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Our dad is an extraordinary father and human being and was always fascinated by the brain. When we were young, he would entertain us and our classmates by bringing a human brain in a white bucket of formaldehyde to our elementary school during show and tell. His brilliance and curiousity informs how he has lead his life. In the backyard, instead of a swing set, he built a stained-glass geodesic dome with a hot tub in the middle.

Our Dome Mill Valley c. 1974

Building the Dome, Mill Valley c. 1974

Dinner conversations typically span from the Heisenberg Uncertainty Principle, to politics, literature to a hilarious joke. When we were young, he would diagram the operations he did that day on a napkin; later, his diagrams became more adventuresome and expanded to thought experiments including what it would be like to sit astride a beam of light and how that corresponded with Picasso’s rose period, blue period and cubism. Soon his first book, “Art and Physics” was born and the rest is history. He loves to tell stories and loves to hear them. Reading yours will put a real smile on his face!

Kimberly, Tiffany and Jordan

4 thoughts on “About Our Dad

  1. Michael Stoff

    Dear Leonard,

    I was shocked to hear about your recent surgery but comforted to see that you came through it. The shock came, of course, from knowing that you’re indestructible and the comfort from, well, knowing you’re indestructible. What didn’t surprise me at all was learning that you and Leonardo have similar brains.

    All my best wishes for a speedy recovery and looking forward to seeing you at Boulder next spring (that’s something else I know).

    With warm regards,

  2. Joyce Alexson

    Hi Leonard,

    I’m the one who runs the LA Joseph Campbell roundtable – people still remember the talk you gave.

    Of all the things to have in common, I had a brain tumor last year – the operation was in April 2007. I was lucky as there was no malignancy, and I’m 100% fine. I was pretty much myself just two weeks or so after surgery. The dilantin they gave me was very good stuff! (A real mood enhancer if you get my drift). I’m wishing you well, and want to let you know my appreciation of your genorosity and breadth of knowledge.

    P.S. I also love Tiffany’s “The Tribe”.

  3. brian umansky

    The two lectures of yours that I attended were two of the most interesting nights in my life.

    I’m looking forward to more.
    Wishing you a speedy recovery,

  4. Anne Russell PhD

    I regret never having met you, though my daughter lives in Tiburon (I’m in North
    Carolina). However, I discovered your books, and you fulfill my need to engage intellectually with a fascinating man. My own brain tumor (nonmalignant) is now a thing of 2 decades past; may you come through as well.

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