Audiobook now available

At last, Leonard Shlain’s best-selling book, The Alphabet Vs The Goddess is available as an audiobook.


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Who changed the sex of god?  this groundbreaking book proposes that the rise of alphabetic literacy reconfigured the human brain and brought about profound changes in history, religion and gender relations. Making remarkable connections across brain function, myth and anthropology, Dr. Shlain shows why pre-literate cultures were principally informed by holistic, right-brain modes that venerated the Goddess, images and feminine values. Writing drove cultures toward linear left-brain thinking and this shift upset the balance between men and women, initiating the decline of feminine and ushering in patriarchal rule. Examining the cultures of the Israelites, Greeks, Christians and Muslims, Shlain reinterprets ancient myths and parables in light of this theory. Provocative and inspiring, this book is a paradigm-shattering work that will transform your view of history and the mind.

Leonard Shlain (1937-2009) was a surgeon, author and inventor. He was also the author of Art and Physics, Sex, Time and Power, How Women’s Sexuality Shaped Human Evolution, and Leonardo’s Brain, Understanding Da Vinci’s Creative Genius.