Praise for Leonardo’s Brain

“Ironically, Shlain’s own brain was being ravaged by cancer as he finished what would be his final work. Dying just eight days after completing the book in May 2009, Shlain instructed his children to see to its publication. The work stands as the last in a line of probing and entertaining books from a thinker who possessed his own brand of genius.”
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“An enthusiastic mixture of history, neuroscience and pop psychology that aims to explain the brilliance of Leonardo da Vinci (1452-1519).”
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“Leonard Shlain’s ability to synthesize not only information but also genuine wisdom across multiple and disparate disciplines was extraordinary,”
-Al Gore

By exploring Leonardo DaVinci’s brain through the lens of contemporary neuroscience, Leonard Shlain not only celebrates DaVinci’s legendary creativity, he shows how we can integrate and strengthen both sides of our minds and tap into the amazing possibilities within ourselves.
-Arianna Huffington

“This book is a gift from the heavens where Leonard Shlain is today and another bright example of his force and spirit shining through the prism of the mind of Leonardo da Vinci.”
-Norman Lear

“With clear and engaging prose, Shlain takes us on a splendid tour of Leonardo da Vinci’s extraordinary life of creativity, artistry, beauty and inventiveness, a journey that will reward both left and right brain readers.”
-Donald Johanson
Discoverer of “Lucy”
Founding Director of the Institute of Human Origins

“A genius explains a genius.”
-Albert Brooks

“Leonard Shlain, a brilliant and respected surgeon, was unique in his ability to connect the dots across multiple disciplines, including history, art, neuroscience, and psychology. His insights in Leonardo’s Brain will help all of us appreciate just how remarkable the brain is.”
Dr. Charles Wilson
Professor Emeritus of Neurological Surgery at UCSF
Member of the Institute of Medicine, of the National Academy of Sciences

“Leonardo’s Brain” leads us on a spirited journey through a maze of information as complex and intriguing as the brain it seeks to describe.
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Praise for The Alphabet vs The Goddess
“…a Tour de Force… a brilliant, accessible and visionary look the most revolutionary artists and scientists from the golden Age of Greece to the present.”
The Los Angeles Times

Praise for Art & Physics
“Bold and fascinating.”
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