painters themselves. The artists I have met, like engineers, have been down-to-earth people usually focused on the job at hand and eager to find the best way to express an idea.

If you want to get a thought-provoking education in both significant trends and themes in painting as well as the relationship between significant ideas in art and physics, I recommend you read Leonard Shlain’s book <href=”http:”” 9780061227974=”” art-and-physics”target=”new”>”Art & Physics: Parallel Visions in Space, Time, and Light” (Harper Perennial, 2007). Published first in 1993 and re-issued in 2007, selected chapters are also available online. But if you are like me and the process of reading for information involves a lot of underlining and commenting in the margins, I suggest you buy the print version. There are numerous copies on Amazon to purchase..

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